Coffee Chat vol. 4

Happy Monday, Peaches! It's been a while since i've written a coffee chat post. The last one I wrote was just a couple weeks before we found out we are expecting and I was still drinking coffee on the daily. Sometimes even twice a day. Since then I did the one thing I thought i'd never do and gave up coffee. I know, it still shocks me, too but it's been six months today since I've had my last cup. My OB doctor said it was best if I could stay away from it so I have. There are days I try to convince my husband that I *NEED* him to make me a cup, hoping he'll forget but he never does. Of course that was one of the appointments he has been able to go to with me so he heard it for himself straight from the source so...what's a girl to do? He's promised me a cup of my favorite Kauai coffee as soon as I can have it though. November i'm looking at you but in the mean time, it's all worth it for a healthy baby girl. So we're going to improvise these coffee chats and pretend so go pour yourself a mug full of coffee (extra for me, please).

I'll wait until you get back.

Oh Baby.

Hi Friends! You may have noticed that this little corner of my internet world hasn't been getting the love it deserves lately and that's because, well, I've been busy growing another human. Yes, we are expecting a baby girl in November. I am officially 25 weeks now and we are over the moon. The first trimester hit me hard, I didn't have the energy to keep my eyes open much less write posts and edit photos but I have missed this little space and all of you, too.