Confessional Thursday

Hey Peachies! Today is a super fun day because it's the first day i'm participating in I Confess with my sweet blogger friends Courtney from Her Sailing Soul and Crystal from Hall Around Texas. I've also just discovered the adorable founder of this link up Jessica//The Newly Blog

I confess...

+ I feel bad for not doing Easter Bunny for my 13 year old.
He's not into all that anymore though. {Sad mommy face}

+ I'm more excited about Spring Break next week than my son is, I think.
Sleeping in? Yes please! Having no plans? I'm beyond excited.

+ I'm thankful for my hard working husband. Beyond thankful, actually.
But i'll be glad when his big projects are done and we can have him back.

+ My hubby and I have only spent two nights apart since we got engaged (Two and half years).
One was when he was stuck in snow jam 14. The other, the night before our wedding.
Number three is coming soon. (insert sad face emoji).

+ It's supposed to start storming here today and i'm okay with it.
I'm ready for some lazy, rainy weather.

+ I have intentions of finishing reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please.
And the Whole 30. {And starting the Whole 30 program}

+ Smoothies have become my favorite thing in the world.
It makes getting fruits and veggies in so much easier.

+ I'm actually obsessed with fresh fruits and veggies right now.
I heart our local Farmer's Table Market.

+ I never had a green thumb before but currently I have 22 plants.
And am growing sage and thyme. And I love it!

+ Lately i've been thinking a lot my son.
He's 13! Life is about to gel real.
It won't be long and he'll be off with his friends and spending less time with us.
I just pray that i've done a good job making him into a young adult at that point.

+ A swiffer was the best purchase i've made in a while.
It made me ridiculously happy.

+ I heard a story recently about T. Swift inviting a celeb (I forget which one) to be a part of her "squad" or
"crew", whatever they call it. The celeb declined saying something about not wanting to belong to a clique.
I wish I could remember what celeb it was because I would send her a big virtual hug for being her own person
and not needing to belong to a "clique" to be relevant. Amen Sister! Thanks for teaching young girls across America
to be your own person. A "clique" doesn't define you and it definitely won't define your worth.

+ All I feel like doing today is snuggling on the couch in my sweats.
I was going to clean the bathrooms today but I probably won't.
Being dirty one more day won't hurt anything-will it?

+ I post so many snaps and Instas of my puppy.
But I love her so. She's a wild mess but she's my fur child.
And she's the only living being in my family that willingly lets me take pics.

+ I'm dying to get my highlights re-done but I haven't scheduled time with my hairdresser.
Speaking of my hairdresser, she's the most awesome. She's practically family & I love time with her.

+ I've had a gift certificate for a massage since August but I haven't booked it yet.
I have no idea what to expect from a massage. I've never had one.
Do they hurt? Do you get naked? Do you wear lingere?
Awkward but true questions I have.

+ I need to get my jewelry inspected but I have no desire to go anywhere anytime soon.

+ I'm still thinking about (and craving) the wings we made for dinner last night.
They were incredibly good. I was planning on having leftovers (and I do have about 6)
but my family destroyed about 30 wings (there's only 3 of us).
We made hot wings and butter herb wings.
I added honey to my hot wings and they were mouth watering good.

+ I'm excited about the Six by Summer Challenge I'm doing with my sweet friend Kayla//Polished and Bubbly. You can read that post here Six by Summer

+ I'm not sure I'm loving the way SnapChat just rolls through everyone's snaps now.
It usually takes me a minute to figure out whose pics I'm looking at, by then it's too late to comment.
So I go back and watch their snaps again so I can comment.

+ I'm obsessed with mermaid fabric.
I'm not obsessed with the price.
Mermaid Fabric

+ I love the half up top knot.
On everyone but me.
I'm wearing it today, trying to feel good about it.

Y'all, I could go on and on with these confessions but i'll leave you with these.
I'm a good listener so share your confessions with me.

Lay them on me. It feels good to get it off your heart.

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Six by Summer

Hello Peachies! I'm so excited to be a part of this link up with my sweet blogger friend, Kayla from Polished and Bubbly. We all have a hundred half used items in our cabinets and shelves.
The point of this link up is to use those products up by the first day of summer, June 21st. I'll be posting an update halfway through so stay tuned for that.

Here are my 6 (which are actually more than six).

1. Vanilla Jasmine Bath Set
2. Victoria's Secret Body Lotion and Body Oil
3. Bliss Day Spa Gift Certificate
4. Dior Lipstick Set
5. Samples
6. Shine & Sparkle Make-Up Brush Cleaner in Pumpkin Cheesecake

In Kayla's post Six by Summer you'll find all of the links to our social media accounts so you can follow along.

If you want to check in on me, you can find me here:

Do you have any products you want to use by the first day of summer?
It makes a good excuse to go shopping again ;)
Use #sixbysummer so we can see what you want to use and how you're doing.

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10 Things {That Make My Mornings Happy}

Hi Peachies! It's one of my favorite post days because today is the link up with the adorable, bubbly, and sweet Karli Bell from September Farms has come up with another brilliant link up called 10 on Tuesday.

Here's how it works:

1 | draft your 10 on tuesday list. it can be a list about anything. you can explain your list. or you don't have to. it could be your grocery list. your cleaning list. or a list about your top 10 pet peeves. but a list, nonetheless. k? k.

2 | grab the super snazzy button below and insert the HTML code into the HTML section of your blog. this will automatically make that pretty picture a hyperlink so that everyone knows where you're linking up at!

3 | link up below!

10 Things That Make My Mornings Happy

1. Praying before I even open my eyes.
As soon as I wake up, before I grab my phone and check social media,
I lay there in the darkness of my cozy bed & I pray.

2. Reading My Daily Devotional.
It gets me in the right frame of mind for the day.
I feel calm and happy laying there in the dark, reading my devotional and soaking it all in.

3. Coffee.
I need coffee. All the coffee in the mornings.
There is something soothing about hearing the Keurig brewing as the smell fills the room.

4. Music.
Listening to my favorite song softly playing wakes me up and makes me ready to take on the day.

5. Puppy Snuggles.
Willow is definitely my girl. She isn't a fan of getting up in the mornings.
I get lots of extra snuggles in though.

6. My Son.
Sitting on the couch with my son, watching morning tv while he eats breakfast.
It's our routine and I love it.

7. Driving to School.
In the mornings, on the way to school he's usually quiet but still, it's one of my favorite times of day.
It's just us-he, myself, and Willow. I love being together with my kids (human and furry).

8. Sunshine.
Since it's daylight savings time now it's not light when we wake up.
It's usually not even bright on the way to school but around 9 in the morning, the sun starts shining bright.
I love that. I love how slow and sleepy the world seems until then.

9. Yoga.
I haven't been doing this in a while but I love it and miss it.
Yoga makes my mornings so much better. I feel energized for the day.

10. Kisses from my husband.
He's up and out the door before I'm even awake usually but he always kisses me goodbye.
One time he didn't and I asked him why. He said that he didn't want to wake me-awww.
Usually I despise being awakened but I told him to always kiss me goodbye and now he does.
I love sleepy kisses. And in the back of my mind the questions always lingers-what if it was my last kiss?
I never want to miss a chance for that.

And that's how the perfect morning starts for me. Feel free to borrow a few of them, if you want.
You just can't borrow my hubby (wink).

Share with me the perfect start to your morning.

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Week 12-Be The Change

Good Day Peachies! At least I hope that's what you're having. I hope you aren't aboard the Struggle Bus like I am today. If so Hi! Come take a seat next to me. It's 1:45 in the afternoon on Monday and i'm just sitting down to write this mess of a post out. Thank goodness it's a prompted post or it might not even be happening.

This morning started out like dream. I went to sleep last night with a feeling of content and sheer happiness after spending the day at my parent's house cooking out and laughing until our faces hurt with my family. Of course we didn't take pictures, not a single one but the day was amazing. I'm really glad my husband & I threw together an impromptu Easter celebration. This morning the feeling carried on. I woke up earlier than usual, laid in the darkness and prayed that Jesus would watch over and bless all of my family and friends then I asked Him to lead me closer to Him today. If He saw me about to do something that He would not be proud of that He would stop me in my tracks and point me right back to Him. {He did just that-more on it in a minute.}

After I said my prayers I grabbed my phone and opened up my First 5 app and read today's daily devotional.
The message was this "The sacred vow God made you is binding Forever. He will never make a promise and not fulfill it."

I was feeling so inspired and ready to take on the day so I left the dog in the bed, awakened my son & went downstairs to make coffee and my son's lunch for the day. I was enjoying the moment, taking in the quietness and the darkness before the hustle of the day began. God was really speaking to my heart so I turned on my favorite song Love and Laundry by Point of Grace and just let the sweet music play as I began my day.

My morning was off to an amazing start! I thought I was winning at this whole Monday thing but it wasn't too much longer later when I had to stop and simply ask Lord, what are you trying to teach me?

The dog had zero interest in going with me to take her boy to school (she goes almost everyday) so I took advantage of the opportunity and decided i'd take him to school then go to the store & come home and spend the rest of the day cleaning, posting my blog post, & getting dinner ready for tonight. Typical Monday stuff. So I put on a cute enough outfit & enough make up to look like I was making an effort today & headed out to begin to tackle my plans for the day.

I got my son to school and ran to Target and Publix. That went off without a hitch. I was soaking in the sunshine and the pleasant people I had encountered-then it happened.

{Here's where I had to ask the Lord what was He trying to teach me today?} AND *Spoiler Alert {He stopped me in my tracks and made me focus on Him and what's most important.}

As I get in the car to leave Publix and head home I see a message from my son. "Mom, Can you please being me my agenda? If not, it's okay." At this point I usually would be freaking out a little because I have groceries to un-load, a mountain of laundry to do, dinner to prepare, a blog post to write & post. Oh, and I want to put my new Swiffer to good use. Not to mention, The puppy is at home in her crate-she hasn't been outside to potty nor has she eaten or had her meds today. Oh, & me?!? I still haven't showered.

Instead, i'm sitting here on my steps in the hall, watching the dog chew her bone-why am I doing this and not the million other things that I need to do? Because I need to share this with you. Life isn't always pretty & calm-even mine but you can choose to let chaos control you or you can find peace in the situation. The Lord made me stop what I thought was important and focus on what mattered most.

Kind of funny that this ties in with today's blog post prompt, "Be the change you wish to see." The change I wish to see is in myself. It's quieting the chaos & finding peace. It's in being the kind of Mom whose son knows she has his back. It's in changing my plans to be there for someone else. It's all these things b/c they matter more than laundry & cleaning & running whatever mundane errands that need to be done.
I prayed this morning that the Lord would show me His way today. That he would stop me in my tracks if His plans didn't match up to my own. Willow and I took our boy his agenda then we went for a walk at the park next door to the school. We're home now and very little on my to do list for the day has been tackled but that's okay. I asked God to stop me in my tracks and point me to Him if necessary and guess what? He did.

The thing is that no matter how planned out we have our lives something is always going to happen to throw us a curve ball. Sometimes we may even strike out. It's life, it's how we grow and learn. The change I wish to see is for everyone to be more accepting of those times. Be gentler on yourselves. Be kinder than necessary to yourself and everyone around you. Take time to stop in the midst of the chaos and calm the storm. Be kinder than necessary to everyone you meet because everyone is going through something you can't see. I'm telling you all this so you can see-I'm trying to be the example of the change I wish to see in the world. I wish to live in a world where we are more forgiving and accepting. A world where we realize were not always in control and that's okay. A world where everyone's lives matter. A less cruel world.
This is the change I wish to see in the world and I believe that change starts from within.

Pop on over to Sarah's blog atSarah Emily Blogs
to join us for the 52 week blogger challenge.

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Happiness Is...{3.26.15}

Good Morning Peachies! It's finally the most glorious day of the week, Saturday.
I'm sure you're sitting there reading this snuggled in your favorite blanket, drinking a good cup of coffee.
If not then go grab your favorite blanket and fill your favorite mug with some delicious hot coffee.
Then join me for a post filled with things that made me happy this week.
{I'll wait while you make your coffee and get snuggled in.}

I just love lazy Saturday mornings. There's something so relaxing about having no real plans to get out of my pajamas anytime soon that makes me feel refreshed and happy. When I was a kid it was all about running downstairs with my brothers on Saturdays to watch an hour or two of cartoons. That was what made Saturdays the best. Now it's coming downstairs with my hubby and puppy, snuggling on the couch, blogging and drinking coffee made by my hubby that makes Saturdays the best. These are my happiest mornings.

Want to know what else made me happy this week?

This link up with Krysten.

You can check out her awesome blog here.

Here's how the link up works (as written by these lovely ladies).
Friday Link Up Hosts: Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird and Lindsay @ The Flynnigans

Take the button when you're posting your link up. We will be switching up Buttons every few months to change things up a bit.
Don't forget to leave your link to your post. Be kind and visit some other links - show them some love.
Lastly, and most important: What makes YOU happy is entirely up to you, so when you write your post, run with it. Write about what made you happy this week, or what you were grateful for.
Link-Ups on Krysten's and I blogs will be open on Friday mornings at 6 am and will be up until Tuesday, March 15 at Midnight. Remember, have fun and stop by every Friday to check out the ushe. ;)

I love reserving Saturday for this link up. It's the perfect way to reflect back on the week and be happy for the small things.

Here's what else made me happy this week...

+The beautiful flowers that are beginning to bloom everywhere.

Hello Spring. #lesliesgirlythings #lesliesbeautifullife #abmlifeiscolorful #springhassprung

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

+ My hubby helping me get our bedroom cleaned back up.
It looked like a tornado hit.
There were piles of clothes everywhere.
The dresser couldn't even be seen.
There was about an inch of dust piled up.
Shoes on top of the dog crate.
It was my own nightmare but together we tackled it last night and I slept so much better.

+Coming home to the sweetest gift on my door step from my neighbor for helping her make a pair of ear rings for her friend.

+ Knowing I'm sharing this crazy life with my husband. This week we've learned that puppies get mites and what to do if your puppy eats a Therma Care heating wrap. We also laughed until we almost cried at Willow's attempt to protect us from the cell phone at 4:30 yesterday morning.

+Celebrating National Puppy Day with our Wild Child.

Happy National Puppy Day from Willow. #nationalpuppyday #willowsoto #willowthemastiff

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

+Not shopping this week. It's been Heavenly! We're trying to save money right now and somehow i'm loving it.
I don't have a ton of errands to run everyday and I'm getting to stay home and focus more on my blogging.
I'm not joking, it is pretty Heavenly.

+Getting so much love and so many comments on this post.

Aloha from Hawaii

+All the blog groups I belong to. The women in these groups are incredible.
I love the community-it's like having your own personal cheerleaders in the game of life.
There's no drama and everyone truly wants everyone else to succeed.

+Spending time outside with Willow, reading the Whole 30.

This quote from the book speaks to my soul and gets me fired up.
"Our relationship with food is an emotional one. Food is our comfort, our reward, a trusted friend, a mother's love. You've got food habits, traditions, and associations that go back to childhood. You can't imagine how you would live (happily) without certain foods in your life. And we're asking you to give up those foods for an entire month.

+Enjoying some quiet time with my rowdy girl.

Fri-Yay {Currently} #fridayvibes #fridayiminlove #willowsoto #myheartisfull #lesliessparkofhappiness

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

Berry Smoothie Recipe
1 Cup Vanilla Yogurt
1 Hand full Berries of your choice
1 Hand full Spinach
1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon Local Local Honey
1 Cup Ice
Blend it all together in your blender/Ninja/NutriBullet and enjoy!
These are my favorite "go to" smoothies.
I've been enjoying one every day for breakfast or lunch and they are so incredibly
yummy and easy to make.

+ This picture of raindrops collected in my succulent.

A raindrop inside my succulent. #springhassprung #springwiththesotos #succulentaddict #succulentlove

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

+Getting back into my blogging groove.
(my posts from this week)
10 Things
Aloha from Hawaii
March Currently
Oh Hey, Friday

That's a lot of happies and that's just a few things i'm happy for this week.

I'd love to hear what's made you happy lately.

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Oh Hey, Friday!

Hey Peachies! It's finally that glorious day of the week we all look forward to. The day where we can breathe a sig of relief and say hallelujah as we slip into out yoga pants and our a glass of wine because we deserve it. We survived another week.

Of course Fridays are my favorites for another reason, too. It's time to link up with Karli from September Farm for Oh Hey, Friday!
Here's how it goes.

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
4. Then you spread the word about your blog, her blog, and everyone else's you want.
(I added that part-duh!)

Do you have a glass of wine in hand? Okay, too early? Get a glass of sweet tea and get ready for my Fabulous Five.

1. Good Friday.

2. Today is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.
Get out there and wear green to show your support.
I'm wearing my green for Ava & Elana.

3. This blog post from Courtney at Her Sailing Soul Own Your Life + Love It really spoke to me this week. Everything she says in this post makes me say "YES!" I honestly said that out loud several times while reading the post. I love her advice to Get Out of Your Own Head, Eliminate Unnecessary Energy & Spend Your Time Intentionally.

4. My blog posts for the week.
10 Things
Aloha from Hawaii
March Currently

5. Insta Snaps Week.

Just my favorite lippy products. 💄💋 #makeupqueen #makeupaddict #lesliesgirlythings #lesliesbeautyfullthings

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

Hello Spring. #lesliesgirlythings #lesliesbeautifullife #abmlifeiscolorful #springhassprung

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

Happy National Puppy Day from Willow. #nationalpuppyday #willowsoto #willowthemastiff

A photo posted by PeachyKeen31 (@georgiapeachy31) on

There's all my randomness in one post, y'all. Sums up my week pretty well. Minus the puppy eating a Therma Care heat wrap.

Share with me 5 things, any five things you'd like today and have a wonderful Good Friday!

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March Currently

Hi Peachies! It's almost the end of March and that means it's time for my current favorite things.

Here's what I'm currently doing and loving.

Enjoying...Blogging. I always love it but lately i've found my groove again and am loving it.
I'm really enjoying connecting with this community.

Wishing For...My new engagement ring to come in at the jewelry store.

Loving...All the sweet comments I got on yesterday's post.
Aloha from Hawaii

Looking Forward To...this weekend. We have no plans, just being lazy.

Smelling...Mint + Vanilla oils in my diffuser.

Wearing.... Mint Green Salt Life Tee and my favorite rolled up jeans.
+ my fitbit, faux diamond stud earrings, amethyst heart necklace and my wedding band.

Feeling...Exhausted but blessed.

Bookmarking...Ways to beat stress snacking and blog posts from you lovely ladies.

Reading...Amy Poehler's Yes Please & this month's Cosmo.
The Whole 30 is on my coffee table, just waiting on me to dive in.

Watching...nothing. The t.v. is on but it's muted.

Listening (to)...Beach Ambient Noise

Eating...Chick-fil-A nuggets.

Cooking..nothing yet! This reminds me to look up a recipe for dinner tonight though.

Drinking...Sweet Tea. Because I am a Southern girl after all.

Texting...No one. My phone is quiet and I like it!

Pinning...My blog ladies' posts, Benefits of coconut oil, wreaths, and all the beautiful spring make up palettes.

Instagramming...All the Willow pics and beautiful flowers in bloom.

Snapchatting...Flowers, Willow, and essential oils.

Tweeting...Blog posts.

Loving these blog posts...
6 Sites for Ambient Noise
Own Your Life
10 Things I Love About Target

Loving this link up...10 on Tuesday get super sleepy.

Finishing...this blog post.

Loving This Make-Up...Peach and Mango Lip Oil is amazing.

Loving these purchases...My new engagement ring and ELF eye shadow palette. Both should be here any day now!

Using these essential oils...I'm currently obsessed with vanilla and peppermint in my diffuser.

This Is My Jam...Grandma's Garden-Zac Brown Band.

Peachies, Tell me. What are you currently obsessed with?

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Aloha from Hawaii.

Aloha Peachies! Today's post is a super fun one because i'm sharing pictures from our Hawaiian Honeymoon. It was seriously the best trip i've ever been on in my entire life.

My hubby & I went to Kauai, Hawaii in October on our honeymoon. Everything was gorgeous and clean and so relaxed. It is definitely paradise and we definitely plan on going back with our son in a couple years. It was amazing to be able to sit back and relax for an entire week. We drank coffee on the beach, mixed drinks at the pool and ate more delicious food than we can remember. We went to state parks and waterfalls and farmers markets but mostly we enjoyed being newly weds. Oh, and I got chased by chickens (more on that later).

Saturday will be our six month wedding anniversary and i'm glad that I didn't overload y'all with wedding and honeymoon pictures after the wedding and honeymoon. It's definitely ben special to share these moments with y'all as we go along. I love looking back at this special time, in fact, I do it every day but now I can't wait to share it with you.

After our wedding in Florida, we drove home to Georgia the next day then off to the airport at 5 a.m. the next morning to catch our flight to Honolulu. Honestly, traveling was such a whirlwind because we were so tired. After what felt like days of traveling we landed in Kauai and a shuttle bus took us from the airport to the resort where we checked in and crashed for 15 hours. No kidding! Jet lag after a wedding is serious business! When we finally woke up we enjoyed every minute of our honeymoon.

The only picture we took on that first night there was the view from the balcony as the sun was going down.

We began each morning in the terrace eating the most delicious breakfast & drinking the best coffee i've ever had in my entire life.

There is a coffee plantation on the island of Kauai so the coffee really is the best and the croissants...Heavenly!

My breakfast view was pretty incredible.

A couple mornings we walked down to the (private) beach with coffee in hand. It was so quiet and serene.
It was definitely the best way to start a morning.

After breakfast we'd either go to the pool and the beach or get in our rental car and drive to one of the small towns and explore.
When we rented our car the lady told us we could literally drive until the road ends in either direction. And we did.
The first day we took a right out of the hotel and drove until we found things we wanted to see.

First was Hawaii's (much smaller) version of the Grand Canyon.
My pictures so it no justice though. It was an incredible sight.

Then we found the Jurassic Waterfall.

It was incredibly gorgeous and breath taking. We stood and marveled at the beauty of this wonder for quiet a while.

Then we drove and enjoyed the scenery, which is amazing. You can drive and see ocean, mountains, and crops all at the same time.

Next up we found a little town called Wailhela that we loved. It was tiny and nicknamed "The Walking Town" because you literally could walk anywhere in that town. The school is on the corner of the street that is lined with shops and small restaurants.

This is the first place we ate lunch at.

It was so amazing. Tiny little family business and the food was so yummy.
While we were eating the owner's kid came down from school, changed into a soccer uniform and headed back up the road for practice.
It was that small of a town.
It's the kind of place I imagine raising a family.

We spent hours in this small town shopping, walking, and eating. The locals there are so nice and friendly. Everyone is welcoming and kind and it's pretty much guaranteed that if you strike up a conversation with them you'll feel like you've known them forever.

On the way home we spent more time marveling at the beauty of this island. I really can't put into words the feelings that Hawaii gave me. It's the cleanest, friendliest, happiest place on Earth. Even on the rainy days it was Heaven and the air, oh it smells so wonderful because of all the Plumeria Flowers that are blooming.

Did you know Plumeria Flowers bloom in trees?

Before I go i'll say this. Roosters don't like it if you try to take pictures of their babies.
Getting out of our car in the parking lot of the hotel I saw the cutest baby chicks. I really wanted to catch one and hold it but figured that was a bad idea. I saw no harm in taking a picture of them though. Daddy rooster had other thoughts though because as i'm taking the picture I hear my husband say "honey, get back in the car." I always have to know why so I asked. He said "because this rooster is about to attack you." I got back in the car and laughed hysterically at my husband trying to get the rooster to leave so I could get out of the car.

Lesson learned. Roosters don't like paparazzi. And since there are roosters, chickens, and chicks all over the island it was hard not to snap pics of them. It became a joke between my husband and I because they would surround us everywhere we went. I screamed like the girl I am and ran from more poultry that trip than I ever have. I have a healthy respect for them and their babies now though.

Doesn't he look angry?
You live in Hawaii, cheer up Buttercup.
(They're not big on taking advice either)

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10 Things {That Make My Heart Whole}

Hi Peachies! It's one of my favorite post days because today is the link up with the adorable, bubbly, and sweet Karli Bell from September Farms has come up with another brilliant link up called 10 on Tuesday.

Here's how it works:

1 | draft your 10 on tuesday list. it can be a list about anything. you can explain your list. or you don't have to. it could be your grocery list. your cleaning list. or a list about your top 10 pet peeves. but a list, nonetheless. k? k.

2 | grab the super snazzy button below and insert the HTML code into the HTML section of your blog. this will automatically make that pretty picture a hyperlink so that everyone knows where you're linking up at!

3 | link up below!

10 Things That Make My Heart Whole

1. Being a mama to a wonderful teenager. He makes being a mama easy.
He fills me with joy and i'm constantly amazed at how he looks at the world.
I'm proud of him for finding his own voice and not being afraid to use it.

2. My husband.
It's cliche to say I married my best friend but I truly did.
We were best friends for 13 years before we dated.
It made for the best foundation for our marriage.
There's no one else I'd rather do life with.

3. Prayers.
I start every morning off with prayer.
It's the first thing I do before I fully open my eyes.
Before I grab my phone and check Facebook, Snap Chat, & Insta.

4. Kitty Snuggles & Puppy Kisses.
There's no more un-conditional love.
They bring an instant smile to my face.

5. Flowers.
I love having fresh flowers in vases.
I also love seeing all the flowers blooming in my yard and all around this season.

6. Sunshine.
The rainy cold weather really makes me feel blah.
Sunshine makes my soul happy.

7. Festivals and Craft Fairs.
Being outdoors, shopping, and having tons of fun.
Is there anything better?
Not to mention all the oh-so-yummy oh-so-bad-for-you food.

8. Family.
I love spending time with the ones who cheer me on through life.
The ones who hold me when i'm sad. I love that more than anything.

9. Blogging.
More specifically the community i've found through blogging.
I love typing out what matters to me and sharing things I love
but I especially love the bloggging tribe.
These ladies are fabulous. It's like having your own cheering section in the game of life.
It amazes me that ladies i've never met can feel like friends you've known forever.

10. Conversations.
Those good, deep conversations you have with people you love.
Not just gossiping about what so and so is up to on Facebook.
Conversations that make you feel refreshed and happy when you walk away.
Conversations that can change your life and make you excited for what's to come.
And conversations that make you feel like a weight has been lifted when it's over.

So those are 10 things that make my heart whole. There are definitely a ton of others but these are the first few that came to mind.

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Hi Peachies! If you are a regular then you know I usually embrace Mondays. I'm all "Mondays are a fresh start" and "Make your Monday the happiest". But today is the Mondayest Monday ever. I need a nap for the next 3,685 hours. Maybe that's an exaggeration.
Okay, so it's not.
My morning started at 3:30 this morning when the dog got out of the bed and I got up to find her. I caught her and put her back in the bed, which was mistake number one because, instead of taking her place at the foot of the bed she curled up between my husband & I. I can't blame her, it was 63 in the house (and about 33 outside). She was cold and wanted to snuggle so she snuggled up next to my hubby and proceeded to kick me in the back for the next three hours. Fun times!

Usually my hubby is gone by the time I get up but this morning he didn't have to be in until 9 a.m. which meant he was home when my clock went off and I got moving. Bless that man. He brought me coffee in bed. His coffee is always the best but since he's gone before I get up I rarely get coffee made by him during the week. It's a weekend treat so it was even more special this morning.

My son didn't want to get out of bed this morning so I spent 20 minutes yelling from the living room at him to get up.
I really dislike starting our mornings like that but he's 13 & he despises mornings more than I do so this is what works.
We were struggling getting out the door on time this morning because my son couldn't find a matching pair of socks.
That errupted like a volcano inside my tired mama brain. "Dude! This is why I tell you to get everything ready for school the night before."
Yes, I was that mom. Nagging, grouchy, ill as a hornet Mom. I lectured him on the way to school about the importance of being ready and how he's a teenager and thinks he knows everything but "would you just listen to me for once?"

As i'm going on and on I look in my rear view mirror to notice him without his glasses and suddenly my ill, tired, grouchy mom self softened. "Did you forget your glasses?" "Yes, mom but I don't need them." I knew this was him trying to not make a big deal because of the lectured I just gave him but instead of taking him to school then bringing him his glasses I did something I never do. I turned the car around (actually we took the long way home) and I told him that we were going home to get his glasses. He could just check in late. I realized in that moment that I needed those few extra minutes in the car with him to make things right before I dropped him off at school.

I needed to apologize and explain that I didn't like starting our days like that. I explained that I know neither of us are morning people but could he just do what I asked to make mornings easier on both of us? He agreed (in his sarcastic teenage tone) but I think he meant it. As he was getting out of the car at school I made sure to tell him I love him. He mumbled it back because he was irritated with me but he still loves me. That's the great thing about un-conditional love. We can be ill with one another but apologize and move on.

Raising teenagers isn't for the faint of heart. Actually raising humans and having relationships with them isn't for the faint of heart. Sometimes even being human is tough, especially when your heart is in the right place but you are just plain exhausted. That was me this morning. I was not my best version of myself. I was not acting with grace and understanding and forgiveness until I had that moment where I realized that I wasn't being who my son needed me to be then.

Yes, it may be the Mondayest Monday ever but that doesn't give me permission to be anything less than the graceful, love filled, caring person I am meant to be. I can only hope that some day my son understands that my heart was always in the right place.

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Oh Hey, Friday!

Hey Peachies! We've made it to Fri-YAY! All I can say is Hallelujah! And Amen!

I'm also excited because that means it's time to link up with Karli from Oh Hey, Friday!

Here's how it goes.

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
4. Then you spread the word about your blog, her blog, and everyone else's you want.
(I added that part-duh!)

Peachies! Get ready for this week's fabulous five.

1. This ELF eyeshadow palette
Rose Gold
It's on my wish list but I can't find it in any store around here. Insert pouty face emoji.
Let's just say it may be showing up in my mailbox soon.

2. My Engagement Ring.
(This isn't so fabulous)
I'm heartbroken because we got news yesterday that it can't be fixed again.
It's been sent in 6 times in two years for repairs. SIX times! And no one has ever thought to see what the issue is.
Yesterday when they called to tell me the news I couldn't help but cry. Sure it's a material item and that's not what matters
but I am a sentimental person so obviously it has more value than just money.
My husband and I went last night to look at new rings. I'll admit that I just settled for one & I cried in the middle of the jewelry store, too.
And instead of making good on their bad deal to begin with we're paying additional money.
It's pretty but it'll never be my first engagement ring.
The good news is that I get to keep my original diamond and my wedding band. And of course, I get to keep the best part-My Husband!
Now I just wait two weeks for it to get into the store and on my finger.
I'll be praying for better luck with this engagement ring.

3. My favorite blog post of the week.
3 Tips to Simplifying
It just speaks to my heart.

4. My Chance.
Chance is my 11 year old cat and earlier this week we thought we might loose him. He had a mass come up on his cheek then it caused bleeding from his eye and nose. Thanks to my mom (my hero) he went to the vet and got some antibiotics. It looks like he's going to be okay.
Even though he still lives with my parents he's my fur baby and I love him so much.

5. Blog posts from the week.
Happiness is
Favorite TV Shows
10 Things
Love Story Pt. 4

It's been an exhausting week friends but I'm glad to say that it's almost over.
Happy Fri-YAY! Don't forget to sparkle a little more and treat yourself to something nice!

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It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes Pt. 4

Hi Peachies! So it's almost been six months since I said I Do to my best friend for life. I look at my wedding pics daily and reminisce about that special day. It was the most magical day of my life. I tell my husband all the time that I would marry him everyday of my life and I would.
Honestly, I still haven't had my wedding dress preserved in hopes that I can marry him everyday. I'm kidding. Kind of.

We had dinner with my brother and sister in law last weekend and my brother asked my hubby how he was liking married life.
Without any hesitation my hubby said "I'm loving it."
And I realized then that the last 5 months have been the best, not only of my life but of his, too. We've had a lot going on but there's not another soul on this Earth could get me through all those times.
There's no one else I'd rather do life with.

Then my brother asked me if married life felt different. I've been thinking a lot about this a lot.
My response was "it's nice to have the feeling of never being alone. I know he's never going anywhere." I've truly found my other half and there is comfort in that. We balance each other and bring out the best in each other.
We find happiness in the most mundane things like grocery shopping.

I could go on and on about us but let's get back to the wedding.

I left y'all hanging in November with this post and promised to be back next week with Part 4. It's only been 16+ weeks since I made that promise but i'm here to fulfill it today.
{Please forgive me-I just like to drag things out.}

After the ceremony we took so many gorgeous family photos.
It's not hard when you have a gorgeous family and setting.

Our Beautiful Families.
{You see where we get our obviously good looks.}

Our beautiful and handsome wedding party.

The stunning Bride and Groom.

Hello Hottie.

My sweet little family.

I have no idea where my hubby & I were when this picture was taken but it's one of my most favorite wedding pics ever!
When I need a laugh I look at this one.

Let's play a little wedding picture fun....caption this picture....and GO!!!

Stay tuned for more wedding party fun. You know what's next...

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