November Goals

Hello November. Don't tell October but I love you most of all. October brought the cooler fall weather and fun craft fairs but you bring the holidays and there's nothing better than that. I love the holly jolly, togetherness of this time of year. Of course, I'm not about decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving weekend but that's because Thanksgiving brings the holiday feel and that's something worth celebrating.Plus I love getting to cook the entire holiday meal with my hubby. This year will be an extra special Thanksgiving because its the first year we'll get to host it at our new house. I did learn the other morning that Christmas trees will be delivered to the Farmer's Table in a couple weeks! That means I get to swoon at them and smell all their fresh pine-y goodness every time I shop there from now until time to buy ours.

With the new month comes fresh starts and new goals so let's see how I did with October's goals and set November's.

October Goals

Blog/Social Media

+ Post to Peaches & Willow 3xs a week-success

+ Keep up with the #simplystyledoctober & #fallforsybl Instagram Challenges-success

+ Grown Instagram to 900 followers-fail

+ Bring back Facebook Live Coffee Chats-fail


+ Work out 4xs a week-fail

+ Make 2 pieces of jewelry-fail

+ Make 2 tee shirts/mugs-success

+ Read Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection-half win I've been reading it, i'm not done yet though.

+ Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and apple cider cupcakes-fail

+ Engage with friends daily-success

Overall, October's goals were pretty much a fail. I had a couple weeks where I needed a break from social media so I went quiet and all my social media goals reflect that. I did start getting a lot of posts pre-planned and that has made my life so much easier and really helped me get back into the groove of blogging. I also started cleaning up my Instagram account and un-following accounts that no longer appeal to me, as a result my following went down, too. I haven't been in the mood for coffee chats live on Facebook but I am going to bring them back once a month starting in January. I didn't bake anything but I have been reading Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection, which is exactly what I needed this month.

November Goals

Blog/Social Media

+ create a week's worth of content in advance

+ focus on growing my Instagram to 900 followers

+ keep up with the #simplystylednovember & #fallforsybl IG challenges

+ start on newsletter for launch in January

+ share last year's shop small features + add more for this year


+ come up with a game plan for the holidays

+ set goals for 2018

+ bake something festive

+ work out 4 days a week

+ finish reading Grace Not Perfection

So there are my goals for November. I'm going to try to get ready for the holidays and do it all with grace.

What are some of your goals for November?

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  1. Great goals - I hope you have a really successful November. I'm trying to gain more social media followers too, as well as just monthly views in general. It can be tough, but it's a work in progress!! :)



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