Ladies Stocking Stuffers

Hi Friends! Can you believe it's finally Christmas time? I am in heaven with all my Christmas decor up, my tree glowing bright and all the Christmas Hallmark movies on my t.v. This is my absolute favorite time of year because of all the celebrating and holiday fun. Know what else I love? Christmas gift guides. I know every single blogger is writing them right now but I don't mind. They're actually my favorite posts of all time because I love seeing what everyone else wants, I usually end up adding a few things from other's wish lists to mine.

My family always starts Christmas morning with stockings so I thought i'd start my holiday guides with stocking stuffer ideas so get ready for all the pretty, sparkly, beauty, make up, cozy goodness your heart can hold. I hope you find something on this list that makes it's way to your list, too.

Christmas Shop Small {LuLa Roe}

Hi Friends! Welcome back to another Christmas Shop Small Feature. I love shopping small and I absolutely love Christmas so, for the second year in a row, i've decided to combine my love of the two and highlight one of my fabulous small business owner friends. Today we have my sweet LulaRoe Rep and friend, Kim here to share what inspired her to sell LuLaRoe and what their most popular item is. So get cozy and let's Lula!

Coffee Chat

Happy Monday Dolls. I'm so happy you're here with me this morning. I know Mondays aren't our favorite days; today is particularly hard for me because it's the first day back to school and reality after a long Thanksgiving break. I've enjoyed sleeping in and long mornings on the couch drinking coffee and watching Christmas Hallmark movies and three long days of cooking and cleaning, preparing to host our first holiday in our new home. I'm not quiet ready to give that up yet but it makes it a little easier to bear with friends so grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with me and let's chat.

*Bonus if you are in pajamas or sweats with your hair in a messy bun because that's what I want this space to feel like; cozy dates with girlfriends in sweats and messy buns while we spill open the inner most parts of our hearts.*

So grab a mug and join me for a coffee date.

Christmas Shop Small {Senegence}

Hi Peachies! Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Eve. Yep! Thanksgiving is two days away and this girl is in the kitchen cooking up all the delicious Thanksgiving dishes right now; sweet potato souffle, sauteed green beans, collards, corn casserole and pecan pie. While i'm in the kitchen cooking, I thought I would share with you another Christmas Shop Small Feature. Today we have my sweet Senegence distributor and friend, Lindsey to share some of her favorite Senegence products with you because staying beautiful during the rush of the holidays is on top of every girl's to do list. So let's get cozy with our first guest (she even gives you a discount code somewhere in this post so be on the look out for that.)

Christmas Shop Small {Perfectly Posh}

The holidays are upon us and if you're anything like me, you're starting your shopping but stumped when it comes to buying for some people, that's why i've created this series for the holiday season called Shop Small. Every week from here until Christmas, i'll be featuring a small shop/business owner in a q&a series. They're going to hook you up with some great discounts, too so get cozy and let's welcome our first guest.

Perfection is Boring

Imperfection; that's a scary word. Am I right or am I right? It's scary because it means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. It's letting friends and loved ones see you without your cutest outfit on with your hair and make up done just right. It's opening the doors of our homes to our friends and family and welcoming them in amidst the mess and chaos instead of a perfectly clean and decorated; Southern Living esq. home.

It's not an easy thing to show our vulnerability and embrace our imperfections but the thing is, it's something we're all struggling with. It's completely normal and when we learn to embrace it rather than try to change it our entire world will be changed. It will be a better place once we all learn to accept that Tuesday night pizza nights, sitting around with our friends and family in sweats are way better than perfectly organized and well prepared dinner parties.

November Goals

Hello November. Don't tell October but I love you most of all. October brought the cooler fall weather and fun craft fairs but you bring the holidays and there's nothing better than that. I love the holly jolly, togetherness of this time of year. Of course, I'm not about decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving weekend but that's because Thanksgiving brings the holiday feel and that's something worth celebrating.Plus I love getting to cook the entire holiday meal with my hubby. This year will be an extra special Thanksgiving because its the first year we'll get to host it at our new house. I did learn the other morning that Christmas trees will be delivered to the Farmer's Table in a couple weeks! That means I get to swoon at them and smell all their fresh pine-y goodness every time I shop there from now until time to buy ours.

With the new month comes fresh starts and new goals so let's see how I did with October's goals and set November's.

My Blogging Why

If you've been around Peaches and Willow lately then you likely know i've been on a path to change this sweet little space of mine. I want to make it more personal and more relatable. I feel like i'm a pretty open book but sometimes being vulnerable is scary and when it gets scary, I get quiet. It's not that i'm hiding from said scary thing but sometimes I have the need to check out and just "be"; just live life without finding the perfect Instagram picture or thinking whether or not it'll make for good blogging content.

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