July Goals

Oh, Hello July! When did you get here? I feel like this whole summer has been a blur so far. We've done a whole lot of being hermits and a little hanging out at my parent's pool but it's been amazing. I've loved every second of it.

Last week our family from Illinois came down to Georgia for the week so I took a break from all things blog and goal related and enjoyed every second of time with them. We ate too much, laughed and talked a lot and made memories that will last us a lifetime.

It was nice to take a break from my every day life and enjoy time with them. Little did I know, I needed that break. I feel so refreshed and inspired now. My hubby & I aren't getting to go to the beach this year on vacation so this was our staycation & I took advantage of that. I slept in every morning until about 9:45 and left my house looking like a tornado hit it. We went swimming every. single. day. and the food we ate. My goodness! We had a low country boil, smoked ribs, italian pasta, italian beef sandwiches, wings, lasagna. You name it, we ate it! This break did my soul good though. While my Aunt & I were making jewelry one day I was talking to her and decided to take a leap of faith and do something i've wanted to do for a while now. I talked it over with my hubby and now I have a new creative venture in the works. Stay tuned for that.

Right now it's time to talk about July's Goals. But first, lets talk about how epically I failed June's Goals.

June's Goals

+Finish reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler
NO I haven't finished but I have been reading it in the evenings.

+Spend at least one day with a girlfriend
YES Since my Aunt was here from Illinois for a week I got to spend lots of time with her.

+Get active at least 3 days a week
NO but I am feeling inspired to get back to yoga and working out.

+Find my hubby an awesome Father's Day gift
YESEven though I'm not sure you'd call a movie an awesome gift but it was one he wanted.

+Cut back on sugary goodness
YES but the struggle is real. Of course I indulged in tons of other yummy food last week.

+Start making and selling jewelry again
YES I'm feeling so inspired and finally have a name and a cohesiveness to all my jewelry!

+Get my massage
NO Something about a stranger's hands on me kinda freaks me out. Am I weird?

+Create a sidebar button
NO Life happened but I am inspired to do a blog make over so maybe this will make it's way to the blog soon.

+Spend at least an hour a day outdoors
YES We've spent a ton of time outdoors and especially at the pool.

+Do something nice for someone, just because
YES I bought my Mama and Aunt a pair of sunnies and my sweet cousin got a lunchbox and a flamingo cup, just because.

+Donate clothes to thrift shop
NO For whatever reason I can't accomplish this little goal.

+Focus on needs over wants
NO this sounds awful but I was struggling with this last month.

July's Goals


+Give the Blog a Make Over lots of ideas are flowing & Inspiring me now and i'm super excited about this.

+Catch up on my Instagram Challenges with family in town and all that I got behind but I'm coming for you Instagram.

+Write Ahead and Publish Posts with Buffer// I've done that for the last two mornings and basically feel like a champion.

+Make Sidebar Buttons for my Blog to showcase my Aunt's Etsy Store.

+Plan a Giveaway.


+Count Calories// I Feel so much Better when I'm watching what goes Into My Body.

+Wake Up Early// This one is a tough one because I love my sleep but we've only got a month of Summer Break left. I want to get back into the swing of things. Plus I feel like I'm not getting as much done.

+ Get Outside at least One hour A Day.

+ Donate Clothes to the 10:10 Thrift Store.

+ Work Out 3 x's a Week This can be Cize, swimming, Yoga, or trying to get my 10,000 steps in.

+Finish reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please.

+Practice Living with Grace & Intention.

+Remember Needs vs Wants// This can be hard but it's time to save to build our dream house.

+Finalize House Plans// I live in a dream world. I thought this would be done by now but it's not because there are so many things to think about. It's a little overwhelming but exciting, too!

+Less Sugary Goodness. More Veggies and Fruits// I'm not going to lie. I feel like my body needs a detox after all the goodness i've been eating so I definitely need to cut out the sugary goods.

What are some of your goals for the month?
I can be your accountability partner.

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  1. I used to totally feel the same way about massages, but I gave it a try and boy was a wrong! It's so nice to just relax and do nothing for an hour!

    1. Thanks for that! I'll definitely give it a try. I'm sure i'd like it once I get over the feeling of weirdness I have about it! I think i'll book mine soon!

  2. Why not get a pedicure, usually that comes with a foot massage, that could be your starter massage.

  3. Okay, first I have to say that I love your blog header! It's so pretty and the colors are gorgeous. I can identify with a lot of your July goals, especially the getting up early and being more active (though I don't really want to do either one!). Good luck this month!

  4. I have to get in more exercise. I just bought a new beach cruiser bike and can't wait to try it out around the neighborhood!

  5. Writing down you goals is very smart. It definitely helps keep you on focus!

  6. I love the idea of monthly goals. Just started doing this too, last month!


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