Coffee Chat vol.3

Happy Monday, Lovely. I'm sure you are rolling your eyes and wondering how can a Monday be happy? Well friends, it's a matter of making up our minds to be happy and make the best of the day. I know, none of us are happy about turning in our sweats and messy buns for work attire of having to set our alarms for another 5 days but I can promise you, Mondays can be good if we start them off right so go pour yourself a mug of your favorite coffee and get cozy with me for some Monday morning coffee chat.

I'll wait until you get back.

If you and I were on a coffee date...

We would be snuggled up on my couch with fuzzy blankets because that's how I love to start my mornings. I would be drinking Vanilla Cream Puff Donut Shop Original Coffee with Amaretto creamer. It's been my favorite lately. I would show you our selection of coffees and creamers and offer you a cute mug. We take our coffee seriously around here. I would also offer you a donut from our new donut shop. I'd be eating an almond Bear Claw. Then I would offer you a blanket to get cozy with while we sat around and chatted about all the things on our hearts and minds.

I would tell you...

I had one of the best weekends i've had in a while with my husband. We enjoyed two days full of day dates and laughter and life talks. My heart really needed it after last week. Saturday I ran to a guns/ammo/hunting/country boy's dream store called Barnes with my hubby because he had to return something. I went in expecting to find nothing I would like but omg! I found my new store. They have converted half of the store into a boutique type store with everything you can think of. I wanted everything but my hubby surprised me with a super cute lavender shirt that is perfect for spring and summer. After that we dropped my Jeep off for an oil change then we went across the parking lot to the new donut shop in town. We ordered a dozen mixed donuts and took them out to the truck where we sat and each ate one. We laughed and talked like we were newly dating and it felt good. I missed those little moments lately. After that we went to lunch at one of our favorite sandwich shops; Honeybaked Hams. I got a Southern Charm sandwich, it was a departure from my usual but it was so good then my hubby took me to JoAnn's craft store to get vinyl for a few t-shirt orders I have. Then we went to do our grocery shopping and home to pick our kiddo and Willow pup up. We picked my Jeep up then went to visit all of our parents for a while. Our son spent the night with my parents so my hubby & I had the night alone. We partied hard and went home to bed. Sunday we slept in, laid in bed and talked then drank our coffee on the couch while quietly scrolling Facebook together. Once we got dressed my hubby asked where I wanted to eat. Mexican food was a no brainer so off we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. After that we went to Ollie's where my husband bought me a new rug for my office that the dog promptly took over when I got home. We ended the night curled up on the couch drinking wine and watching The Walking Dead.

I would tell you that I'm loving TWD (The Walking Dead) and This Is Us lately. Two total extremes but both edge of the seat, keeps my attention the whole time shows. Umm, Did you watch TWD or This Is Us last week? Can we talk about them? Because I may need therapy for both. I literally couldn't careless about t.v. other than these shows and Fixer Upper.

Speaking of Fixer Upper; my hubby told me that one of the local furniture stores will be having Chip and JoAnna as guests soon. What?! I can meet Chip & Jo? And they're going to be doing a giveaway/make over one room in your house. You better bet i'll be all over that. I could use some help fixing up this new house and hello, I would get to meet Chip & Jo. (Gotta schedule a hair appt with my fabulous lady before that happens though).

I'm kind of obsessing over the colored hair lately. I'm thinking of asking my hairdresser to add more highlights and some light pink and lavender in my hair for the summer, too. What are your thoughts on all the wild hair colors lately? I can't get enough.

I would tell you that I am also obsessing over all the flowers and beautiful trees that are blooming right now but they're making it very hard to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, too because of allergies. I was out all week with them last week, I refuse to let them get me down this week, too so I heard about the Starbucks Medicine Ball drink that is a lifesaver for colds. I decided that, instead of buying one I would look for a DIY recipe and make them at home myself. I took to Pinterest and found one and went to the store yesterday for all the makings of this supposedly magical drink. Let me tell you, it works. It's not a one time and done kinda thing, it's an everyday until you feel better kinda thing but it is a lifesaver. I'll be sharing that recipe tomorrow on the blog so be on the lookout for that.

I'm in the mood for new music lately. I've been listening to Justin Timberlake's new album on repeat and I am loving it but i'm also in the mood for something new so i'm looking for suggestions. What are you listening to lately? I'm thinking about starting a new music Friday share on Instagram. I'd share my new favorite songs for the week in an InstaStory. Does that sound like something you'd like?

This month my focus is on social and intellectual self care. I'm a huge homebody and an even bigger introvert and these are both things that I feel like contribute to my anxiety so I want to break free from that. I took myself out to breakfast and sat in the cafe to eat last month and it ended up being one of the best things I did for my soul. I need more of that in my life. I'm focusing on intellectual self care by doing something I haven't done for myself in a while but it's so therapeutic; i've started personal journaling again. I'm doing it in the form of micro blogging but it's not public. It feels so good to write what's on my heart and not worry about what anyone else thinks about what i'm saying. It's truly humbling and refreshing.

I'm also focusing on growing my social media platforms this month, even though the Instagram algorithims make it super hard to keep followers (I've lost 7 followers over the weekend). I've also started a Facebook Group on my Peaches and Willow page. It's a place to meet and share all the things on our hearts; the things we are loving at the moment and even the things that we are struggling with. I want this group to be a save haven where we can join together and share our latest blog posts, wins, losses, our thoughts on the last episode of our favorite shows (This Is Us) and everything in between. Nothing is off limits here, except hate.

So throw on your favorite pair of sweats, throw your hair in a messy bun and join me in my virtual living room for coffee and pizza and wine dates. Join group by clicking here.

I've got to run and pick my son up now. He's done with his sleep over at Mimi and Pa's but first...What would you share with me if we were on a coffee date?


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend and that store sounds amazing! Your husband is too sweet to get you that top! I am also loving the Walking Dead, but am not caught up yet!

    1. Hi Kelsie! Thank you! We did have an amazing weekend and yes, my husband is always the sweetest. He even tried to convince me that I lost weight because I sized down in the top (truthfully the L top was more like a XXXL) but i'll let him have that one! I don't know how far you are behind on TWD but OMG! Join me in my group chat when you're caught up. I need some therapy! I don't want to spoil anything in the meantime though!

  2. Leslie, I wish we could really do coffee dates together! You sound like so much fun :) I'm so glad you enjoyed quality time with your hubby. It's super hard with kids. I would love to check out your donut shop lol I'm seriously addicted, but I can't find any unique shops, just a bunch of Dinkins.

    1. Aww, Melissa, you are the sweetest! I wish we could go on coffee dates together, too! It would be tons of fun! Luckily my hubby & I get lots of quality time since our son is 15. He rarely wants to go anywhere with us but usually we're still in somewhat of a hurry to get back home to him. I wish you could come visit, too. I've got two good donut shops I could take you too and my favorite cafe called The Farmer's Table! She's expaning into a sweets shop, too!


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