National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Peachies! We all love a good love story, one where the Princess meets her Prince, they fall in love adopt a puppy and then they become a family of four (because the Bride had a son when they got married). So in honor of this magical day I'm sharing my real life Fairy Tale with you.

My hubby & I met sixteen years ago. He was my best friend for thirteen of those years before we even dated. Everyone says we have such a romantic story because we were best friends for thirteen years before we even dated. He always treated me with respect and never once let on that he liked me in any other way and I was content with that. He was married and I respected that but he was always my go to guy when I was having trouble in other relationships. Life threw us for a curve 3 years and some months ago and brought us to where we are now. Which is pure love and chaos but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the entire universe. We're currently raising a teenage boy together and chasing around a 12 week old puppy all while planning our next move for the future and to be honest, there's no one else I'd rather do life with. He is strong when i am weak, he's calm when I am chaos, he's the one singing Bob Marley's Every Little Thing in my ear when i'm breaking down. He's so much more than my husband. He's the glue that holds me together. He's the sprinkles on my cupcake. Basically he's everything y'all. And since our love story makes many appearances on the blog, here are all the mushy gushy posts.

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If i'm being honest here i'm not one to give marriage advice. I've only been married for five months. I definitely don't have it all figured out. I'm not full of knowledge or advice on this topic. Even when my 50 year anniversary rolls around I probably won't be full of advice or knowledge. I hope that I have gained enough experience in this area of life to help my kids along the way but don't be looking for marriage posts on the blog. I feel strongly about marriage. If I got tattoos i'd tattoo my vows on myself somewhere but since I don't, they're inked on my heart for all of eternity.

When the preacher said this verse from the Bible Mark 10:6-9
"But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” I remember taking a long, deep breath in and trying not to let the tears flow. This is what I whole heartedly believe.

Most days I feel like i'm rocking this wife thing & like everything in life, some days, I wonder if i'm doing alright.

Five months ago I stood barefoot in the sand and said "I Do" to my best friend of thirteen years.
Somedays I find myself aching to be back on that beach, completely lost in that moment. I long for that feeling, that moment. The moment when life slowed down and people came from all over to celebrate us. There were no distractions. No work, no phone calls from work, nothing but us. That's the part I miss about the wedding, actually. There were no distractions.

We chose the song You & I (Nobody in the World) by John Legend as our first dance song. I had no idea just how poignant those lyrics would be.

All of the stars you make them shine like they were ours
Ain't nobody in the world but you and I
You and I
Ain't nobody in the world

In that moment it felt as if we truly were the only people on the whole beach.
I was slightly aware of everyone standing around us talking and taking pictures but it felt as if we were in a dream.

The pictures of our first dance are blurry and i'm okay with that. Our professional photographer left with the wedding planners after the ceremony. It was dark and the photos turned out that way. In my opinion, they're perfectly imperfect. Like I try to live my life. In some way I feel like the blurry pictures are indicative of that moment for me. The moment when everything felt like a blur. I truly feel like that moment was one of the most special of my entire life.

And for the rest of my life that moment is tattooed on my heart. I am forever changed by it.
It was the beginning of the next chapter of my fairy tale.

Fairy Tales are true Peachies. Sometimes you have to create them yourselves but if you just believe, they will come true.

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