Happy Birthday.

Hey Peachies! Today is a very special day! Thirty Four years ago today a baby girl came into this world and changed lives everywhere. She was full of blonde hair and spunk and the only thing that has changed in 34 years is that she has brown hair. She's still full of spunk and attitude. She's the queen eye roller and champion of naps. She loves hard and has a heart of gold. She's feisty and sweet and just wants to love Jesus, drink coffee and save all the animals.

This girl is me!

My husband and my mom asked me what I want to do to celebrate my birthday. My only response was that I want a mani/pedi and to stay home and relax. My hubby is getting off at one today and we're going to see my parents then we're ordering dinner from O'Charley's, bringing it home and spending the evening hanging out with our human child and our fur baby. In all honesty, that sounds like the perfect evening to me! My mom is baking me a cheesecake and she may cook dinner for us all tomorrow night. Tomorrow i'll probably go get that mani/pedi.

I like to drag my birthdays out but the older I get, the less they become about going out partying. They become more about taking the time to relax and spend time with those whom I love the most.

Here's how my morning has been so far.

Awww, Mom. I don't want to get up. #willowsoto #willowthemastiff #mastiffpuppy #mastiffsofinstagram

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Birthday Breakfast of Champions. #happybirthdaytome #sweet34 #almostavalentinesbaby

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My morning has been pretty incredible so far. Of course my day will only be getting better but it's pretty hard to be sad when you're this blessed. My facebook page has been blowing up with birthday wishes and continues to do so as we speak.

P.S.-That sweet puppy face. She is my Birthday/Valentine's present from my hubby.

So, y'all already know that i'm spending my birthday exactly how I want to but here's my dream birthday scenario.

1. Wake up in the Marriott in Kauai by my sweet hubby and enjoying an amazing breakfast in bed. Fruit, croissants, and Kauai coffee.

(Somehow all my family, friends, and even our Willow would be here in Kauai with us)

2. Spend the day walking on the beach, playing in the sand, and the sunshine with only our family and friends and puppies.

3. Get dressed around 3 and go shopping in the cute little towns we visited on our honeymoon (dogs and all) And since this is my fantasy
and money is no big thing, we'd buy everything we wanted. Every. Little. Thing.

4. We'd go on a sunset hot air balloon ride over the island. So romantic, right?

5. Then we'd go to a Luau for dinner.

6. After dinner my husband would hand me a small box. Inside would be the key to our new Hawaiian beach home.
One of those big beautiful ones we saw that were less than a block away from the beach. One that celebrities probably live in.

7. Then we'd live happily ever after on the island of Kauai, surrounded by our family and friends.
I'd Blog, Snap and Instagram my incredible pictures everyday!

That's my ultimate birthday dream!!!

What's your ultimate birthday dream?

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  1. i am a bit jealous of your dinner from O'Charleys. I used to live near one and am now at the other side of the country. They have the best loaded potato soup! Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy belated birthday, dear girl!!!! <3 I hope you had a blast!


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