Daylight Savings Tips To Beat Fatigue

Hi Friends! Happy Friday. I have to say that it hasn't been one of those weeks that has made me wish for the weekend. I mean, sure, I've been counting down the days until I can sleep in but other than that it's been a good week. One of my favorite things about weekends is definitely sleeping in but did with daylight savings time this weekend, i'm not sure how well that's going to go. I feel so excited about the extra hours of daylight but my body probably won't feel the same and the last thing I want to do is be in a fog because I actually missed out on more sleep than I already do. This girl needs her 10-12 on the weekends because 6-7 Monday through Friday just doesn't cut it. I feel like i'm barely hanging on by a thread come Thursday because of the lack of sleep I'm already getting. I definitely don't want to feel that way Saturday and Sunday, too. So I rounded up some tips on how to beat daylight savings fatigue so we can enjoy that extra hour of sunlight.

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, March 11 because that's when Day Light Savings Time begins.

1. There's A Rhythm To Fighting DST Fatigue
Going to bed 15 minutes early the four nights leading up to Daylight Savings Time helps prevent any sleep loss (technically we should have been doing this since last night but tonight's a good night to start, too). First thing in the morning, expose yourself to the natural daylight. Pull open your curtains and let the sunshine in or take your coffee on the porch and drink it there. This sets your internal rhythms.

2. Eat Foods That Make You Feel Good And Are Pumped Full Of Nutritional Value
For me this would be something like avocado toast. I live for this stuff lately, not just because it's tasty, but because it's packed with all the nutrients I need and I feel good and energized after putting something good for me in my body. Also try not to eat anything or drink wine of anything with caffeine 2-3 hours before bedtime. Alcohol and caffeine are sleep interrupters so try to limit your in take to the morning or early evening hours.

3. Diffuse Oils
Peppermint and Citrus oils are great for energizing. You can add a couple drops to the shower floor when you shower, diffuse in a diffuser or apply to wrists and your neck with a carrier oil.

4. Soak Up The Sunshine
By heading outside and doing some light exercising you create endorphins and everyone knows endorphins make you happy. Seriously they do but they also help you sleep better. And personally, the sunshine always makes me tired but in the very best way. I sleep harder after a good dose of outdoor time and sunshine.

5. Tiesta Tea Energizer Tea
I know I said limit caffeine intake around bedtime but a little never hurt anyone so grab you some Tiesta Energizer Tea at your local Target or Publix. You'll get a boost of energy without all the harmful ingredients in other energy drinks.

6. Get Moving
Turn up the music and dance. Usually my dance parties end in a friendly game of tug of war with Willow because she thinks it's great fun to play rowdy and to her dancing and playing rowdy are the same thing so we dance and play tug of war. After that I always feel so much better and more energized.

Do you have any tips to beat Daylight Savings Time?

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