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Happy Monday Loves. I know, Mondays are no fun but I think Mondays would be so much better if we started the day off with coffee and a girlfriend or two. So won't you join me for a coffee date this morning?

If you and I were on a coffee date i'd be drinking a White Chocolate Mocha and eating a French Cruller Donut. They're so light and fluffy; they're definitely my favorites. I'd ask you how you've been and what's new in your life? I love pictures so i'd happily look at any pictures you have of your kids, pets and anything else that is important, beautiful and inspiring to you. I'd show you a few of my family and life lately.

I'd tell you that weekends like the one we just had are the kind that my heart needs more of. Friday we ended up hanging out with one of the young guys up the road. He really opened up to us and took comfort in my family and our home. Saturday we had a late Easter dinner with my parents, grandma, brother, sister in law and nephew. I got lots of sweet cuddles from my nephew (he's only 7 months old). I even got to be a part of bath time and got lots of time to talk with my brother and sister in law. That did my heart so good. They always have a way of putting things into perspective. Sunday was spent running errands and cleaning house with my hubby. It all made one amazing weekend that I'm ready to do again soon.

I would tell you that the sponsored posts i've been doing lately are the only things keeping my blog a float. If you were curious, i'd tell you how sponsorships work and how they've inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought i'd do; like sharing outfit posts and talks about self confidence.

Lately my head and my heart have been all over the place with the potential of building a new home and our son starting high school next year, i've been a mess. I haven't really felt like myself and it's been showing but I am thankful for my parents and my husband for being my support. My husband is truly the best; sometimes I'm not sure what I did to deserve him but I'm happy I got him.

Because of this my blog and social media have taken a hit, too. I have so many ideas that I'd like to put into motion but no motivation to do them. I've been living in a bubble of my own, searching for motivation. The other day when I was in a really down mood I begrudgingly went to Target for a few things we needed and a book caught my eye; It's called Note to Self by Connor Franta. It's basically a blog within a book that is so raw and real it is inspiring. I picked it up and knew I had to have it so I bought it and spent a couple days on the porch just reading. It inspired me, not only to get back to blogging but also so to live a real, authentic, raw life so expect to see more heart moments and rawness from me. I'm also ready to take the jump and open an Etsy shop, start a Facebook group for bloggers, and possibly even start writing my own book like Note To Self.

I'd also tell you that since giving up sugar last month, it either tastes really good or really bad when I eat it now. Cake at a baby shower I attended was entirely too sweet for me and it wasn't the cake's fault. I kind of celebrate it as a win though because it means i'm really doing good at making some lifestyle and eating habit changes.

Since Spring Break is over, i'm officially done with this school year. I wish I could keep my son home starting now and enjoy sleeping in, long summer days outside by the pool, and doing nothing but relaxing.

Today starts another amazing campaign with the always sweet Ashley from The Imperfect Boss. If you don't know Ashley, you should run and join her group now! I love her sweet spirit. She's the ultimate girl boss, always cheering for everyone else, shining her light and inspiring everyone she meets. She's a doll, y'all and a real life blessing. Stay tuned to see more about this campaign. I'm excited to be a part of it and help her inspire and cheer other girl bosses on.

Last week I had the priviledge of being featured on my sweet friend, Mistle's, blog Blogger Bliss. It was truly one of my favorite posts ever. I love doing guest posts because I feel like I can pour so much heart into them. This has made me smile all week. I can not thank Mistle enough for allowing me to be a part of this series she's starting. Stay turned for more from her.

If we were on a coffee date, what would you share with me?

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