February Goals

Hi Friends! I can't believe that we're officially into February. Aside from the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas, this is my favorite month of the year because it's birthday month. Of course it's Valentine's Day, too but my birthday is just two days before the day of love so it's a month filled with celebration. My husband's birthday just happens to be 12 days after mine, too so we love it up and celebrate hard this month.

Before we jump into all things love and celebration I want to share a re-cap of January's goals and my goals for February. I think this month's goals will be more intentional than usual and focused on giving and loving myself and others more. So here are January's wins and losses and February's goals.

Favorite Beauty Products Vol. 1

Happy Wednesday Dolls (and guys, if you're out there). I hope you're all having a wonderful day. It's a sunny, beautiful day here. The kind that just fills my heart and soul with such happiness and inspiration and makes me feel all kinds of beautiful.

Winter can be such a downer when it's so cold, dark and gloomy all the time. I don't feel like getting out from under my blankets much less put on make up and "real" clothes but i've really been focusing on my introverted side this year and making myself get out of the house and moving, even when I don't feel like it and it's been a really good thing for my soul. As a result, i've been trying out new make up and beauty products and wanted to share a few of my absolute favorites from this month with you.

Read on to find out what i've been loving this month.

January Target Beauty Box

Happy Tuesday Beauties. I hope you are all doing amazing and enjoying your day so far.

Subscription boxes have taken the world by storm lately. It's easy to say they are one of the trendiest and most coveted things among us ladies but sometimes they're a little pricey. That's why I have fallen in love with the Target Beauty Box (this month's box has sold out but follow the link at the beginning of February to get yours next month). I started getting boxes last year and am kind of obsessed.

Currently + Instagram Inspiration

Hi Friends! Happy Monday. It has been such a long time since i've done a currently post so I thought I would share one today along with some of my favorite Instagram posts from the last couple months so get pour yourself a cup of coffee and get cozy while I share what i've been up to lately.

2018 Reading List

Hi Friends! Happy Friday. I'm so ready for the weekend, it's been our first full week of school since December 18th so i'm struggling, for sure. I'm so ready for a slow weekend full of snuggles, sweat pants, coffee and good books. Of course my son is turning 15 this weekend so there may or may not be tears and celebrating this weekend, too but nothing makes me happier than long, slow weekend mornings followed by afternoons full of celebrations.

Blogger Inspiration Q&A

Inspiration is something we all need help with sometimes as bloggers. I know I do and one of the ways I find inspiration is through reading other's posts and hearing the process behind creating content and how they over come those creative blocks, that's why I am answering some questions about being a blogger and how I find my inspiration. There are also a few questions thrown in there for fun, too so grab a cup of tea or coffee and get cozy while I talk about my creative process, all things social media and my favorite songs.

Sugar Palm Beauty

Winter has officially set in and quiet personally this summer lovin' girl has had enough. A girl can only be cozy and pale for so long before she starts getting those winter blues and dreaming of long days spent at the pool or the beach, getting her tan on. If that's you then, I feel you girl. Since we can’t all be somewhere tropical soaking up the sun, I’ve got the next best thing! Sugar Palm Beauty self tanner. It might not bring the sunshine out but it’ll definitely give your skin that sun kissed, glowy look.

Celebrating Through the Hard Times

It seems like everywhere you turn these days there's bad news starting us in the face with all the natural disasters and acts of violence and terrorism. This world is so full of hatred and darkness and most days it can consume me if I allow it to. I've began to struggle with anxiety in the last year and I contribute it to the ugliness of the world. Sometimes the feelings of anxiety hit me while I'm standing in the middle of the aisle at Target, trying to pick out new make up or a pretty new outfit. Sometimes it hits me while i'm in my car, listening to my favorite music on the way to pick my son up from school. The thing is anxiety shows up when you least expect it and sometimes, for a reason I can't understand.

2018 Vision Board

New Year + fresh starts. That's one of my favorite things about January. There are 365 days to set new goals and bring them to life and as much as I love writing my goals in my new planner, I love vision boards even more. I'm a believer in the more we visualize, write and repeat our goals the more likely we are to follow through with them so after I wrote my 2018 Goals and January Goals posts I knew I wanted to create a vision board to bring this year's goals to life.

January Intentional Goals

Hello there. If you were here yesterday you read my post on setting intentional goals. I'm a little late sharing January's goals but I had to put some thought into them because I wanted to make them truly intentional. Sure, I have my crazy long list of goals for the year but I wanted to make my monthly goals more focused and intentional. I feel like that's the true way to actually achieve anything, through baby steps and being 100% honest and realistic.

Cultivated Goals

Hi Friends. Happy New Year! Are you ready for the hustle of the new year to begin? There's something so refreshing about this time of year. Something I absolutely adore because I am reminded to just be still and enjoy the season I'm in while I focus on goals and dreams I want to chase in the new year. I don't just like setting typical goals like lose 10 pounds, I like to set intentional goals. Typical goals like loosing 10 pounds are great but they're the kind of things I loose interest in when i'm not seeing fast results, that's why I like setting more intentional goals that are a great base to build off of.

Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! It's been 3 months since i've written an Oh Hey, Friday! post. To be honest, I debated even starting them up again but ultimately I decided to because it's my favorite way to share little snippets of what's happening in my world, on my blog and on the blogs I love to follow so here we are. I'm refreshed and ready to bring a little light hearted fun into Friday so get cozy while I share with you my first Oh Hey, Friday! post of the year.

Coffee Chat vol. 1

Happy Monday Dolls. I'm so happy you're here with me this morning. I know Mondays aren't our favorite days but it makes it a little easier to bear with friends so grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with me for a coffee date.

*Bonus if you are in pajamas or sweats with your hair in a messy bun because that's what I want this space to feel like; cozy dates with girlfriends in sweats and messy buns while we spill open the inner most parts of our hearts.*

2018 Word of the Year + Affirmations

Hi there.

I just love beginnings; beginnings of new years, new days, new weeks, new months. They all hold so much possibility and that really makes my heart happy. I'm a dreamer, a hopeless optimist and a lover of all the things. I choose to see the bright side of everything and rely on my faith far too often.

When I was in my early twenties I did one of those silly name tests where you take the first letter of your name and the color shirt you're wearing (or something equally as random and silly) and you get a new name based off of them. My name was Princess Head in the Clouds and it was true. It's still true 15 years later. It's just who I am and I love it.