On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Sweet Peachies! Happy Wednesday. We're getting closer to the weekend which means, it's time to bring out the wine. Who am I kidding?
It's always time to being out the wine. It's also time for on Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet blogger friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

On Wednesday We Confess

I Confess I love sleep. As in, am totally obsessed with sleep. I also confess that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to sleep. Check it out here.

I Confess I love the Bloggers Gonna Blog group on Facebook. Show Your Blog Love is my favorite bloggers group but I'm quickly finding a love with Bloggers Gonna Blog.

I Confess I lost my social media mojo over the last week. I just needed a breather. I'm good now.

I Confess I'm trying to focus on needs vs wants. This post put things into perspective as I was sitting on my couch debating on running to Ross to see if they still had that uber cheap and pretty Naked eyeshadow palette. I resisted.

I Confess I'm still upset that I broke my favorite {brand new} blush last week but i'm trying to be good and use the other one I have before I replace it.

I Confess I love layering lipsticks and glosses to create new colors. My favorite lip product ever is this Too Faced Melted in Chihuahua.

I Confess I had to look up how to spell Chihuahua & this time I copied and pasted it. {wink}

I Confess I am obsessed with my new Yes Way Rose tee shirt.

I Confess I need about 300 naps or cups of coffee. Either way, i'll be happy.

I Confess my house isn't spotless and I don't care. All that letting go of perfection is working!

I Confess I also don't have any fresh produce in my house but I don't want to go shopping for veggies, either.

I Confess this pin made me laugh because i'm always doing this when my hubby & I are shopping together.

I Confess I cannot get enough of this song by Lindsey Stirling Hold My Heart

I Confess Kara from Fit Chick Next Door wrote an amazing blog post that really hit home. Her advice on stopping emotional spending and don't beat yourself up are on point. I love that she says "You wouldn’t go up to a friend and tell them their thighs are too big or they aren’t good enough or their hair is a mess would you? So why do you think it is okay to talk to yourself that way?"
Read her post here.

I Confess that now that all my Sunshines have their partners for the Sunshine Snail Mail Event i'm super excited about it!
One of my Sunshines even received her package already.

I Confess it's been on my heart to give back lately so i'm thinking of organizing something around the holidays where my friends and I can go around to people in need and pass out gifts.

I Confess i'm turning into a tv junkie. Big Bang Theory, The Bachelor in Paradise, Don't Be Tardy, I Love Kellie Pickler, and Too Close To Home are all on my must watch list. Ooops. Sorry. Not Sorry.

I Confess my Pinterest following is up over 1,000 Followers and that's without even trying. I didn't realize it until a friend mentioned it to me a few weeks ago.

I Confess I have a secret brag board on Pinterest. Anything blog related that i've done that has made me feel good I pin it.
It's actually a great reminder and uplifter of all the things I'm capable of and have accomplished on those days when I'm feeling less than.

So Loves, there you have it. My confessions. And yes, I totally sang that in the style of Usher. "These are my confessions."

What do you want to confess this week?

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