Oh Baby. Q&A

Hey Friends! If you've been around Peaches & Willow for a while then you know that things were quieter for about 6 months here. I stopped posting 3-4x's a week and went radio silent. I've been back with three new posts since August though and if you missed the post that explained why I was silent for so long you can read it here. Long story short; we will be welcoming a new member to the Soto tribe in November and we could not be more excited. I thought it would be fun to up-date you all with a Q&A post on my pregnancy and all things baby related so far. Since I haven't been blogging much there's a lot to cover but i'll try to keep it brief.

So get cozy and let's talk all things baby.

Weekend Findings

Hey Friends! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was full of relaxing and getting things done around our house in preparation for my shower next weekend. My hubby & I ran a few errands and I bought a few random things; books and make up mostly. As I was gathering them to take a quick pic for Instagram the inspiration hit me to start a new series on Peaches and Willow where I share the things I found over the weekend that I love and if there are any deals on them that I know of currently. Somethings will be local sales and even small local shops but i'll link up whatever I can and share with you. I'll probably even share things I'm loving such as new songs I found or articles I read.

Mondays are hard but I want to make them a little more happy by sharing these things with you all so I hope you all enjoy this series.