Three Of My Favorite Blog Posts

Hello Peachies. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm link up obsessed. They're such a fun way to get to know other bloggers and show some love while you get a little love and traffic on your posts, too. If you've been around here for any amount of time then you know i'm all about cheering every beautiful lady on because I believe there's enough room for each of us to grow, flourish, and succeed. And I want that for every single one of us so when I came across Roxy from Royalty in Reality's link up 3 Things I wrote myself a reminder to participate this Thursday.

So here I am. Today I'm going to share my Three Favorite Blog Posts I've Written but before I do I want to warn you that some of these posts are older so the content isn't up to par with now but I leave them that way because they are real, they are raw, and they serve as a reminder of how far i've come. Even so, the topics are some that are my favorites. They're something i'm still proud to show off because this is real and i'm not trying to paint some perfect picture of my perfect life. We go through seasons of growth and change and these are proof of that.

Three Favorite Blog Posts

How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes
This post is one of my favorite ones i've done because cleaning your make up brushes is so important. It's something I never used to do but now I clean my brushes religiously. My skin stays super healthy and glowy and makes my make up go on smooth.

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day
Who can resist a fairy tale? This is my every day, real life fairy tale. Somedays I feel like Cinderella before the ball. Other days I feel like Cinderella at the ball but everyday i'm blessed to be living my fairy tale life.

My Favorite Quotes
I've been obsessed with quotes since I can remember because I feel like I can sum my life up in quotes. These are my favorite #girlboss motivation quotes.

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