If We Were On a Coffee Date

Hello Beautiful Peachies! I feel like I haven't blogged in an eternity. Really it's only been a week but during that week I was busy enjoying time with my family that lives in Illinois and travels down to Georgia every summer to spend a week with us. I enjoyed taking a break from social media and spending time laughing, loving, crafting, eating, and making memories with them. During that week July rolled in and really swept me off my feet. I mean, wasn't it just January?

Since July is here, it's time for me to share my goals for the month but first I want to recap my week with my family. So I hope you're snuggled in with a cup of coffee. If not, i'll wait while you go grab one.

If You & I were on a coffee date right now...
i'd tell you...

+ As much as I missed all you wonderful ladies in the blogging community it was nice to have a small break and just enjoy time with family.

+ My hubby had three days off last week and Monday of this week off, too. I soaked up every second of it.

+ I really enjoyed my talks with my Aunt last week. It was refreshing to really be able to sit down and spend quality time together.
I feel like it brought us even closer together. I even cried when I hugged her good-bye, which is something I haven't done in a while.

+ After last week I feel inspired for a blog change & I even have a new creative venture in the works.

+ I really want to up my Instagram game, too.

+ I miss doing yoga. I think it's time to start working out again.

+ Last night's dinner was so amazing yet so simple.
Rotisserie chicken, asian salad and Hawaiian pasta salad.
I feel like my body needs a detox from all the amazing food we ate last week.

+ I feel like fixing my hair and make up in the summer is a waste of time because i'm either going to sweat it off the minute I step outside. Georgia humidity isn't a joke, y'all! Or it's going to rain and well, there it goes. Because of this I have a new summer hair and make up routine and all of it together is under $30. I'll share that soon.

+ Speaking of rain. It's been storming like crazy here for the last two days & i'm loving it. Usually I'm not crazy about the rain but I don't have anywhere to go and I need to get my house clean so that's the perfect excuse! Right now it's rainy and I have three of our four sweet pups at my house with me. (Long Story short-three of our dogs are actually my parent's dogs but they get to come stay with us sometimes so two of them are visiting right now.)

+ I've been trying to read Amy Poehler's Yes Please since my honeymoon last September. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't have time to read. I'm determined to finish it this month.

+ I'd show you pictures from last week on my phone.

+ I'd tell you that I already have anxiety about sending my son to school this year. It probably has everything to do with the hot mess someone else's immaturity landed us in last year when we were reported for being out of district. It's okay though, jealousy is an ugly thing and we'll continue to rise above. But really, can't we just have eternal summer?

+ I'm also having anxiety about building our dream house. It's going to be our forever home, which excites me but right now we stand in the midst of a whole bunch of unknowns and I'm not fond of that. I'm just ready for construction to begin.

+ I'd ask you if you've seen my Pinterest board Dream Casa
These are my future house goals.

+I'd tell you that I can't get enough of Eric Church's Record Year or Dierks Bentley's Black and how Meghan Trainor's I Love Me is my jam lately.

+ I'd also tell you about my new creative venture but since we're not really on a coffee date I'm going to leave you hanging. Yeah, that's mean but I can't share until i'm 100% ready. Stay tuned for that though.

If we were on a coffee date what would you share with me?

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  1. I love this post!! And I totally agree, that it's great to have some time away from the blogosphere, even though I love it too!

    1. Thank You! I love doing these kinds of posts. I think i'll start doing them more regularly. I love the blog world and community but it was nice to have a break. I came back feeling so full of ideas and inspiration!

  2. Breaks are nice and needed every once in a while! Gives you a time to refresh and recharge and to get the creativity flowing again! And, time with family is important too. Someone reported you guys for being out of district? Ugh! People are so hateful and it really sucks. That happened to me in the fifth grade. It was a girl that I went to school with that was jealous and wanted to be the “popular” girl in 5th grade so she had her mom report us. Oh and she liked the guy that was my “boyfriend” and wanted to separate us. It was so, so hard to move in the middle of 5th grade when I had gone to that school since Kindergarten. I still remember that day when I was called down to the office. Praying for your homebuilding journey sweet friend! Cant wait to hear about your new venture. Hugs friend!

    1. Breaks are very refreshing sometimes. It wasn't something I really planned but I decided it was better to soak up every second with family that I could & I'm really glad I did. Time with them is precious and I feel so refreshed and inspired.

      Yeah, someone reported us and the sad part is, it's someone I never would've thought. Oh well though, life has a funny way of throwing us curves. The best thing I did was let God have control of that situation and He handled it for me.

      That's so sad that someone did that to you and all over something so silly. Jealousy is an ugly thing but rising above feels so good.

      I'm so excited to start our homebuilding journey! It's a little scary and a lot exciting!

      Hugs to you, too sweet friend!

  3. If we were on a coffee date, I'd order the most expensive thing and make you pay. I'm kidding. >:) I'd probably tell you to definitely take up yoga again because it's the bomb. :)
    It's good to have a break from blogging every now and then, too - especially is hubs is off work. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

    1. Hahaha...you're hilarious. I would love to have a coffee date.

      Yoga is seriously awesome! I wish we could do yoga and coffee together! Haha!

      And yes, when the hubby is off I soak up every second I can with him. He's the best and I am so blessed!

  4. Kuddos to this posts! I couldn't agree anymore, you always need time away from work.

    1. Thank You, Jenn! Stepping away from work is always a good thing. I feel so into blogging and social media now. It's awesome!

  5. I love this! Breaks are always good and family should always come first! Hawaiian pasta salad? Tell me more!

    1. Aww, you always make my day! Family always comes first and I'm so glad to be a part of a community that understands that.

      I'll e-mail you the recipe for Hawaiian Pasta Salad. I might just bring back "Foodie Fridays" next week, too. I think this recipe is perfect for that!

  6. Breaks and family time are always nice and often times needed. If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you I am exhausted. With all that's been happening in the world this week and just being an adult, I could use a LOOOONG break disconnected from the world.

    1. Breaks are always amazing. I just feel like time with family & friends is always more important. I love blogging, and this community but sometimes I just love disconnecting.

      You are so right, with all that's going on in this world now sometimes it's best just to step away and take a deep breath.


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