Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! It's been 3 months since i've written an Oh Hey, Friday! post. To be honest, I debated even starting them up again but ultimately I decided to because it's my favorite way to share little snippets of what's happening in my world, on my blog and on the blogs I love to follow so here we are. I'm refreshed and ready to bring a little light hearted fun into Friday so get cozy while I share with you my first Oh Hey, Friday! post of the year.

Good Week/Bad Week

Good Week-We ended up with a three day weekend because school was cancelled because of snow and ice that was supposed to move in in the early morning hours on Monday. We awakened to nothing, in fact, all it did was rain a little bit off and on through out the day but that was more than okay with us because my son and I had an extra day at home and I got a lot done.

Bad Week-Rain. Rain. all the rain. I am so over it. This southern girl needs sunshine and lots of it and lately we aren't getting any. I can't really explain it but I get so down and grumpy when all it does is rain. I'm watching two web cams of two different beaches right now in hopes of seeing some sunshine somewhere and cheering up. I wasn't made for gloomy days.

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