Oh Hey, Friday!

Hi Peachies! Happy Fri-YAY! I'm so happy we survived this week. No kidding. It's been one of those weeks. It started with my hubby's truck breaking down on Sunday, then my car decided to follow suit while I was on the way to pick us up some dinner. Luckily my husband is the champion of all things & got both of the vehicles back up and running.

Monday our Willow pup started having pain and kept us up all Tuesday night and again last night. During all this I got crazy and decided to start learning about HTML and coding for my blog which left me with no commenting section yesterday. And oh! I woke up this morning with a swollen eye and no explanation why.

Life is still great though and i've got nothing but blessings in my life.

Since it's Friday it's time for Oh Hey Friday with Karli from September Farm.

my five-what i'm crushing on

1. DIY Farmhouse Decor
We all know about the millions of uses for old palettes. I'm still in love with that decor, too!
But my cousin to be just turned me on to something new (to me).
DIY shutter decor. YES!! Taking old shutters and repurposing them into bookcases, wall organizers, and even kitchen islands!
I'm getting some shutters from her asap to do some home DIYsrustic shutter organizer.

2. Motherhood
I've always loved my role as a Mom. I've never been more sure of this title and as our summer is winding down and my buddy is getting ready to head into 8th grade, I can't help but feel proud. Proud of being a Mom but mostly, i'm proud, of my son. He's an awesome young man. Full of kindness and caring but also full of spunk and not afraid to speak up for himself. I hope he always knows his Dad & I are behind him as hard as it is to let him fly we do because we want him to grow and be the best man he can be.

3. Lazy Summer Days

Lazy summer days. #photosinbetween #abmlifeissweet #sweetsummertime

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4. Social Circles Business Cards
Okay, I confess. I just saw these on Dara from The Southern Thing's loving lately post but I am obsessed. I'm really thinking I need to order myself some once I'm really selling my jewelry, too!
How pretty are these and the best part is that it comes with a super cute tassel key chain/holder.

5. My Hubby.
Cliche, I know but my hubby really is the best. Lately I can't get enough of him.
He's the frosting to my cupcake. Actually, he's the frosting and sprinkles with cherries on top.
And we get to celebrate ONE year of marriage in a a couple months.

Happy Fri-YAY Peachies! Now, go have a margarita and kick this weekend off.

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