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Happy Saturday Peachies! I hope you're enjoying this lovely morning. If you don't already have your cup of coffee go get it, come back, kick your feet up and stay for a while. I've got an exciting post about what I'm currently doing to share with you today.

Today's Blogtember Challenge with Bailey @braveloveblog is a fun one. It's something i've done on my own several times

here, here, here,here

You can see, i'm no stranger to this topic but it has been a couple months since i've done one so this comes at the perfect time. I love my version of this but I want to do Bailey's, too. So PART 1 is my own questions. PART 2 are Bailey's questions.

Day 12: What are you up to currently?


Making: jewelry. I've gotten back into my groove of being crafty & creative and i'm loving it!

Cooking: My honey is smoking some ribs & they smell amazing! I'll be cooking Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower, Broccoli & Cheese, Garlic Bread and Roasted Potatoes in just a little while.

Drinking: Water. All the water.

Wanting: to meet Betty White! That would be a dream come true!!!

Looking: at the beautiful Nelle Monaco's blog vintage simply love

Wasting: time on line until it's time to cook!

Wishing: we were already on our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Enjoying: blogging, The First Five app, Boss Girl Creative, She Percolates, & Jess Lively's podcasts
and getting ready for my wedding!

Waiting: for my Restoration Hardware & Williams Sonoma catalogs to come so I can look at them and swoon.
And dream of the day when Chip & JoAnna Gaines redecorate the house we don't live in yet.

Liking: all things gray, nude, blush, and wine colors.

Wondering: If i'll be able to hold myself together at my own wedding. I already get teary eyed thinking about it. {Still true}

Loving: that it's Saturday, my beach body group, this Blogtember challenge. I'm also loving snapchat: georigapeachy82

Hoping: for fall weather. I'm ready for coziness & casseroles.
For scarves and crockpots.
The color of the leaves changing & all the holidays.

Marveling: At our life. I have the best fiancee and son in the world.
We're super proud of our son for his progress report. He has five A's & two B's.

Needing: to get my thank you's mailed out.

Smelling: soft cashmere amber burning in my wax burner & my vintage lace candle burning {inside the house}
& smoking ribs outside.

Wearing: A red Georgia T and denim shorts.

Following: everyone on snap chat.

Noticing: how beautiful life is when you make the choice to be happy & how fabulous this weather is today.

Knowing: that the mug swap I participated in was amazing. It was so nice to bless someone else.

Thinking: I'm one blessed girl & those ribs smell amazing!

Feeling: Blessed, amazing, loved, inspired.

Bookmarking: uses of Himalayan salt, Lauren Conrad's hair secrets, How to be Instagram Famous, & mini cherry cheesecakes.

Giggling: at Betty White. She's amazing!


Reading...all the wonderful blogs i've gotten behind on & the ones I've found through this challenge & my Blog Group.

Playing...nothing right now.

Watching...whatever survival show my honey has on t.v. {obviously i'm not paying too much attention} BUT I do love to watch
Fixer Upper when I can! get on a blogging schedule.

Eating...nothing yet. We've got that yummy dinner coming soon though.

Calling...No one, honestly. I don't like being on the phone that much.

Texting...My mama. All day, we've been texting back and forth. :)

Pinning...All things Rose Gold, Blog tips, & this Chicken Stuffed French Bread.

Tweeting...Blog posts and Instagram pics. the beach for our wedding in two weeks from today then to Hawaii on our honeymoon.

Hating...that I woke up with my face having some sort of reaction to something. Red, swollen,& splotchy is not cool!! love for a healthier lifestyle. I really am loving it because i'm feeling better.

Listening (to)...that survival show my honey has on. {And only half heartedly.}

Celebrating...that it's only two weeks until I get to stand barefoot on the beach & say I DO to my best friend for life. wedding cake topper. {Actually it's ordered, we're just waiting on it to arrive.}

Thanking...everyone who has shown me so much love lately. I really am more blessed than i'll ever be able to say.

Considering...going to finish dinner. think of everything I need to get done before we leave for our wedding.

Finishing...this post and then going to cook before my parents get here.

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Tell me. What are you currently doing?


  1. Girl, you've got a lot of amazing things going on currently! Thanks for sharing what you're up to. Glad to find your blog through Bailey Jean's link-up.

    1. Thank You so so much! I'm loving where my life is currently. I'm honestly in the most comfortable and happy place i've ever been in!


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