Weekending + August Goals

Hello Peachies! Happy Monday. Isn't it ironic that it's the first day of the week and the first day of a new month? All the fresh new possibilities! I'm not in love with Mondays, like most everyone, else but I do love fresh starts and I feel like the weekend left me full of freshness and contentment heading into the week ahead.

It's been a while since i've done a weekend re-cap post but I feel like this one is worth mentioning. P.S.-there was lots of snuggling and quiality time with my hubby.
Friday I know I took my son and Willow pup to my Mom and Dad's to play and it poured down raining on us so bad that we stopped at the church at the entrance to our neighborhood on the way out because we couldn't see to go anywhere. That's really all I remember about Friday though.

Saturday mornings are my favorites. I sleep in, wake up and my hubby makes my coffee for me then He, I & our Willow pup spend hours snuggling on the couch. This is my favorite Saturday morning routine and this is how we started off our morning.

We had planned a fun day a few weekends back. A day of going to all our favorite places so I was super excited to get out and go shopping.

Sunday Funday with my love. #weekendvibes #sotokindalove #thehappynow #sundaykindoflove

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My hubby & I took our kids, both human and fur, to spend the day at their Mimi and Pa's while we went to Del Taco, Sprouts, and my favorite boutique called Love Street. We made a stop by Adventure Outdoors for my honey. When we got done we went to my Mom & Dad's to get our children and eat breakfast for dinner with my family then my mom and I got crafty with my Mom's new Cricut.

Spent last night crafting with my mama. #lesliessparkofhappiness #craftymama #weekendvibes

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Sunday we had planned a lazy day at home but decided we needed to go to Big Lots to buy a new iron.
I was excited because I scored about $40 worth of make up for $14!

Then we ordered Chinese for lunch. While my hubby napped I cleaned our bedroom and re-arranged our dresser because I was so excited to display the picture frame and signs he bought me at Love Street. They're for the new home but I couldn't wait! After that we spent the evening snuggling on the couch, watching ridiculous Sharknado movies. We ended our evening with a beautiful rainbow over our house.

It was a calm, relaxing, fun weekend but it's just what my heart needed.
Now it's time to think about August and set goals for this month. Usually I go over last month's goals and tell you how good/bad I did on them but I've decided this month I'm not going to do that. I set goals for myself every month and if I don't accomplish them it's okay.

August Goals


+ Get into a new schedule.

+ Spend 20 minutes a day reading.

+ Spend time with at least one girlfriend.

+ Eat less junk. More fruits and veggies.

+ Spend at least an hour a day outside.

+ Make an eye doctor appointment for my son.

+ Focus on needs vs. wants.

+ Get the ball rolling on floor plans.

+ Donate clothes.

+ Get active 3 days a week.

+ Sell jewelry.

+ Put my Sunshine Snail Mail group together.

+Finish baby shower/wedding gifts for the weddings and showers we have this month.

Social Media

+ Write posts ahead of time and schedule with Buffer.

+ Create a group where we can share each other's posts.

+ Change my blog signature.

Let's cheer each other on this month.
Share some of your goals.

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