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Coffee Chat + Goals

Hey Sweet Friends! Happy Monday! I know you're reading this, rolling your eyes wondering what can possibly be happy about a Monday? Mondays are a blank slate, a chance to make new goals and start fresh. I want Monday mornings to be messy buns and coffee. I want it to be coffee dates in my living room while we share what's on our hearts and our goals for the week. So get cozy with your favorite mug of coffee and blanket and let's have a coffee date. No make up or pretty outfits required.

If you and I were on a coffee date...

We would be snuggled in my new living room with blankets in our laps, coffee in our mugs, a box of Sprinkles donuts on the table and my Willow pup between us. My cat, Chance, would be walking around meowing for attention (or food) because he's bossy like that. He's the cat. He rules the house. I would be drinking a donut shop coffee with Coldstone sweet cream creamer, because that's my go to at home. I'd show you the basket of K-Cups and the selection of creamers and offer you whatever you'd like because we believe in variety in this house.

I would tell you...

that our weekend was another wonderful one. Saturday was spent bargain hunting at flea markets and local salvage stores with my parents then we had lunch at one of our favorite local burger cafes. The rest of the evening was spent playing with kittens and hanging out at my mom and dad's house. Sunday was a lazy start to the day, which are always my favorite mornings. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week and watching Shark Week.

that I got the Alice Through the Looking Glass eye shadow palette. I can't wait to play around with different looks with it. The colors are so bright and most of them are out of my comfort zone but I want to step out of my comfort zone more and what better way than with pretty make up that can be wiped off if I don't like it?

I'm also thinking about taking a Facebook/Blogging break for a couple weeks. I have a few blog posts to wrap up but I'd like to take some time to work on getting ahead in blogging and to focus on my personal life; working out, yoga, and getting closer to God. I want to fill my life with all the things that bring me joy, not that blogging doesn't but I need to take a break and shift my focus.

I'm so ready for fall. I love summer, don't get me wrong but fall is where my heart is. Fall is all things cozy; hoodies and apple cider, favorite blankets and the colors changing. I'm so ready for it to be cooler and actually being able to get outside and enjoy things. Summer still has a while so i'll embrace it but honestly, can fall come already, please?

What would you share with me if we were on a coffee date?

Monday Mantra


How'd I do with last week's goals?

+ Learn to live with grace when things don't go according to MY plan I did. It's always a work in progress though.

+ Do yoga 4 days this week Fail! I don't think I did yoga one time last week.

+ Wake up at 7 Monday-Friday Fail! I'm giving this one up because i've only got two more weeks of sleeping in and I plan on enjoying them.

+ Block schedule. Set my phone for 20-30 per task for the day I did this when needed. It's definitely something I need to do when I'm having trouble staying focused or getting motivated.

+ Start the recipe group back up Win! I finally did this! You can join us here.

+ Set time aside in the evenings to spend with my husband, no distractions this was a win some nights. Others we were both busy doing other things. It's definitely something to keep working on.

+ Fulfill my tee shirt and vinyl order No excuses on this one, it was just a fail.

+ Return blog and Instagram comments by the next day This is a work in progress. Somedays I did it but I did finish them all by Sunday so that's still good.

This week's goals

+ Do yoga 4 days this week

+ Finish blog collaboration with my friend Mistle

+ Fulfill vinyl orders

+ Empty out my e-mail inbox

+ Write in inspiration/gratitude journal each day

+ Read for 15 minutes a day

What are some goals you'd like to achieve this week?

Fill in the Blank: Q&As

Hi Loves! I've been MIA a little bit lately, during my time away i've really started to think about this space and what I can do to keep it fresh and fun. I'm an open book, if you've been around a while then you know that but I want to do more personal posts and what better way than with a fun Q&A session, fill in the blank style?

I'd love to know your answers in the comments below so I can see how alike and how different we are so feel free to play along and have some fun.

First thing I do in the morning is...
say a little prayer for God to protect my family and our loved ones, for Him to keep my husband safe on the road and have a wonderful work day. I also pray for the safety and happiness of our loved ones then I roll over and snuggle with Chance; my cat and Willow pup.

My coffee of choice is...
Donut Shop Original with Coldstone Sweet Cream creamer.

My mornings look like this...
prayers, snuggles, coffee, open the blinds, then I grab my laptop and get cozy on the couch while I read my She Reads Truth devotional, chat with my former neighbor and forever friend on Pinterest and scroll Facebook or publish and work on blog posts.

If I could do anything for a living, I would...
work with the Make A Wish foundation and have my own bakery that would also sell local, handmade products. So basically a bakery/boutique.

If I'm watching t.v. i'll be watching...
Fixer Upper, Southern Charm, or American Housewife.
Sunday nights are all about The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

My guilty pleasure is...
ice cream sandwiches and Etsy.

I'm addicted to...
Instagram, small boutiques, planner supplies, discount stores, and The Lady Gang Facebook group.

I have a weird obsession with...
watching cake decorating on Instagram. Oh, and storms. You'll almost always find me outside right before it storms. I love watching the sky change and feeling the wind blow and the smell of rain. It's truly weird, I know. I told you.

The last thing I splurged on was...
two Lula Roe shirts but really my hubby bought them for me.

My last phone call was...
from my mama.

My last text was...
my sweet friend, Gabriella. We're obsessed with these travel mugs from Sweetwater Decor and have been talking about them for days.

I would describe myself as...
a bubbly introvert. I enjoy being around people but I'm also completely satisfied just to be at home.
Big crowds make me feel anxious and often times just going out alone makes me feel anxious.
#truthbomb because not many people knew that about me.

Last time I cried was...
yesterday to my husband on the phone because my Jeep wouldn't start and I had errands to run.
My exact words to him were "you bought me this Jeep so this wouldn't happen anymore."
* Side note* My hubby bought me my Jeep in January because my Solara kept breaking down.
He thought my crying over this was funny.

Last fear I conquered....
driving my husband's Jeep Wrangler yesterday. It's not that I couldn't drive it but in the 4 years he's had it, I only drove it one other time and I never went above 40mph. It used to scare me because it handled differently than my Solara and because I would have felt awful if something happened to it while I was driving it. Yesterday, I put those fears aside and drove it because I had to register our son for high school and we needed groceries. Now i'm really wanting my own Wrangler.

I really want to conquer this fear...
doing a yoga or barre class.

My favorite wine is...
Cupcake Angel Food.

My biggest dream in life is...
to have a house full of babies. Okay, maybe just one or two more.

One things I really want to do is...
inspire people and create a movement of some kind.

I spend the most money on...
food or make up. Probably food though.

My favorite Insta Girls are...
@sweetteaandhydrangeas @verbalgoldblog @kylajicha @hertastylife @keltieknight @nellemonaco

I feel most accomplished when...
I've knocked out my to do list for the day and can relax with my husband in the evenings.

My favorite time of day is...
at night when i'm snuggled in bed with my hubby, our puppy and our cat.

My favorite way to indulge and spend time doing self care is...
doing my hair and make up while listening to one of my favorite podcasts.
I do my hair and make up daily, even if I'm not planning on leaving the house because it makes me feel so much better and ready to take on the day.

Now it's your turn! Leave me a comment with your answers.

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5 Tips To Purchase A Home

Hi Sweet Friends. I am so excited to share today's guest post by Cait from Cait's Cozy Corner. She's a fellow Southern Belle and Mom to two of the most precious little kids ever. She and I have been talking about a collaboration for a little over a month but the timing was off because my husband and I just bought a new house (I'm sure y'all knew that by now). When she presented me with this idea for a collaboration everything just fell into place. It was meant to be so she's here today to share 5 Tips To Purchase A Home.


Buying a home can be stressful, especially if you are a first time home owner. Sometimes it’s planned to save and purchase a home but other times, you are thrown into it! So what are some tips and tricks for purchasing your first home that you wouldn’t think to look for? These are some that my husband and I found out when we were going through the process that I think would be beneficial to all of you!

1. Hire A Lawyer- This necessarily isn’t something you HAVE to do nor is it required. However, in some states, like Georgia for example where I currently live, a real estate agent’s help is not legally required, although some agents can help you with the tasks that border on legal ones such as preparing a home purchase contract. For example, what if your prospective new home has an illegal in-law unit with an existing tenant whom you want to evict in order to rent the place to a friend? Only a lawyer can tell you with any certainty whether your plans are feasible. Or what if you’d like to rent the home for an extended period, such as a year, before you’re obligated to buy it? That will require drawing up an unusual lease. Or, if you're drafting any unusual language for the purchase contract, or are concerned about some language in your mortgage, you may want to have an attorney look the documents over. A lawyer in the Atlanta area is the Law Office of Glen P Burn. Although Glen is not directly a lawyer for purchasing home, he does have 15 years experience to help those out when needing help deciphering all the legal jargon that’s written in contracts. Those that may have trouble in their past such as DUIs, criminal history or drug offenses- he is the one to help and assist you in learning your rights and how you can protect yourself. Having a criminal history or drug offense could hurt some chances of purchasing a home so it’s always a good idea to go over it with someone who knows the legal system before purchasing.

2. Check For Wet Paint- This may not seem like a huge red flag to some as many home owners will refreshen a room with new paint. However, some owners will try to use the paint to cover up damage to the walls or area! These may be causes of concern down the road to keep an eye out for it!

3.Poor Neighborhood Condition- You don’t want to be the nicest house on the block. Your neighbors should also be taking care of the outside appearance of their home! Keep an eye out for houses that may be vacant or boarded up. This always can be a cause of concern that something may have happened. You don’t want to in a high ended crime area for future problems of burglary or theft! You want to feel safe and secure around your neighbors and their homes

4.Electrical Issues- Although many of us are not electricians, always walk around the home and turn the lights on and off. Check for flickering lights and look at outlets to make sure your electricity is working properly. Some of the most common inspection findings when you are walking through your home are with the electrical wire cable and improper wiring through the home. Your home inspector will go over these with you but it’s always a good idea to find them yourself as well!

5.Mold - This is not always an issue when walking through a home but if you’re looking at a house that is in foreclosure, it may not be getting the proper treatment because no one lives there on a day to day basis. When we were walking through one home, Zach noticed a board that was up against a wall. When we took it apart, we noticed mold in the bedroom as well as the attack due to not properly being sealed off. This was a huge concern as we didn’t want to deal with paying for it ( it can be pretty costly ) to have clean air.

It’s very critical whether you are a first time home owner or not to be aware of these red flags when inspecting a potential home for you or your family. These items can occur of course after you purchase the home or may have been overlooked, but if you keep these 5 items in mind while walking through, you should be ok.

Big thank you to Cait for sharing this post. Buying a home can be stressful and there's a lot to take into consideration, Cait did a wonderful job of covering these things from a potential buyer's stand point.

Be sure to stop by Cait's blog and leave her lots of love.