On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! Happy Wednesday! Does anyone else feel like they have a Thanksgiving hangover? I'm so exhausted and having such a hard time getting motivated to get anything done but all of our Christmas decor is out, so there's a win! You know what else is a win? On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

This week I'm confessing...

I Confess today is my daddy's birthday. He's one of my favorite humans in the world.
I'm so happy we get to go have dinner with he and my mom tonight.

I Confess today is our Willow pup's first birthday, too!
She'll be getting lots of treats and a couple gifts later.

I Confess I'm running off fumes and coffee this week.
Unfortunately, there's not enough coffee in the world.

I Confess my cute new glitter Christmas mug does help a little though.
Check it out on Instagram.

I Confess the laundry just won't quit.
I've done six loads in two days and I'm no where near done.
Anyone want to come do it for me?

I Confess all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with my tree lit and watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

I Confess I'm obsessed with Limited Edition Swamp Queen Tarte Palette.
It's at the top of my Christmas Wish list.

I Confess I'm pretty obsessed with my blog and interacting in my Instagram pods and Pinterest group boards.

I Confess I'm ecstatic for the I Love Lucy Christmas special on Friday night.

I Confess it's been raining here in Georgia for most of this week.
Usually the rain makes me so grumpy but since it hasn't rained here for 45 days, I'm loving it!

I Confess I haven't even started Christmas shopping.

I Confess I love seeing all the pretty lights lighting our street up this time of year.

I Confess i've never watched Gilmore Girls but I'm wanting to watch the reunion.
I'm wondering if I should just start from the beginning and binge watch them all?!?

I Confess the best feeling in the world is taking off my bra and make up at the end of the day.

I Confess my favorite $5 earrings my hubby bought me when we first started dating (don't worry, he's not cheap.
I picked them out and wanted them so he bought them for me) broke after 4 years of my wearing them daily.
I couldn't deal so I bought a similar pair on Etsy today. I can't wait to get that happy mail.

I Confess I want to be a #girlboss but I need a nap more.

So loves, those are my confessions this week.
What do you want to confess?

Christmas Shop Small {Mobsession}

Hello lovely Peachies! Happy Tuesday. Is it me or is this already the longest week in the history of forever? I feel like I have a Thanksgiving hangover and I didn't even drink! this girl is livin' off naps, coffee and Jesus right now. Oh, and Black Friday/Shope Small Saturday/Cyber Monday on line window shopping. I'm too exhausted to actually put clothes on and go shopping so if you are anything like me and have zero motivation to actually get out and shop then I have you covered. Every Tuesday and Thursday i'm featuring a small shop or small business owner on the blog; today I get the pleasure of featuring one of my favorite people on the planet, my Aunt and her Etsy shop; Mobsession.

Hello Devon. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a highly motivated, imperfect perfectionist, who is constantly working towards goals and dreams. I am a Mom of 3. My world literally revolves around my children. I am determined to show them that settling is not an option and there are no limits to their goals and dreams.
I love to read. I love to make, create, and re-purpose. I love to teach myself new things, even if I do not like doing it, at least I can say I tried. We are an athletic family. Our boys play soccer. As a family, we are involved in Brazilian Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, and boxing. I am an amateur photographer and have an insane amount of photos on my kids. I am an investigator by nature and have spent the last 18 years working with criminals. I also have a fascination with the Mob and serial killers. At the other end of the spectrum, I love listening to self¬-help and motivational stuff. I am all over the place. I rarely stop going. I am always doing something. I am intense and passionate and always willing to grow and learn more.

How did you pick your Etsy name?
I have always been fascinated with, maybe even a little obsessed with the mob. The mafia lifestyle to me is big, bold, and over the top.
It can be bright and shiny or dark and sinister. The lifestyle and the ties run very deep. I thought Mobsession was fitting.

What inspired you to open your Etsy shop?
This all started as a little hobby for me. I just didn’t like the jewelry I was seeing when I went to shop for something. If I did find something, it just wasn’t quite right. The quality just was not there. I found myself saying “I could totally make that” A LOT. I ended up finding new ways to make things and started making a lot of pieces. After meeting some really awesome talented people, I started selling pieces at some local art studios. Then I decided I would take the plunge into ETSY. I think it is a great way to support those of us who love to share our handmade items. I believe there is a certain amount of mutual respect for ETSY sellers and they want to support those within the ETSY community.

What makes you most excited about owning your shop?
I have a goal to leave the work force, After 18 years of doing the same thing, I am ready to start a new chapter. I am eager to expand on my creativity and be the one to make what others are looking for. I truly believe people are looking for that personal touch.
I do think that can be attained on-line. You can develop a relationship with your shopper and provide them with what it is they are looking for. I try to let my customers know that I want them happy with their item(s). I will try to accommodate them to the absolute best of my ability.

What inspires you to create new products?
When it comes to my creativity and making things for people, I get the most satisfaction out of making something that makes someone feel. When someone says to me that what I have done for them is special to them or it made them tear up because of the meaning behind it, I get the chills. Recently, I did a bullet for a mother and daughter that belonged to Mom’s father who was in WWII. Each piece was specific to what the ladies wanted. Now Mom has something from her Dad that she can wear everyday if she wants and her daughter has something from her Grandfather. It is more than just a piece of jewelry. There is a story and meaning behind it. They may be the same bullet but very different history and meaning to the person wearing them. Of course I love making fun pieces too. I like unique. I like the fact that no 2 pieces are exactly the same. I get excited when someone says they have something that they just do not know what to do with but they want to make into something they can wear or use. The creativity really flies then. It is a challenge I will always accept. The final pieces are always unique. It really is fun to see what they become.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
My favorite piece right now has to be the Unique Etched Bracelet.
It is a very different piece. I had no idea when I started it what it would even become.

>What is your best selling item in your shop?

The wrap bracelets have been a favorite. They are great for stacking.
They wear well and they are easy to dress up or to wear everyday.

Can you share any sneak peaks of items coming soon?
I am trying to add new things all the time. I am adding more essential oil jewelry.

Do you have any special promotions currently?
I will be running a free shipping on orders of $30 or more for the holidays.

Y'all. My Aunt is truly one of the most inspiring women I know. She's not kidding when she says she never stops going. She's always doing something and it amazes me. When we were together this summer (she and her family live in Illinois, we live in Georgia) I got to see just how she balances it all and it truly inspired me. I saw the process of how she makes her jewelry, I even have a few pieces of my own. It really fascinates me to see how creative business owners work so seeing her at work taught me so much. I even learned how to balance my own creative ventures with all my daily chores. Sometimes I still struggle but spending time working side by side with another creative person really inspired and motivated me. I can also say that the quality of her products really are awesome and you can always contact her if there's a problem with the piece you purchased. Like she said, she does special requests and orders, too so you can't loose with Mobsession so hop on over to her page and buy yourself a special piece of jewelry.

Christmas Shop Small {Perfectly Posh}

Hi Peachies! Happy Black Friday! If you are anything like me, you're snuggled in at home,
looking for all the best internet deals today. I've never been one to go out Black Friday shopping.
It's the day after Thanksgiving, I'm still in a food coma so instead of getting out in the cold and fighting for gifts, i'm snuggled up on the couch in my pajamas with my favorite blanket, my lap top, my Willow pup, Hallmark Christmas movies and a cup of coffee.

But today I have your Black Friday shopping covered because today is Christmas Shop Small with Kristen from Perfectly Posh so grab a cup of coffee, get cozy and join Kristen & I for some girl talk and stay tuned for a promotion.

Are you cozy now?

Hello Kristen Ali. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hey! I am a stay at home mom with 2 little boys Ezekiel, and Levi! I have grown up in the South Dallas area of Texas but have lots of dreams of traveling the world! My husband and I are involved in Ministry and love sharing the love of Jesus to others.

What inspired you to become a part of the Perfectly Posh community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
I actually heard of Posh through a friend, and only tried it because they had something that they recommended to help with eczema, which my son had been suffering from, so I gave it a try and fell in love! I knew that I would be a lifelong customer so figured why not at least make commission off of my own sales so I joined! From there it just grew to be something I never imagined!!

What does the Perfectly Posh company stand for and what does it mean to you?
We are huge on pampering, and the fact that YOU deserve it!! Even though some of our products can help certain conditions that is not what we are all about, we are not a pharmacy, we are a pampering company! We offer naturally based products that are all under $25, and make you feel refreshed, and rejuvenated! As a mom, to me it helps me remember that I deserve to take care of myself, and I deserve GOOD products, not just something off of the shelf full of ingredients I have no clue about. We spend so much time focusing on others, and taking care of others, but we deserve time to pamper ourselves as well!

What makes you most excited about selling Perfectly Posh?
I think the most exciting thing is just being able to share these amazing products that I have found! I get to see people se excited about their order, and taking more time for themselves! Our products are full of natural butters and essential oils, all for under $25! Thats pretty
un heard of so I like to be the one to get to tell people about it!

If you could only use product from Perfectly Posh for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
Oh, that is a hard one to answer…… Well the product I first fell in love with was the Healer stick for my sons eczema, but it is also used for SO many other things, and is so versatile that I would probably choose it! I honestly can't pick just one though, I have gotten hooked on our skincare and can never go back to walmart cleansers and moisturizers now!

What is your best selling item?
My best selling item is probably our Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes! They make perfect gifts, and are the perfect size for your purse, so they are pretty popular! They are also non greasy, and smell amazing! We have 8 different scents to pick from so we have something for everyone!

What is your favorite thing about the Perfectly Posh, as a whole?
As a whole I love the way that the company empowers us to be bold, and have fun! We seriously have a community of support from our team members and home office staff! Our company is such a fun company, and so down to earth. At the same point, our CEO and founder are involved every day; sharing tips with us, shouting us out, and challenging us to do our best. I have met them personally several times and I don’t feel like they are someone I can’t talk to, but someone who is right there with me cheering me on!

How can all our readers see all the Perfectly Posh products?
You can see all of our products at my website: http://poshykris.po.sh You can also join my VIP group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poshykris/ where I share all of our current sales, specials, and giveaways!
I would love to help you find the products that are best for you!

Are there any special Perfectly Posh promotions currently?
We always have a Buy 5 get 1 FREE promotion going on, so when you add 6 products to your cart the lowest priced item will be marked to $0!
This promotion does exclude our $4 lip balms, and retired items. We also have a different featured item on sale every week!

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
YES! I basically run my whole business off of parties, and past customers re ordering! I mainly do parties through Facebook, so I would set up an event on Facebook and post some things about the products, and ingredients, and then I would invite you, and you would invite your friends and family that you think would be interested! I offer free samples, do giveaways, and share about our products daily, the average party is 5 days long! You, as the host, would earn perks points (product credit) for every order placed through your party! It is lots of fun, and you have to opportunity to earn a lot of credit for products that you want! Let me know if any of you would like to host a party with me, it is FREE to host!

Y'all, I have used a few Perfectly Posh products from Kristen and loved them. The Calling All Fairies and Day To Night Moisturizer are my favorites! You can not go wrong with Perfectly Posh products so hop on over to Kristen's FB group and Perfectly Posh page and order yourself, I mean your family and friends, some Christmas gifts!

November Guys Behind the Blog

Hey Ya'll! Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure everyone is super busy today but I wanted to take just a minute to post today's Guys Behind the Blog.
My husband & I have been having so much fun doing these Q&A sessions together.
We laugh and talk so much when we're doing these.
He's rallying to get more questions, y'all!

I'm going to make this quick today so without further ado here's our November Guys Behind the Blog Q&A session.

1.) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What is your least favorite?
A: That's a really tough one because I kinda like them all.
If I had to pick one favorite I guess i'd pick the dressing.
I don't really have a least favorite.

*That's because his parents, my parents and I are all really good cooks so compliments to the chef*.

2.) What is a Thanksgiving tradition you liked growing up that you want to continue with your family? For example: Do you eat super early around 3pm or regular dinner time around 6pm? Do you watch football? Do you all go to a particular family member's house? Do you nap after the big meal?

A:We put a pound of bacon on the turkey.
Me: You did that as a child?
A: Yeah! That's how I learned it. But it can't be just any bacon.
It has to be the criss crossed pattern like on a pie.

*Ya'll, he's in charge of our turkey now and he makes it perfectly.*
And the bacon, that's a tradition his mama started when he was young so now that we're in charge of Thanksgiving he continues that tradition and I can not tell you how good our turkey is.
That bacon really just puts it over the edge on the flavor scale!

3.) What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? Yay or nay?
A: Stay away.
{he worked retail for years so Black Friday is a scary thing for him. I really don't get the appeal of fighting a bunch of people for things that are on sale. They'll either be on sale when I buy them or they won't. I just don't feel like getting beat up over some silly gift.}

4.) If you had it your way, would you set up your holiday decorations (Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, etc.) before or after Thanksgiving?
A: You know that answer. There's not a holiday decoration that goes up until I have a turkey.
*But the day after Thanksgiving we do always get our Christmas tree from our local Farmer's Table.*
Shop local y'all!

5.) What are you most thankful for this year?
A: My family. What else would I be thankful for? What more does a man need?

Then he proceeds with "that's it? Y'all need more questions!" I'm not kidding about that.
He really does want more.
Later tonight, after you're all stuffed from turkey and all the fixins, I'd love y'all to ask your significant other these questions and put the answers in the comments.

On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! Happy Wednesday! We're one day away from Thanksgiving y'all and I could not be happier! I'm ready for Thanksgiving morning coffee and snuggles with my sweet hubby and endless food and sweets all day long. You know what else makes me happy? On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

This week I'm confessing...

I Confess not having to wake up to an alarm clock is the most glorious feeling in the world.
Give me all the puppy snuggles in bed, under a mountain of blankets all morning long!

I Confess I'm already making an apple pie and an oreo cheesecake for Thanksgiving but I'm worried that I won't get any pecan pie at our second Thanksgiving dinner.
Would it be wrong to make a third pie; a pecan pie so I can have it all? #caloriesdontscountonthanksgiving

I Confess tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm ready to bring on the stretch pants and gobble til I wobble.

I Confess I'm trying to find the Bubble & Charm line of body products that Target sells.
Our Target put it all on clearance and now it's gone. I found it on Amazon but the prices are ridiculous.

I Confess I'm feeling like a #girlboss for getting three blog posts for the week done on Sunday.

I Confess I'm obsessed with Monday's Ladies Stocking Stuffers post.

I Confess we went to my brother and sister in laws house on Saturday and my brother gave my son a ton of clothes. That made this mama of an ever growing teenage boy super happy!

I Confess I finally watched Finding Dory with my sister in law on Saturday and it was everything I thought it would be and so much more. It's my new favorite movie. #obsessed

I Confess I can't get the song "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas" out of my head.

I Confess I'm obsessed with Pinterest again. I've joined a couple group boards and am really loving networking this way.

I Confess I'm so ready to take the pumpkin decor down and put up my Christmas decorations.
I've already been watching Hallmark Christmas movies and listening to Kacey Musgrave's A Very Kacey Christmas album.

I Confess I'm loving my NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow palette from my Mug Swap partner.

I Confess I'm obsessed with blankets. I pretty much collect/hoard them. My new favorite is my $15 Dollar General find. I'm not too proud y'all!

I Confess Lady Gaga's new album, Joanne, is pretty much my jam lately.

I Confess i'm also obsessed with the Lady Gang podcast. Go check them out and be prepared for laughter and endless me too moments!

So those are my confessions. Share yours in the comments and have a Happy Wednesday loves!

Christmas Shop Small {Thirty-One}

Hi Peachies! I'm so excited because it's Thanksgiving week. Y'all, I love this time of year so much. I love the traditions and creating new memories. I love the cozyness and togetherness. I love the food and I absolutely love the presents. By now y'all know my love of Christmas and my passion for supporting small businesses and if you've been around here a while then you know I've combined the two for a special feature called Christmas Shop Small. I've featured four lovely ladies and their small businesses. I've had Lisa with Showered With Design, Brittney with Younique, Sonseeharay with Sonday Morning Cakes & Specialty Items and Christy with Rodan + Fields. Today we're sharing some girl talk with the sweet Carolyn about her ventures with Thirty-One Gifts so grab a mug of coffee and get cozy with us.

Hey Carolyn. Welcome to my blog sweet blog. I'm so happy to have you here so we can learn about Thirty-One. Let's jump in!

What inspired you to become a part of the 31 community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
I had never sold anything when I decided to join 31. I loved the product and was searching for some additional income to help pay for infertility treatments and adoption options when I started Thirty-One. It changed my life. Bags, Personalization and being with other woman fit my personality. I loved how they built others up with the products and being associated with the company in any role you have. They laid out every step to get me started, rewarded me for everything I accomplished and encouraged me to reach for the next step. I am blessed to be a Thirty-One Gifts Senior Director with a team of ladies that I get to return the blessings to and help them start their businesses.

What does the 31 company stand for and what does it mean to you?
The motto of the company is Celebrate, Encourage and Reward Woman. How awesome is that? It has given me a positive purpose in life. I get to associate with other positive woman in an environment that brings people together for good. Encouraging young girls and woman to be better in life is a main goal with our Thirty-One Gives Foundation.

What makes you most excited about selling 31?
The people I get to associate with. HANDS DOWN. I love my customers, hostesses, team members, and my leaders. I never imagined 7 yrs ago I would gain a world of confidence in myself and friendships of women from all over the country. I get to be a national recruiter, sales person, in serve in an upper leadership role and provide a full time income with the purchase of that $99.00 kit.

If you could only use one piece of 31 for the rest of your life, which product would it be?
Our large utility. There are so many uses I can not just name one. I use it every day. One stays in my car, in each of our closets, in the pantry, in the garage, etc etc etc

What is your best selling item?
The top 3 that come to my mind are the Lunch thermal tote, the zip top organizing utility tote and the large utility.

What is your favorite thing about the 31 products, as a whole?
The quality! We have a 90 day guarantee on all of products you purchase.

31 products are very versatile. Can you share one product and all the ways you can think of to use it?
Our Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote is a great versatile bag. I have seen them used as diaper bags, teacher bags, gym bags, traveling toiletry bags, purses, work tote, gardening tool bag, and a mobile office. The outside pockets, long handles and the zipper closure make it easy to fit any lifestyle need.

How can all our lovely readers see all the beautiful 31 products?
You can check out our current catalog, monthly specials and promotions on my website- www.bagsbycarolyn.com

Are there any special 31 promotions currently?
We run monthly customer and hostess specials. For November when you spend $35.00 you can get our large zipper pouch for 5.00 or our Zip top Utility Tote for $10.00

** As a special for the blog readers-Contact me to order and mention this blog and you will get FREE shipping **

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
Carolyn Champion 678-697-5478 www.bagsbycarolyn.com or carolyns31gifts@yahoo.com

Ladies, I can tell y'all that Carolyn really is the sweetest. She's my personal thirty one consultant and I can't say enough nice things about her. She's incredible at what she does. I'm also in love with the thirty one brand. I have several large utility totes, that's hands down my favorite product. We use them for grocery shopping, taking food to and from get togethers, as a beach bag. You name it!! I also have this Midway Hobo that I love. Honestly I have so may thirty one bags that I'd have to do a separate blog post just to show you all of them. I'm totally down for that if you're interested.

So ladies, if you're looking for a gift for anyone on your list;
men included check out Carolyn's Thirty-One catalog.
Share in the comments below one thing off your Thirty-One wish list.

Ladies Stocking Stuffers

Hi Peachies! Can you believe that the count down to Christmas is on? I wasn't going to post anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving but then I realized the amount of posts I wanted to publish on my favorite holiday ever and realized that there's no better time than now to start sharing the holiday happiness.

Gift guides are some of my favorite posts because I always find the prettiest items to add to my wish list or to buy for someone else. Since my family has always started with stockings on Christmas morning, I thought I would start this gift guide off with the best ladies stocking stuffers I could find. So get ready for all the girly, pink, make up products your heart can hold. I'm sure some if it will make its way to your wish list, too.

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff//OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Mini Set//Macaroon Bake Shop Bath Fizzers//Rose Gold USB Charger//Elora Bow Gloves//Ginger Snaps Furry Pom Beanie//Pink Cashmere Travel Set//Beauty Rush Minty Shine//Stephanie May Wilson's The Lipstick Gospel//Twisted Peppermint Mini Candle//Glittery Sprinkles Wallet//State Glitter Chip Clips//Oats & Raspberry Coffee Sleeve

Oh, y'all! It's so hard not to add every single one of these items to my shopping cart. I'm dreaming of a stocking filled with all these pretty products. So share with me, what's on your stocking stuffer wish list?!?

What I've Learned As A Newlywed.

Oh you guys, today is supposed to be my Oh Hey, Friday! post but I just need to clear my heart and mind instead. I've always said that I won't share marriage advice on my blog, I thought it was pretty lame to talk about a subject i'm not experienced in, after all, I've only been married a year and two months but my aim is to always be true to myself and my readers so I decided to share every raw and real moment with you.

I feel like that moment in Father of the Bride where Steve Martin is talking about his daughter's wedding.

I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition. I know. I've just been through one. Not my own, my daughter's.

My wedding day was the absolute best day of my life, aside from the day my son was born but there are are days I wonder if i'm doing this mom & wife life thing right. Most days I feel like i'm rocking it but every once in a while I question myself and since there are no manuals to either of these roles I fill, I find myself sitting down and writing through my feelings. This morning as I was brushing my teeth, making my coffee, and finishing my son's lunch for school I was frantically scribbling an entry in my journal the entire time. It's not like my marriage is on the rocks or my son is headed for trouble. It's none of that, it's totally a me thing. I want to take it all on and be Wonder Woman in all aspects of my life. I want to do it all and without help. I want a picture perfect, cozy home. I want all the laundry to be done, house to be spotless, blog posts written for an entire week, dinner to be on the stove. I want my husband to come home from work and not have to lift a finger but in reality this never happens. Not because I don't try but because I try too hard yet sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough. I want to be able to pour my heart and soul into taking care of my husband and son's every needs and keeping the house clean and dinner cooked every night. I want to pour my heart and soul into blogging and blossoming friendships; both on line and in real life and I want to chase my dreams, too.

My marriage isn't in trouble, my child isn't in trouble but I'll confess that being a wife and mom are equally the hardest and happiest roles I'll ever have in my life. They say "if you want to know where your heart is; look where your mind wanders." My mind wanders to the two loves of my life when we aren't together. I wonder what class my son is in now? Who is he talking to? Is he laughing? Did his chicken noodle soup stay warm for lunch today? I wonder if my husband is in his office or is he at a doctor's practice? I wonder what he's having for lunch? I miss not being able to pack his lunch for him. I wonder if he and his friend slipped off to REI on their lunch break? That's where my mind wanders when we aren't together so I think it's safe to say, that's where my heart is. That's why I do what I do. Why I sacrifice the things I do with nothing but heart, soul, and love. I want to make sure that they know I care enough to make sure they have clean clothes, a ride where they need to go, a warm meal on the table every night, fresh sheets on the bed, & a clean house to share memories in. One day I hope my family looks back and realizes that I was always there for them and my job was them and never once did I regret it. I wake up every morning and start on the chores that need to be done and often times I don't quit until my head hits the pillows. I think most wives and moms can relate.

Last night I spent a good part of the night fighting back the tears away all because my husband said not to get him anything for Christmas.
Christmas is my favorite holiday ever and it holds more meaning since we started dating and got engaged around Christmas. My reply back to him was, "fine, don't get me anything either." Of course he said he was going to and of course we will still celebrate and I will get him something, too but my heart was absolutely crushed at the thought of not celebrating. Now, we can blame these emotions on Aunt Flo. I really wish God would allow me to get pregnant or I could just loose her altogether. She makes me one moody girl and I don't even like myself when she's in town so God bless my poor husband for putting up with me while she makes her monthly trip.

The thing I learned through this little emotional outburst is this: marriage is hard. It's probably harder than being a mom, if I'm being honest. At least with being a mom you have the excuse "Because i'm the mom, that's why" to use. You can't really use that on your husband though. I like to think that my husband & I have a wonderful, open relationship and are very good at communicating when we disagree.
We talk, we figure it out and we resolve it pretty easily. We have an amazing foundation built on 13 years of pure friendship before we ever dated but that doesn't mean that we don't still have our moments. I, especially, have my moments of being extra sensitive and being nit picky. The thing is, we all deal with it in one way or another. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time. It's hard when you're trying to figure out how to join two lives into one. Sometimes you feel like you're walking on eggshells and trying not to hurt the other person's feelings but that's not how you should approach those raw, emotional moments. Cry, let it out but more importantly, talk it out. I'm definitely no marriage expert but I will share with you the best advice I have. It's this; If I can tell you anything i've learned about marriage, or any relationship really, communication is key. Don't hold on to those moments until they become so pent up in you that you have outbursts at each other. Then the fight over the shoes in the middle of the floor you just vacuumed becomes about something bigger. If you need something from your spouse don't be afraid to say it to him or her.

Marriage isn't just having a sleep over every night with your best friend. It's raw, it's real and it's emotional but there are so many great things about being married, too. Like having a snuggle buddy for life and dancing together in the kitchen while you're cooking dinner. On the weekends it's having him make me that perfect cup of coffee in the mornings and spend the day with me making the most mundane errands a little more fun. We balance each other out; I'm the pink in his camo world, he's the rock & roll in my country world. Together we laugh and grow and raise our tribe. Don't get so caught up walking on eggshells that you miss the small, happy moments.

Christmas Shop Small {Rodan + Fields}

Hi Peachies! Welcome to another Christmas Shop Small feature. Today we're chatting with the always sweet, Christy from Rodan + Fields. Y'all, I had never used R+F until Christy sent me some, now i'm a believer and my wish list just grew even bigger. I mean, just look at this Enhancements Lash Holiday Set! This girl is all about lashes so this gift sounds incredible! Anyone who wants to know what to get me for Christmas; this is it!

So y'all, go grab a glass of coffee or sweet tea, snuggle in and prepare for some girl time with Christy as we learn about Rodan + Fields.

Hi Christy. Welcome to my cozy blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Christy and I am a 30 year old Army wife and stay at home Mama. I live right outside of Nashville, Tennessee with my husband Merritt, (almost) 2 year old daughter Peyton, and our nameless Baby-Girl-To-Be who we will welcome into our family this coming March.

I met my husband at the high school we attended in Georgia. We re-connected at a Christmas party in 2008 and have been together ever since.
At the time, I was attending The University of Georgia and he was in Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.
As I’m sure many military families can relate to, we spent the early years of our relationship living in two separate states.
We are now on our second move and anticipating a third within the next couple of months.
Military life can be quite a challenge, but is immensely rewarding at the same time.

I am a lover of Georgia football, traveling to new places, spending time with my family, boating and being outside.

What products do you sell?
I am proud to sell Rodan + Fields skincare - The #1 Anti-Aging premium skincare in America!

What inspired you to become a part of the Rodan + Fields community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
I fell in love with the products 3 years ago when I first started using the REVERSE Regimen. I had terrible sun damage from a few too many years of not taking care of myself in the sun. Fast forward to 2016. I was still using the products and telling my friends about them… and then sending their business to someone else. When a dear friend of mine shared the business opportunity with me, I knew it was a perfect fit for me and my family. As a military spouse, it can be a challenge to find a career that is forgiving to the constant uncertainty and moves that come with this lifestyle. I was inspired by my friend’s success and knew that I had the potential to be just as successful and that this opportunity would be perfect for our situation.

What does the Rodan + Fields company stand for and what does it mean to you?
The company was established on the principle that living better in your skin means living better in your life. It is such a motivation to truly see how good skin can be life changing . The number of adults living with acne or other embarrassing skin conditions is astounding and the idea that I can potentially help them feel better about themselves is so great! To me, it means the opportunity for me to contribute financially to my family and still be present in my daughter’s life just by sharing the products and business opportunity that I already use and love.

What makes you most excited about selling Rodan + Fields?
Sharing the amazing products and business opportunity with the people in my life! Rodan + Fields has so much to offer. Whether you are simply looking for anti-aging products, a product to give you the eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of or a business opportunity of a lifetime - this is it!

If you could only use one product from Rodan + Fields for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
Yikes! That’s tough. I’m going to go with the microdermabrasion paste. My favorite.
It is a gentle exfoliator that seriously makes your skin feel like silk.
I sometimes want to lather the stuff all over my entire body.

What is your best selling item?
Our best selling item is most definitely our REDEFINE regimen.
It is a comprehensive regimen for the appearance of fine lines, pores and overall firmness.
It is ranked #1 in America for premium Anti-Aging skincare.

What is your favorite thing about the Rodan + Fields, as a whole?
The results! They speak for themselves! I am so confident in this company and their products, but what makes it even better is that R+F offers a 60 day/empty bottle money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

How can all our readers see all the Rodan + Fields products?
You can visit my website: https://teamthomas.myrandf.com
There you will be able to shop skincare and see all of the fabulous products Rodan + Fields has to offer.

Are there any special Rodan + Fields promotions currently?
Yes! Our newest product, Lash Boost, just launched on November 2. It is an eyelash conditioning serum clinically shown to visibly enhance eyelash volume in as little as 4 weeks. Now through January 2, R+F is offering a free REDEFINE Multi-Function mini eye cream and adorable cosmetic bag with the purchase of Lash Boost.

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
With R+F, you do not host parties or keep any inventory in stock.
Your customers simply place their order on your product website and R+F takes care of the logistics from there.
That was one of the most appealing things about this company to me.

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
You can reach me by e-mail at christy.a.thomas2@gmail.com
My contact information is also available on my website: https://teamthomas.myrandf.com

Ladies, I don't know about you but I feel like my thirties have been the time in my life when i've been more focused on skin care. What's not to love about clean, glowing, vibrant skin? i love that healthy glow and feel after i've washed my face really good at night. So run to Christy's website and order yourself some of these amazing products!

Christmas Shop Small {Sonday Morning}

Hi Peachies! I'm glad you're back for another Christmas Shop Small feature. If you've been around a while then you know that Christmas and shopping small are two of my favorite things so I decided to combine the two and feature small shops and businesses on my blog for the holidays.
You can read Lisa from Showered With Desgin's post here & Brittney with Younique's post here. Be sure to check out their lovely boutiques for lots of amazing Christmas gifts for the special girlfriends, sisters and mothers in your life.

Today we have Sonseeharay from Sonday Morning Specialty Cakes & Items sharing some of her delicious desserts and home made body scrubs with us so let's get to her post now.

Hello Sonseeharay. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sure; I am a Natural Health Consultant, Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Cake Decorator who is currently working on a degree in Health and Wellness. I have a passion for spending time with my family, the arts, natural health, and baking.

How did you pick your boutique name?
To be honest, the name just popped into my mind one morning while brainstorming.
I then decided to spell Sunday with an “o” (Sonday) as a play on my name.

What inspired you to open your boutique?
Well like I said before, I have a passion for natural health and baking so I decided to combine the two. I use all natural, wholesome, and [some] organic ingredients to make the healthiest treats for the stomach and skin.

What makes you most excited about owning your shop?
I am an artist at heart and I love being able to not only freely create but to also share my creations with the general public. It’s a really nice feeling to know that people think enough of my creations to want to spend money on them.

What inspires you to create new products?
I really don’t have one set inspiration; I just like to try different flavor and scent combinations.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
Must I pick one item? I love them all…

What is your best selling item in your shop?
Muffins (Pecan Pie muffins and Banana Nut muffins) and Peppermint Patty Hand Scrub

Can you share any sneak peaks of items coming soon?
I will be expanding my Paleo snack line as well as my Bread line (think Cinnamon Chip bread and Cranberry Nut bread).

Do you have any special promotions currently?
Three 4 ounce jars of body scrub for $10.

Can you ship your products?
can ship (paid for by the customer) the scrubs. I'm located in Houston, TX.

Where can our readers find you?
On Facebook Sonday Morning Specialty Cakes

Now that all our mouths are watering and we're dreaming of those incredible body scrubs go treat yourself.
If you are lucky enough to live close enough to her go treat yourself to some of her amazing cakes and sweets.
Dear friend, I'm going to need you to move back to Georgia so I can be your professional taste tester.

Merry Christmas season y'all. Go get your shopping done with all my fabulous ladies.

Monday Coffee Talk

Hi Peachies! Happy Monday loves. I hope you're all feeling inspired and happy today. I know Mondays usually aren't our favorite days but there is something good in everyday. Today I challenge you to find what makes you happy.

Here's some stuff that's made me happy lately.

I have found my blog inspiration again and have been posting like crazy.
Some of my favorite posts i've written lately are Christmas Shop Small {Showered With Design}, Christmas Shop Small {Younique}, & Oh Hey, Friday!

I'm thinking Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie needs to be made.
Thanksgiving dessert perhaps?

I'm wanting to buy these things for myself. NYX Angel Veil, Better Than Sex Mascara, Danielle Fringe Booties, Merry & Bright Sweatshirt, & Pink Leopard Scarf

I got these ColourPop lippies in the mail a couple weeks ago and I'm obsessed!

I went to my sweet friend's new boutique a couple weeks ago and came out of there with some of the cutest clothes ever. I'm obsessed.

I won an Instagram give away loaded with pretty make-up
a couple weeks ago. I've been in heaven ever since.

I've been listening to Kasey Musgraves A Very Kasey Christmas on repeat.
It's safe to say it's my new favorite Christmas album.

I'm obsessed with the Lady Gang Podcast. They're three bubbly, sassy, spunky ladies who get together and chat with celebrities and entrepreneurs. They're so much fun and inspiring. It's like hanging out with your girlfriends.

So there's my little list of happies. Tell me, what's been making you happy lately?

Oh, Hey Friday!

Hi Peachies! Can we all pour a glass of wine and cheers to Friday? I'm so ready for some chillaxin' and blog planning but first it's time for Oh Hey Friday! with the sweet and bubbly Karli from September Farm.

I haven't participated in this link up in so long y'all so I have some super fun things to share.

This picture of my favorite Willow pup melts my heart.
Fall finally showed up here in Georgia and my girl isn't a fan.
You can find her curled up under a blanket at any time of the day.

I have found my new favorite fall outfit.
I've been on a shopping spree lately and have a post on what all i've bought in the works soon.

After a year and two months, I finally got wedding pictures printed out and put into an album and frames. Huge accomplishment! My hubby was so happy this morning when he saw an actual wedding picture in the frame on our dresser instead of the random family that came with the frame.

November's Goals.
Can we talk about the fact that it's now November 11th and I haven't done a goal's post?
No joke, I haven't been sick in four years but November 1st came and BOOM!
I got a severe head cold.
I've just started feeling like myself again this week and that's why I got so far behind in November already.
Anyway, November's Goals are pretty simple because, with the holidays starting I'm already going to have a full plate...

+ Create folders in my gmail inbox and organize all my messages
+ Make Thanksgiving Menu
+ Have all my Thanksgiving food prepped in advanced
+Get family Christmas pictures made
+ Put wedding photos in album
+ Clean car {inside and out}
+ Read one chapter a week in the two books i'm reading
+ Start Christmas shopping
+ Get more active in my group Pinterest boards

Pretty easy. I think I can accomplish all these tasks.

This week I started a Christmas Shoping Small collaboration on my blog. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have such a huge heart for shopping small so I thought i'd combine the two and feature them on my blog.

This week I featured Lisa from Showered With Design and Brittney with Younique.
You can read their posts here and here.

Happy Friday Loves! I hope your weekend is filled with all the happiness and sweetness your heart can hold.

Christmas Shop Small {Younique}

Hi Peachies! Welcome back to another round of Christmas Shopping Small. On Tuesday I launched this collaboration but in case you missed it, i'll give you the story in a nutshell. Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday of all time. Shopping small is very near to my heart so I came up with this collaboration to feature small business owners, etsy owners and sellers of all kinds of amazing products to show them off and help them grow their businesses just in time for the holidays. This time of year we are busy being Santa's elves and shopping for our family and friends. Often times we don't think outside the box for gifts though so hopefully, through this series of posts, you'll find that perfect gift for Grandma, Mom or your best girlfriends.

If you missed Tuesday's post with Lisa from Showered With Design. Be sure to check out her post.

Today we have the sweetest lady sharing her Younique business with us so let's go, Brittney.
b>Hello Brittney. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Brittney Thornock, I was born & raised from a small town in Washington State. I am 23 years old and a newlywed!
I love the outdoors and anything that has to do with nature, life, and learning.

What inspired you to become a part of the Younique community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
So when I first started with Younique, I will admit I wasn't inspired by much, I was just looking to get free make-up for my wedding. That is only because I chose not to pay attention. A few months have passed and I realized what an amazing company Younique really is. A lot of people don't realize that Younique has this huge foundation. Through each purchase we get through one of our websites there is an option to round up your purchase. That donation goes straight to the Younique foundation which is helped countless, beyond countless women, heal from the effects of sexual abuse and that is why I chose to start selling. I just knew that I had to be a part of such an amazing cause because not only was an amazing makeup but they were offering true healing to those who need it and I wanted to be a part of that.

What does the Younique company stand for and what does it mean to you?
As I described above, Younique stands to defend innocence and children b providing the education needed to provide parents with statistics and myths of sexual abuse and how we together can defend the innocence in our children. It also brings healing to those who have already been affected by sexual abuse. To me it means far more than any sale I can receive. It means hope. It means healing. It means freedom. It shows that someone out there has gone through what you may have gone through and there is a strong sisterhood that can develop through healing. That is just an amazing thing to be a part of and to witness.

What makes you most excited about selling Younique?
What excites me the most about selling Younique is when a customer tries on a product that they normally wouldn't go for and they end up falling in love or they look in the mirror and they just gained this confidence that they may not have had in a while. It is truly amazing to help empower, uplift and validate women. Because when you empower, uplift and validate women, you, yourself feel the same way and how could you not be excited about that?

If you could only use product from Younique for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
Well someone call me biased but honestly I love it. I love it all. But if I must choose one product to use for the rest of my life I must say it has to be renew detoxifying facial mask or our new Splash liquid lipstick. For anybody who has any trouble with their skin that is thinking about the facial mask route it is a royal treatment for your skin. You're left feeling refreshed and beautiful so in the end you really do feel like royalty. And with our new Splash liquid lipsticks you cannot help but like the color you put on. I feel so confident with these two products! They are a must have for every lady. Oooo and and the detoxifying mask has many purposes as well and it is hubby approved, so no shame fellas! Get your mask on! 😉

What is your best selling item?
The best selling item I have right now is the detoxifying facial mask! It has been found to have many uses!
It can be used on the bottom of your feet when sick! On your armpits for excessive sweating relief and more!

What is your favorite thing about the Younique, as a whole?
The Sisterhood that comes along with Younique, is truly one-of-a-kind. You start off as strangers, possibly in the same town or even across the world and sooner than you know it it's like you've known them your whole life. We are a group of women who strive everyday to live out our company's mission to uplift, empower and validate women everywhere. It has been made evident, each and every day, that when you join Younique you can't help but grow and blossom into a beautiful woman! It's infectious and beautiful. Another thing that I absolutely love is how welcoming Younique is. I am unable to work outside of the home and I am so thankful to help.

How can all our readers see all the Younique products?

Okay I am very happy that you asked because there is only one way that you can get your hands on our amazing products and that is through a local presenter or a presenter online. You cannot find Younique Products being sold anywhere else except through a legit Younique website which is through a presenter any unique product that is sold on any other website may look cheaper but it's also fake product as well.


Are there any special Younique promotions currently?
There is a promotion going on right now for free shipping on all presenter kits.

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
Yes! you are able to host a party. They can be a virtual 10 day party which I then provide a customized link for you and your party to purchase through or we offer in-home parties as well. For in home parties you are inviting me into your home or office. I bring producSt to share with you and your party. We play some fun games online and at home and you have a chance to win some free stuff, etc. It is so versatile that the options are really up to you! Since you can host as many parties, however you'd like!

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
You can get ahold of me personally through my website at www.youniqueproducts.com/makeupgrace or email me at makeupandgrace@gmail.com

Yay, Brittney. Thank you so much for sharing all about Younique with us. You taught me so much about the brand that I didn't know, like how they help and support battered women and children. I love supporting businesses that donate to and support causes. I think i'm hooked on Younique now. It's time for me to order some more #3D Fiber Lashes.

What product is on your wish list now?

On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! Happy day after the election. I hope you all survived and are holding up after yesterday.
It's the coldest day we've had here so far so i'm snuggled up, blogging and binge watching mindless tv and I could't be happier about that.
These days are my favorites. I crave these days to soothe my soul and recharge.

You know what else soothes my soul and makes me happy? On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

Today I Confess

I Confess I am so glad the elections are over. It really hurts my heart to see people I care about being so mean and hate filled towards each other over this. We're all in this together so we really should rally together and help each other through.

I Confess I'm loving all the beauty and make up products I won from an Instagram contest last week.
A full post is coming soon on that.

I Confess I'm practically living in my leggings now.
I'm especially loving my Simple Addictions leggings.
They're so soft and reasonably priced, too!

I Confess I started a Christmas Shop Small collaboration with friends and family members who have small businesses.
Yesterday was my first post with Lisa from Showered With Design.
I'm so excited to support them and watch their businesses grow!

I Confess I haven't started Christmas shopping this year. I need to get on that soon.

I Confess I'm so ready to start my holiday baking. I can't wait to make cookies and candy with my mom this year.

I Confess I don't even have November's goals thought out. Maybe November's goals are just to keep up with life.

I Confess I'm so excited that it finally feels like fall here!

I Confess I have a fun affiliate in the works for the blog.

I Confess I'm dying to have my family's pictures taken by our barn for Christmas cards. This needs to happen soon!

I Confess I got my ColourPop Out And About
lip set in the mail the other day and I am obsessed! Now I have my eyes set on the Foxy Lip Kit and the Mile High Shadows.

I Confess I am obsessed with my new phone case, too!

So those are my confessions. Share yours with me and have a Happy Wednesday!

Christmas Shop Small {Showered With Design}

Hi Peachies! If there are two things I love it is Christmas and supporting small businesses. I have a very soft spot in my heart for supporting small businesses so this year for the holiday season I had the idea to bring my two loves together so I reached out to all my friends and some Etsy shop owners and came up with the idea to feature them on my blog between now and Christmas.

There are a range of products that will be featured and some of them are even giving away incredible discounts so be sure to stay tuned for that. I'm so excited to get this party started and to help us kick it off today is Lisa from
Showered With Design.

Hello {Lisa}. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Lisa and I started blogging in 2011 over at Showeredwithdesign.blogspot.com. I had NO idea what I was doing or how I wanted my blog to be. So it's mostly my real life, randoms, lifestyle type of blog that I also incorporated design into it! In 2014 I took the plunge and opened up my etsy shop! (www.etsy.com/shop/showeredwithdesign) I started only selling aisle runners and wedding realated items and then incorporated cups, mugs, ring dishes and more and it took off from there! I also have an additional site: showeredwithdesign.com with some boutique-style items! It's still in the works but I cannot wait to show you what's in store! (I also have items on my main site that I do not have in my etsy shop)

How did you pick your Etsy name?
From my blog. I graduated with a BA degree in Graphic Design, so anything art/design related just made sense! I wanted it to be a design blog, but moved more towards lifestyle. Once I get more free time, I want to get back to what I originally wanted to post- Design and DIY projects!

What inspired you to open your Etsy shop?
My blog. Sound familiar? Haha. My blog truly inspired me to create my etsy shop. I just didn't know what I wanted to sell, but once I found my niche, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be.

What makes you most excited about owning your shop?
I love creating and designing new things! I could craft all day long. I love creating things for others and seeing the excitement of someone receiving something super cute, girly, and handmade. I love being in control, and being able to show my customers that they are special.

What inspires you to create new products?
Honestly, life. I will be out driving to the store and idea sparks and I have to write it down right away before I forget. {I struggle with having the worst memory ever, lol!} But I could literally just look at something as simple as a tree and have an idea.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
My favorite... that's a tough one! But I am LOVING my "Boss Babe" travel coffee cup. It's glitter dipped, glamorous, and SO perfect for all you Boss babes 😉

What is your best selling item in your shop?
The "Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?" Mug. This is THE most requested item. You can customize your font colors and choose a glitter color. It's really fun to create something that's JUST what you wanted.

Can you share any sneak peaks of items coming soon?
Of course! I have a TON of new items coming soon. (Just in time for the Holidays)

I also showcase New products and special VIP exclusive deals on my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/118122805279565/

Do you have any special promotions currently?
Yes! I have major savings and deals in my facebook group, but because you are a Peachy Keen reader, use code PEACHYKEEN to receive 35% off your order at etsy.com/shop/showeredwithdesign

Where can our readers find you?
fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/118122805279565/
fb page: facebook.com/showeredwithdesign
instagram: @showeredwithdesign

I can tell you that Lisa is such a kind heart and so talented. She's got all your coffee mug and pretty monogrammed needs covered for the holidays. I hope you enjoy her products as much I have. When I went to her page to order something for myself it took me forever to make a decision on what one item to get because I want it all. I've got the Boss Lady mug now and love it. What's better than coffee in the morning? Coffee with a touch of sparkle!

Happy shopping y'all! Go treat yourself to a sparkly new mug today. You deserve it!

On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! I hope you are having a Happy Wednesday. I'm about to Netflix and chill all day because this head cold has me feeling under the weather so chicken noodle soup and One Tree Hill it is. Today is also one of my favorite days because it's time for On Wednesdays We Confess
with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

I Confess this is the first time i've been sick in four years and i'm over it.
I have zero patience for sitting still but I guess this is God's way of making me rest.

I Confess my husband is the best. When he got home from work last night he immediately started doing laundry.
Then he cooked dinner and took care of me for the night. I definitely got lucky with him.

I Confess I won a giveaway on Instagram on Monday.
Out of approx. 1,000 entrants I WON!!!
It's loaded with lots of beautiful make up products.
I can't wait to get it!

I Confess I also won a 35% off discount to Showered with Design's Etsy shop on Monday.
I bought the Boss Lady mug and can't wait to get it.

I Confess I'm super excited about the Shop Small Christmas event i'm putting together.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

I Confess I'm so bad at being patient and waiting for packages to come in the mail.
I'm still waiting on some boots to come that I ordered about two weeks ago. It's killing me.

I Confess homemade chicken noodle soup for breakfast is my jam today.

I Confess I'm so excited for Kenny Chesney's new album Cosmic Hallelujah.
I've been listening to snippets on iTunes and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I Confess I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday but I'm so far from ready to decorate.
I still have pumpkins on my front porch, y'all.

I Confess I haven't even thought of my goals for the month.

So there's that. I don't have much to confess today but feel free to share what you want to confess in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!