Happiness is...{3.12.16}

Good Morning Peachies! At least it is here in my little corner of the world. It's Saturday and it's been an amazing one so far. I started the morning out with snuggles in bed with my hubby and our sweet little Willow. What's better than hubby and puppy snuggles? Not much. But then my hubby made me coffee. It's always better when he makes it so it's my weekend treat. Then I logged on to Facebook and found Krysten's reminder about the 10 things that made me happy this week.

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Here's what made my happy this week
{with some instagram photos}

1. My hubby asked me to watch our spendings this week which resulted in me going no where and I loved it.
I'm a homebody anyway but it seems like we always need something and I always have some errands to run.
It almost felt like my hubby gave me permission to stay at home and focus on cleaning and blogging and the puppy.
Which I don't need his permission anyway, he lets me do me but I didn't feel like I was neglecting anything.
It was glorious and has inspired me to do that more often. More being happy with what we have and using what's we have.

2. This weather we're having in Georgia is amazing. Willow and I have spent way more time outside this week and loved it.

3. I've been merging my personal Facebook page and my blogging Facebook page so that I only will have one account.
In doing so i've really been enjoying looking back at the old pictures and memories that i've been finding.
Facebook is like a time capsule when you've had it for so long and I love every second of it.

4. Lazy Saturday mornings are my jam. Last Saturday and today are no exceptions.
I've been enjoying hubby snuggles & puppy snuggles while i'm in my pajamas and drinking my coffee.
It's the perfect beginning to the weekend and I really feel refreshed when i'm not having to rush everyone out the door.
I really dislike being a frantic person but during the week that's how I usually feel.
Saturday mornings are the perfect excuse to take life easy and really enjoy my family and my coffee, one sip at a time.

5. Erin Mellon's post on Post Wedding Blues.
Y'all, I thought this was just me.
I've been married for almost 6 months now and have been feeling blue for the last couple.
We got married in September then the holidays came so I got used to having all of our loved ones around me.
After everything has settled down I find myself missing that time with all of them.
I thought it was just me but apparently it's not and Erin's post said everything I feel and made me feel so much better.
How To Deal With Post Wedding Blues

6. I'm in love with my beautiful Springy coffee table tray.
It's got all of my favorite things.
{Peony, Succulents, Candle, and an adorable sign}

7. finding out I can follow Chelsea Handler on Snap Chat!

8. This adorable jar I found for $3.
It's perfect for keeping my EOS lip balms and essential oils for my diffuser in.
I tend to have about 3 of each just siting on my coffee table in the living room and with a puppy in the house it just isn't a good idea.
I wanted something pretty to put them in so I call this a win!

9. I've felt like my time to do my hobbies has been limited lately but one thing I've been fighting to keep up with is my daily devotional.
I'm really enjoying my time with Jesus every day. I say my prayers before I get out of bed but sometimes it's 1/2 way through the day before
I get to do my devotional but I'm still doing it. I feel so much better when I do.

10. My hubby is always the best. Hands down. But this week i've been hurting a lot and he's been a trooper.
He's been taking care of me and dealing with my moods. He's even sent me to take bubble baths a few nights.
God bless that man for dealing with me and my crazy woman-ness.

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  1. Your morning with the hubby and pup sounds like perfection to me! :-)

    Thanks for joining Krysten and I, we're so happy to have you. Join as often or as little as you'd like. It's great to meet another blogger linking up their happy things. :)
    Your pup is so adorable and it sounds like you've got an amazing hubby, a really attentive keeper. :)

    I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday Hun!! xoxo

    1. Thank You for your sweet comment! I absolutely love this blog link up. It took me finding the post on Krysten's FB page Saturday morning to remember to post and link up but i'm sure glad I did. I love looking at the positives in life. Sometimes that's hard to remember to do but this is such a great way and reminder to do just that.

      You're so sweet. I'm absolutely in love with my hubby and puppy. My hubby is definitely a keeper, he's the best! And our Willow is a sweetheart, too! I've hit the jackpot in life!


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