Tiesta Tea Review

Hey Friends! If you've been around here for a while then you know my love of coffee. My day doesn't start until i've had a mug full in the quietness of the morning. Somedays even require multiple cups and nothing is more soul filling than a coffee date with a friend but I'm a southern girl through and through and coffee wasn't always my favorite. Tea, however, was. It's a southern staple, yall. It's served at every party, family reunion, wedding, BBQ, and restaurant down here. It's even a daily staple in my own refrigerator; it has been my entire life.

You can see my love for tea runs deep so does my love for self care. As i'm learning more about self care I'm learning it's not always about being indulgent and treating myself. An important aspect of self care is watching the ingredients and quality of products we put in our bodies. I'm so guilty of grabbing sweet tea with all the sugar and few benefits, which is fine in moderation. That's why i'm happy to have found Tiesta Tea. Tiesta loose leaf products are made with all natural fruits and herbs. They created 50 flavors with 5 functions; Energizer, Slenderizer, Eternity, Immunity and Relaxer. Each of those functions has 10 flavors. You can read more about the flavors and their functions here.

I was sent one blend of each function to review and I have to tell yall that none of them were bad. In fact, they were all delicious and guilt free with their ingredients. I felt like I was really taking care of myself with these products.

Energizer Black Thai Tropical was my absolute favorite. It helps fight off that afternoon fatigue without the crash of all the other energy drinks. The benefits of one 6-8 oz. cup last for hours plus the flavor is so delicious with all natural ingredients like apple, black tea, mango, orange and even marigold petals.

Immunity Citrus Sunburst was a close second favorite for me because I was sick at the time I used this one. It has a wonderful citrus flavor but it also helps combat colds with it's variety of vitamins and nutrients. I really could tell a difference just drinking one 8 oz. glass of this a day. It's not one you would brew all the time but it's a life saver when you need it because it really helps fight off the cold.

Slenderizer Fruity Pebbles is a blend of fruit along with rose petals and green tea. This blend helps suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. It's the one we've got in our refrigerator now and we can't get enough. I'm not always the biggest fan of green tea but this one is really good because the fruits and rose petals give it a really nice flavor and I truly haven't felt like i've been eating as much since I started this blend.

Relaxer Nutty Almond Cream is so good. I'm a fan of anything apple cinnamon so that made it a favorite of mine right from the start. This blend contains roobios and other herbs which produces relaxing effects for your body and mind making it perfect if you're having trouble sleeping or with stress.

The last product I was sent was the Eternity Blueberry Wild Child. Hibiscus is one of my favorite ingredients in tea, its a great blood pressure controller. The apples, blueberries, elderberries, rose hips, cornflowers and pomegranate bits helps give this blend a wonderful flavor and it provides amazing antioxidants to keep you feeling and looking younger.

To find where Tiesta Teas are sold near you check out theirstore locator. Be sure to also look for their new cold brew teas in the refrigerator section where ever Tiesta products are sold.


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  2. I know what you mean about the coffee, I am drinking some right now! It looks like this tea is sold at the Target a few minutes away from my house, I am going to have to pick some up the next time I am there!

  3. All of these sound amazing!!! I too am a huge tea drinker (of course I am from the south as well). I have actually decreased the amount of sugar I have taken in lately but these sound like they wouldn't be too bad! I need to go find these!!


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