If We Were On A Coffee {Date Vol. 2}

Good Morning Peachies! I hope the weekend treated you well. It was a very refreshing and relaxing one for us. So much so that I don't even have pictures to share.

Friday night I went to bed around 8:30 and called it a night. I just couldn't adult anymore. Saturday morning I slept in until 9:15 then my hubby and I spent a few hours in our office. It was actually really nice because I was able to order everything I needed for my sister in law's baby gift, talk to a couple friends about the Sunshine Snail Mail event I've put together, answer a good many e-mails, catch up on my Instagram Pod, and I sent e-mails to two companies about affiliate programs.

I'm kinda nervous about those but i've decided that it'll be okay if they turn me down because not everyone succeeds the first time. Right? That's something I've always struggled with, even in my adult life. I feel like I always have to get it right the first time. So i'm telling myself it's okay if they say no. That's how we learn, how we grow.

Saturday afternoon my hubby went with me to run some errands. We spent at least an hour with his parents, which is always nice. We always laugh so much when we're with them. They're so adorable. Then if was off to run our errands. We went to Big Lots and Marshall's then took a break to eat at the Waffle House. Then we resumed with a trip to Academy Sports and Publix then to Taco Bell to pick our child up some dinner. We ended the night in our office again. This time I got nothing accomplished other than downloading the movie Sisters to my digital library and perusing a website called Twinkle Deals.

Sunday was a lazy day. We chilled at home all day. My hubby got some naps in while I worked on blog posts for the week. It was nice to get ahead.

Now that you have a full run down of our weekend, I hope you're snuggled in with your favorite mug of coffee.
If not, i'll wait while you go grab one.

If you & I were on a coffee date right now...
I'd tell you...

+ Weekends like the ones we just had are what refreshes my soul and inspires me.
I love going to events and being with friends but it's weekends where my family and I can snuggle in and stay cozy together that really do my heart good.

+ I am truly excited for the up-coming showers and parties we have coming up though.
We have two baby showers, one wedding shower, one birthday party and our own wedding anniversary between now and the end of September.
Bring on the parties!

+ I'm so excited about everything I bought my sister in law and brother for our soon to be niece or nephew.

+ Speaking of, I can't wait to find out if i'll have a niece or nephew!

+ I am truly devastated by the floods in Louisiana. I feel like they're not getting enough coverage but I am super proud of Trump for showing up
with a truckload of supplies for the citizens and helping. Where is our president during all this?

+ I've never considered myself a beauty blogger but I have so many new products i've bought that I'm loving so i'll be sharing some beauty posts soon.

+ I really miss doing yoga but i've found this book & these shoes. Now i'm inspired again.

+ I finally got a face brush cleaning system like the Clairsonic but it's a different brand and about one tenth of the price. I'm in Heaven.

+ I'm sad for the younger generations. It seems like manners, morals, and ettiquite are a dying thing. I don't blame the younger generations as much as I do their parents though.

+ I've reached a place in my life where I don't have time for anyone who is filled with negativity, doesn't support my dreams, wants to do nothing but gossip, or steals.

+ I would also tell you that my husband is un-doubtedly my best friend but i've reached a point in my life where I find myself craving true girlfriend connections. Sometimes that's hard to do because life gets in the way and we all get busy.
That's why I'm joining a book club and a Mom's Day Out group that are being put together by two of my real life friends.

+ I want to make it my goal to have lunch with one of my girlfriends at least once a month.

+ I feel like i'm building up my blogging tribe and starting to flourish in this area. I wish that all my blog friends lived closer.

+ Putting together my Sunshine Snail Mail event this time has been excruciating. Not that I haven't enjoyed it but I feel like it has drained me this time. I'm not sure if it's the Facebook algorithims or what's going on but no matter how many times I post instructions someone doesn't follow them. I'm giving everyone the benefit of a doubt though. I keep doing it though because all my friends seem to enjoy it and blessing others is what matters most.

+ I'm starting to give in and use InstaStories some. You can find me on Instagram here

+ I love Sundays at home more than anything. I love getting ready for the week ahead and feeling ready for Monday morning.

+ Speaking of, I'm totally loving all the pins on Pinterest about how to have a productive Sunday. It totally inspires me to sit down with my notebook and my day planner and get prepared.

+ I'm so ready for fall. I'm looking forward to bringing my boots and sweaters out and I already have plans of making all the chili and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

+ I read a fellow blogger's post about her experience going conditioner free and all the benefits it's had for her hair. It has inspired me to do the same. I'm only on day two and I'm using a leave in spray conditioner, which is something she didn't do. So far i'm loving it. My hair is lighter, fluffier and it's holding a style so much better.

If we were on a Coffee Date what would you share with me?

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