Coffee Chat vol. 1

Happy Monday Dolls. I'm so happy you're here with me this morning. I know Mondays aren't our favorite days but it makes it a little easier to bear with friends so grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with me for a coffee date.

*Bonus if you are in pajamas or sweats with your hair in a messy bun because that's what I want this space to feel like; cozy dates with girlfriends in sweats and messy buns while we spill open the inner most parts of our hearts.*

If you and I were on a coffee date...

We would be snuggled up on my couch with fuzzy blankets and my sweet Willow and Chance. They both love slow mornings and lots of snuggles, like their mama. I would be drinking Donut Shop Original coffee with Coldstone Sweet Cream creamer. I would show you our selection of coffees and creamers and offer you a cute mug. We take our coffee seriously around here. Then I would offer you a blanket to get cozy with while we sat around and chatted about all the things on our hearts and minds.

I would tell you...

Christmas was pretty incredible this year. It was our first year in our new house so we really enjoyed waking up Christmas morning and sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents. We went to my brother and sister in law's for lunch and enjoyed lots of laughs with them and our nephew then we went to my parent's house and spent the evening with them. We surprised my Dad with a ping pong table-it's been enjoyed by everyone. I had a very blogger Christmas this year because I got my new Simplified Planner, an Instax camera, a light box and lots of other blogger gifts. It was a magical day and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Our NYE was pretty un-eventful. We don't get out in the crowds and party so we spent a low key evening at home watching the ball drop then we watched our neighbors shooting off fireworks from our dining room. My hubby and I did grab a blanket and wrap up together on the porch to watch neighbors on the other side of us beautiful fireworks light up the sky. That was my favorite part of the night. It's actually the favorite part of any night.

The new year has inspired me so much because it has really light a fire in me to make this little space of mine something more this year. We're only a week in and i've already created a business page on Facebook for Peaches & Willow, created a group Pinterest board for all of my blogging friends to share their posts, been approached by two companies about collaborations, sealed the deal on two collaborations (both found me!!), posted two blog posts, and pitched to a few affiliates.

I'm so obsessed with blogging that it's all I want to do right now but i'm trying hard not to let myself get too many things started at once because I don't want to get burned out or run out of content too fast.

I've also started back my Coffee and Goals group on Facebook and my recipe swap. If you like to set goals and find support as you work through them then the coffee and goals group is for you. If you are always looking for new recipes to share and enjoy sharing your favorite recipes then the recipe swap is the group for you! Both are open to contributors so let me know if you are interested.

The temps are brutal cold here in Georgia with an impending ice/snow storm threatening to hit. This will be the second snow in the last month and a half. We're in Georgia where it never snows so can someone make it stop already? I miss the sunshine and 70 degree weather. Actually I miss 80 degree pool days. Someone remind me of this when i'm complaining in the summer because it's 90.

I am on a journey to change my entire lifestyle when it comes to working out and eating healthier. This girl loves her fruits and veggies and I haven't had nearly enough of them lately so i'm back to tracking my food intake on my Fitness Pal app and tracking sleep, water in take and steps on my new Kate Spade + Fossil fitness tracker (P.S.-That was the best deal of the entire Christmas season. My Mom scored it for me!)

I have lots of new and exciting things planned for this year so I hope you stay tuned and join me for all the fun and exciting things.

What's something that's exciting you about 2018?


  1. I'm still a little in 2017. I'm in a grateful state, appreciating everything that happened last year. Usually I have to get over this state to be able to start rumble.

    1. Hi Oana. Thank you for stopping by and leaving some love. Being in a grateful state is a wonderful thing. I feel like it's something we all need to be more intentional about. It's a wonderful feeling that you are still stuck in that state from 2017. Cheers to making 2018 just as wonderful!

  2. Yay! I love coffee dates :) I'm totally in sweats and a messy bun right now lol and it's almost noon! I am so excited for all of your content this year. Congratulations on your collaborations :) It always gives us that extra push to keep moving forward and bringing out new content. Both Holidays were pretty quiet here as well. We went to my parents on Christmas and met up with my sisters and their families there, and stayed in n New Years. I don't like crowds either. Much success to you this year love! Can't wait to see more <3

    1. Hi Melissa! Aren't coffee dates the best, especially ones where you can be in your sweats with a messy bun? We all rush through life at lightning speeds, sometimes it's nice to slow down and catch up with a girlfriend who doesn't care what you look like at the moment. I am so happy that you're excited about all my content this year. You are always so sweet and supportive, always cheering me on. I've been dropping a few sneaks into the collabs I have coming up on IG Stories so be sure to check them out.

      I'm happy to hear your holidays were so relaxed and happy. Cheers to you and all your success and ventures this year, too! Happy 2018!

  3. We might go to the Philippines for my 25 birthday! Excited to see what's to come for you.

    1. Hi Sweet Friend! I hope you get to take that trip to the Philippines for your birthday. That would be the best birthday ever! Best of luck to everything 2018 has in store!


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