Week 12-Be The Change

Good Day Peachies! At least I hope that's what you're having. I hope you aren't aboard the Struggle Bus like I am today. If so Hi! Come take a seat next to me. It's 1:45 in the afternoon on Monday and i'm just sitting down to write this mess of a post out. Thank goodness it's a prompted post or it might not even be happening.

This morning started out like dream. I went to sleep last night with a feeling of content and sheer happiness after spending the day at my parent's house cooking out and laughing until our faces hurt with my family. Of course we didn't take pictures, not a single one but the day was amazing. I'm really glad my husband & I threw together an impromptu Easter celebration. This morning the feeling carried on. I woke up earlier than usual, laid in the darkness and prayed that Jesus would watch over and bless all of my family and friends then I asked Him to lead me closer to Him today. If He saw me about to do something that He would not be proud of that He would stop me in my tracks and point me right back to Him. {He did just that-more on it in a minute.}

After I said my prayers I grabbed my phone and opened up my First 5 app and read today's daily devotional.
The message was this "The sacred vow God made you is binding Forever. He will never make a promise and not fulfill it."

I was feeling so inspired and ready to take on the day so I left the dog in the bed, awakened my son & went downstairs to make coffee and my son's lunch for the day. I was enjoying the moment, taking in the quietness and the darkness before the hustle of the day began. God was really speaking to my heart so I turned on my favorite song Love and Laundry by Point of Grace and just let the sweet music play as I began my day.

My morning was off to an amazing start! I thought I was winning at this whole Monday thing but it wasn't too much longer later when I had to stop and simply ask Lord, what are you trying to teach me?

The dog had zero interest in going with me to take her boy to school (she goes almost everyday) so I took advantage of the opportunity and decided i'd take him to school then go to the store & come home and spend the rest of the day cleaning, posting my blog post, & getting dinner ready for tonight. Typical Monday stuff. So I put on a cute enough outfit & enough make up to look like I was making an effort today & headed out to begin to tackle my plans for the day.

I got my son to school and ran to Target and Publix. That went off without a hitch. I was soaking in the sunshine and the pleasant people I had encountered-then it happened.

{Here's where I had to ask the Lord what was He trying to teach me today?} AND *Spoiler Alert {He stopped me in my tracks and made me focus on Him and what's most important.}

As I get in the car to leave Publix and head home I see a message from my son. "Mom, Can you please being me my agenda? If not, it's okay." At this point I usually would be freaking out a little because I have groceries to un-load, a mountain of laundry to do, dinner to prepare, a blog post to write & post. Oh, and I want to put my new Swiffer to good use. Not to mention, The puppy is at home in her crate-she hasn't been outside to potty nor has she eaten or had her meds today. Oh, & me?!? I still haven't showered.

Instead, i'm sitting here on my steps in the hall, watching the dog chew her bone-why am I doing this and not the million other things that I need to do? Because I need to share this with you. Life isn't always pretty & calm-even mine but you can choose to let chaos control you or you can find peace in the situation. The Lord made me stop what I thought was important and focus on what mattered most.

Kind of funny that this ties in with today's blog post prompt, "Be the change you wish to see." The change I wish to see is in myself. It's quieting the chaos & finding peace. It's in being the kind of Mom whose son knows she has his back. It's in changing my plans to be there for someone else. It's all these things b/c they matter more than laundry & cleaning & running whatever mundane errands that need to be done.
I prayed this morning that the Lord would show me His way today. That he would stop me in my tracks if His plans didn't match up to my own. Willow and I took our boy his agenda then we went for a walk at the park next door to the school. We're home now and very little on my to do list for the day has been tackled but that's okay. I asked God to stop me in my tracks and point me to Him if necessary and guess what? He did.

The thing is that no matter how planned out we have our lives something is always going to happen to throw us a curve ball. Sometimes we may even strike out. It's life, it's how we grow and learn. The change I wish to see is for everyone to be more accepting of those times. Be gentler on yourselves. Be kinder than necessary to yourself and everyone around you. Take time to stop in the midst of the chaos and calm the storm. Be kinder than necessary to everyone you meet because everyone is going through something you can't see. I'm telling you all this so you can see-I'm trying to be the example of the change I wish to see in the world. I wish to live in a world where we are more forgiving and accepting. A world where we realize were not always in control and that's okay. A world where everyone's lives matter. A less cruel world.
This is the change I wish to see in the world and I believe that change starts from within.

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  1. Girl, we are on the struggle bus together today! I barely got any sleep after the portable closet thing collapsed on me and I started today off with a horrible case of allergies that are kicking my booty! It is definitely a Monday. I really needed to read this today. After sifting through clothes all night trying to clean everything up I just felt so defeated. I definitely need to learn to be more accepting that you can't perfectly plan out life-it just isn't plausible. I hope your day and rest of the week are better for you!


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