•1. Last kiss: My Fiancee before he left for work this morning.

•2. Last phone call: Insurance company.

•3. Last text message: My fiancé. I was asking him where our grill cover is because a bird was building a nest in our grill.

•4. Last song you listened to: The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert

•5. Last time you cried: I'm not sure. Life has been pretty happy lately.

Marry Me.

Marry Me. Let's dance barefoot around our kitchen. In the middle of cooking dinner. For no reason at all. Marry Me. We can drink wine while sitting at our kitchen table. After dinner. While laughing about using a drill as a corkscrew. Marry Me. We can go on breakfast runs in our pajamas. Marry Me. Evening naps in the hammock are always a good idea. Marry Me. Catching Lightning bugs is more fun with someone else. Marry Me. We'll spend nights playing Mario Kart as a family. Marry Me. Life's adventures are better with you. Marry Me. I'll laugh about your packing for vacation a week and a 1/2 early but secretly i'll be glad that you are doing it.

Favorite Things {10}

It's been a while since I've written one of these posts. I still think about what I'm thankful for daily but I haven't written it down lately. I feel like I need to now. I've had a heavy heart these last few days. I feel like I'm falling short in the fiancée/mom department lately but enough about that. Let's focus on the happy.

✦My son. He's the light of my life.

✦My wonderful, amazing, hard working fiancé.

✦Vacation that is just under a month away.

✦My parents. They're the best.

✦All the time my finace, son and I spent together in the evenings last week.

✦Summer break.

✦Sleeping in.

✦Rainy days.


✦Days when I can sit on the couch with my lap top and do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Hello Heart.

Hello Heart.

Hello Heavy Heart.

Hello things I can't talk about. Things that hurt.

Hello doubt.

Hello feelings of insignificance.

Hello weather that is mimicking my mood.

Hello to being a mother.

Hello to being a wifey.

Hello laundry piling up.

Hello I don't care.

Hello to desperately needing me time.

Hello God. I've needed you a lot lately.

Hello to being human and not having it all together every day of the week. 24/7/356.

Hello Hope.

Hello Faith.

Hello Love.

Hello Forgiveness.

Sunshine in my Soul

It's a cloudy, on the verge of stormy day today. Usually I want to snuggle on the couch on days like this but Dylan wanted to swim so I went out to watch him and it was good for my soul. That boy can make me laugh. He's full of spunk and pure silliness. He was dancing around the pool, singing and being goofy.

It reminded me that it's good to step outside, get some fresh air and break routine sometimes. I feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on what may come. I love that kid. I thank God for giving him to me. He's the balance that I need in life a lot of times.