Oh Hey, Friday!

Hey Peachies! We've made it to Fri-YAY! All I can say is Hallelujah! And Amen!

I'm also excited because that means it's time to link up with Karli from Oh Hey, Friday!

Here's how it goes.

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
4. Then you spread the word about your blog, her blog, and everyone else's you want.
(I added that part-duh!)

Peachies! Get ready for this week's fabulous five.

1. This ELF eyeshadow palette
Rose Gold
It's on my wish list but I can't find it in any store around here. Insert pouty face emoji.
Let's just say it may be showing up in my mailbox soon.

2. My Engagement Ring.
(This isn't so fabulous)
I'm heartbroken because we got news yesterday that it can't be fixed again.
It's been sent in 6 times in two years for repairs. SIX times! And no one has ever thought to see what the issue is.
Yesterday when they called to tell me the news I couldn't help but cry. Sure it's a material item and that's not what matters
but I am a sentimental person so obviously it has more value than just money.
My husband and I went last night to look at new rings. I'll admit that I just settled for one & I cried in the middle of the jewelry store, too.
And instead of making good on their bad deal to begin with we're paying additional money.
It's pretty but it'll never be my first engagement ring.
The good news is that I get to keep my original diamond and my wedding band. And of course, I get to keep the best part-My Husband!
Now I just wait two weeks for it to get into the store and on my finger.
I'll be praying for better luck with this engagement ring.

3. My favorite blog post of the week.
3 Tips to Simplifying
It just speaks to my heart.

4. My Chance.
Chance is my 11 year old cat and earlier this week we thought we might loose him. He had a mass come up on his cheek then it caused bleeding from his eye and nose. Thanks to my mom (my hero) he went to the vet and got some antibiotics. It looks like he's going to be okay.
Even though he still lives with my parents he's my fur baby and I love him so much.

5. Blog posts from the week.
Happiness is
Favorite TV Shows
10 Things
Love Story Pt. 4

It's been an exhausting week friends but I'm glad to say that it's almost over.
Happy Fri-YAY! Don't forget to sparkle a little more and treat yourself to something nice!

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  1. First of all, you are probably the cutest human on this planet! 💛 Second, SO sorry about your engagement ring. I feel you though. Mine isn't broken but it's grown too big for me and it's titanium so it can't be resized. 😭 Third, thank you SO much for adding me to your favs!! I look forward to getting to know you better and fourth. SUCH a cute blog!!

    Hope you have the most incredible weekend!

    You're such a golden soul. ✨

    1. Aww, thank you! You just made my morning even better! I'm really loving your blog and encouragement. You have such a beautiful soul! I'm so glad someone gets me and my engagement ring situation. I've been trying not to be a big baby about it but I just can't help it. I am getting more excited about my new one though. I can't wait to get it. I'm so glad you like my blog, too! I'm so glad I found you and your blog. I can't wait to get to know you better, also!


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