November Guys Behind the Blog

Hey Ya'll! Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure everyone is super busy today but I wanted to take just a minute to post today's Guys Behind the Blog.
My husband & I have been having so much fun doing these Q&A sessions together.
We laugh and talk so much when we're doing these.
He's rallying to get more questions, y'all!

I'm going to make this quick today so without further ado here's our November Guys Behind the Blog Q&A session.

1.) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What is your least favorite?
A: That's a really tough one because I kinda like them all.
If I had to pick one favorite I guess i'd pick the dressing.
I don't really have a least favorite.

*That's because his parents, my parents and I are all really good cooks so compliments to the chef*.

2.) What is a Thanksgiving tradition you liked growing up that you want to continue with your family? For example: Do you eat super early around 3pm or regular dinner time around 6pm? Do you watch football? Do you all go to a particular family member's house? Do you nap after the big meal?

A:We put a pound of bacon on the turkey.
Me: You did that as a child?
A: Yeah! That's how I learned it. But it can't be just any bacon.
It has to be the criss crossed pattern like on a pie.

*Ya'll, he's in charge of our turkey now and he makes it perfectly.*
And the bacon, that's a tradition his mama started when he was young so now that we're in charge of Thanksgiving he continues that tradition and I can not tell you how good our turkey is.
That bacon really just puts it over the edge on the flavor scale!

3.) What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? Yay or nay?
A: Stay away.
{he worked retail for years so Black Friday is a scary thing for him. I really don't get the appeal of fighting a bunch of people for things that are on sale. They'll either be on sale when I buy them or they won't. I just don't feel like getting beat up over some silly gift.}

4.) If you had it your way, would you set up your holiday decorations (Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, etc.) before or after Thanksgiving?
A: You know that answer. There's not a holiday decoration that goes up until I have a turkey.
*But the day after Thanksgiving we do always get our Christmas tree from our local Farmer's Table.*
Shop local y'all!

5.) What are you most thankful for this year?
A: My family. What else would I be thankful for? What more does a man need?

Then he proceeds with "that's it? Y'all need more questions!" I'm not kidding about that.
He really does want more.
Later tonight, after you're all stuffed from turkey and all the fixins, I'd love y'all to ask your significant other these questions and put the answers in the comments.

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