February Goals

Hi Friends! I can't believe that we're officially into February. Aside from the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas, this is my favorite month of the year because it's birthday month. Of course it's Valentine's Day, too but my birthday is just two days before the day of love so it's a month filled with celebration. My husband's birthday just happens to be 12 days after mine, too so we love it up and celebrate hard this month.

Before we jump into all things love and celebration I want to share a re-cap of January's goals and my goals for February. I think this month's goals will be more intentional than usual and focused on giving and loving myself and others more. So here are January's wins and losses and February's goals.

January Goals


Finish reading Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection not a win

Work out two days a week not a win

Try one new recipe a week and share about it win. I just haven't posted on the blog about them but I did share them in my InstaStories so i'm calling this one a win.

Find ways to connect with my husband at the end of each day win. I'm learning that some days it's still okay to veg out in front of the t.v. as long as we still interact and have conversations. Other days we find different ways to connect and have fun.

//Social Media//

Grow Instagram to 820 followers not a win but I did gain a few more followers.

Post in my goals group twice a week not a win


Collaborate with one company win. You can read that post here.

Create and write content at least a week in advance win and it's a game changer.

February Goals

Focus on social self care
-Write a love letter to myself
-Take a weekend break from social media
-Say yes to one event and commit to seeing it through
-Go out to breakfast on my own and sit in the cafe to eat

Throw a Galentine's brunch

Have one date day/night with my hubby

Social Media//
Grow relationships with fellow bloggers

Continue growing social media:
Instagram: 809 followers
Peaches & Willow Facebook: 71 followers

Pre-write content for the month
Curate intentional and heart centered posts for March
Collaborate with one company/brand
Start a blog post sharing group for my blogger friends

What are some of your goals for February?

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