Oh Baby.

Hi Friends! You may have noticed that this little corner of my internet world hasn't been getting the love it deserves lately and that's because, well, I've been busy growing another human. Yes, we are expecting a baby girl in November. I am officially 25 weeks now and we are over the moon. The first trimester hit me hard, I didn't have the energy to keep my eyes open much less write posts and edit photos but I have missed this little space and all of you, too.

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page you knew this all along. I've been very open with our journey in pregnancy because honestly, it was a struggle for us to get here. I'm pretty much an open book so I started sharing about our pregnancy pretty soon after we found out but the part that I didn't share so openly was our struggle to get pregnant, i'll post more on that later because honestly it deserves its own post. I started sharing our good news on Facebook around 10 weeks. As soon as we went to our first doctor's appointment I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. I know most couples wait until the first trimester is over because of the risks of losing the baby, which is understandable, it's a very sensitive subject but even with my complications from my first pregnancy 15 years ago and my advanced maternal age I still wanted to share our news this early on because it's not something a lot of women talk about. I knew if something were to happen then I wanted my tribe to rally around me so I didn't drown myself in my own emotions.

We're 25 weeks in now and everything is going great. We found out right before Father's Day that we're having a girl so that means we get one of each. Honestly being a boy mom for the last fifteen years has been the best but i'm ready to add all the girly things into our lives, too. I feel like we have the perfect balance with one boy and one girl and I just know that Dylan will be the best big brother ever. He loves little kids and they tend to love him, too and I know his little sister will adore him.

As you can imagine, having babies 15 years apart is different. With my son I was younger and in the best shape of my life. My pregnancy with him was a breeze until the very end when I had high blood pressure and ended up having him via emergency c-section. This time i'm 36 and in the worst shape of my life from the start. I guess getting married and happy will do that to you; not that i'm complaining but that definitely makes it harder. The first trimester kicked my booty. All I did was sleep, snack, pee, repeat. At first I couldn't keep food down and absolutely nothing appealed to me so I had to make myself snack all the time. I lived off saltines and ginger ale those first few weeks. I tried everything under the sun for nausea until my doctor put me on a prescription. Hallelujah for that!

Now that we're almost into the third trimester I am feeling more myself. Most days I have tons of energy and find myself having to stop and take breaks so I don't over do it because I feel good. The nausea went away for about two weeks and came back full force. All day. Every day. So i'm still on my prescription but i've been able to taper it down to one at night and i'm good. I've had weeks where nothing sounds good and I don't crave much but I'm making myself eat little snacks through out the day, even when I don't feel like it. Another new development in food is texture, some foods I can not handle the texture of no matter if it was my favorite food pre-pregnancy. I also have become hyper sensitive to smells of certain foods. My doctor is concerned about gestational diabetes with me so he has told me to stay away from carbs such as white bread and potatoes, pasta and rice and to also limit my sugar in take, which hasn't been as hard as I thought but give me all the french fries!

At our last doctors appointment our little girl was growing right on track. She was just over one lb. and in the 58% percentile for height and weight. I'm in that phase of pregnancy where I am loving this despite the sickness still. I started feeling her move around 17 weeks and my husband started feeling her move around 20. Now she's everywhere, constantly moving. Not only can we both feel her move but we can see her moving, too.

I'll be back with an end of second trimester/3rd trimester up date soon but for now you can follow along with all things baby related on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/peaches_willow/. Her room will be going up on InstaStories soon so be sure to follow along.

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  1. Yah for a baby update!!! I know you are over the moon to meet your baby girl! Hopefully your nausea will stop before she gets here. I know that is one thing I am not looking forward to when I do become pregnant. I don't do too well with all of that. I can't wait to see more updates on your sweet baby girl! <3

  2. Yay! So glad you're back in this space! You already know how happy and excited I am for you!! Can't wait to see that pretty little girl!!


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