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Tiesta Tea Review

Hey Friends! If you've been around here for a while then you know my love of coffee. My day doesn't start until i've had a mug full in the quietness of the morning. Somedays even require multiple cups and nothing is more soul filling than a coffee date with a friend but I'm a southern girl through and through and coffee wasn't always my favorite. Tea, however, was. It's a southern staple, yall. It's served at every party, family reunion, wedding, BBQ, and restaurant down here. It's even a daily staple in my own refrigerator; it has been my entire life.

How To Style A Graphic Tee

I'm a tried and true jeans and tee kinda girl. I honestly think there's nothing easier than throwing on a graphic tee, jeans, Converse and minimal make up and jewelry for a daily style but sometimes I like to dress my tees up.

I am especially loving the graphic tee trend right now because there are so many ways you can style a graphic tee. Today i'm sharing a couple fun ways to style a graphic tee, thanks to Leanne from Leanne and Company. She sent me this cute shirt from her shop; Leanne & Co. in exchange for this post.

Favorite Spring Lip Sticks + Moisturizing Products

Hello there. Happy Monday. This weekend was full of family, friends, food, and lots of laughter for me and my family. We celebrated birthdays with some friends and my husband and I ended the weekend by curling up watching The Walking Dead with a glass of wine. It was a wonderful weekend, the low key kind that fills my soul up and makes me ready for the week ahead. Raise your hand if you're happy about the extra hour of daylight we got over the weekend. My hand is raised the highest because daylight is something else that feels my soul up. I live for sunny, warm days.

Daylight Savings Tips To Beat Fatigue

Hi Friends! Happy Friday. I have to say that it hasn't been one of those weeks that has made me wish for the weekend. I mean, sure, I've been counting down the days until I can sleep in but other than that it's been a good week. One of my favorite things about weekends is definitely sleeping in but did with daylight savings time this weekend, i'm not sure how well that's going to go. I feel so excited about the extra hours of daylight but my body probably won't feel the same and the last thing I want to do is be in a fog because I actually missed out on more sleep than I already do. This girl needs her 10-12 on the weekends because 6-7 Monday through Friday just doesn't cut it. I feel like i'm barely hanging on by a thread come Thursday because of the lack of sleep I'm already getting. I definitely don't want to feel that way Saturday and Sunday, too. So I rounded up some tips on how to beat daylight savings fatigue so we can enjoy that extra hour of sunlight.