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Hi Peachies! I hope you're all having a wonderful week. The sun is shining and it's warming up here so i'm one happy girl. I've decided that I'm a summer girl for may reasons, one being my skin looks so much better in summer. All winter I've battled super dry, irritated skin mostly on my face. It makes life hard, not just because it looks bad but because it also gets inflamed and hurts. Applying make-up has been difficult. There have been days when I just couldn't but i've found a solution that works under my make up.

Here are my favorite facial products to combat dry skin and help my make up go on more smoothly.

Apricot Kernel Oil
I bought this to use as a carrier oil with my essential oils but it is for dry skin.
It's a natural skin care oil with Vitamin E.
I apply this with a cotton ball after I get out of the shower so it has time to absorb before I put my make up on.

NYX Tea Tree
Tea Tree Oil is really good for the skin, too so this one is really good for dry skin, too.
It's a primer that reduces the look of skin imperfections.
Basically it's a miracle in a green bottle.
I put it on before I get ready to do my make up.

BareMinerals Prime Time
This is my favorite primer of all time.
It's not oily at all. It goes on super smooth and keeps my make up in place.
It's the last thing I apply before doing my make up.

These three products are my daily pre-make up face routine. I'm not sure I can live without them now.
They're my secret to combatting dry, wintery skin and covering the redness and dark circles this season seems to leave me with.
They're my miracles in a bottle.

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