Favorite Spring Lip Sticks + Moisturizing Products

Hello there. Happy Monday. This weekend was full of family, friends, food, and lots of laughter for me and my family. We celebrated birthdays with some friends and my husband and I ended the weekend by curling up watching The Walking Dead with a glass of wine. It was a wonderful weekend, the low key kind that fills my soul up and makes me ready for the week ahead. Raise your hand if you're happy about the extra hour of daylight we got over the weekend. My hand is raised the highest because daylight is something else that feels my soul up. I live for sunny, warm days.

It was still hard to pull myself out of bed this morning though because it's Monday and it's cold. I wasn't quiet ready to give up my cozy spot in the bed but I did the adult thing and did it anyway. I'm not a morning person by any means, i've tried and tried but I just can't be one of those bubbly people who wake up bright eyed and ready to go so after coffee and my devotional time I showered and dolled myself up because #monday. I'm a huge believer in getting up, getting ready and chasing my dreams-even if I do work form home. I feel like showing up for myself is the number one most important thing for success. I wash and fix my hair daily and do my make up daily, too. I also put on a cute outfit even if i'm not planning on leaving the house. On days where I'm planning on staying home my outfit might consist of leggings instead of jeans and a cute tee/long sleeved tee instead of a blouse. One of my favorite parts about getting dolled up is picking out a lip color because a lip color can make everything come together and make your outfit pop. Today i'm rounding up some of my favorite spring lip colors and i'm also sharing my favorite products to keep my lips moisturized.
NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Funnel Delight
This is such a fun bright pink. It's not as intense as Addis Ababa but it is still bright and poppy. Perfect for spring and summer.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
This is the boldest and most intense of all my favorite spring lip colors. I love the matte formula.

E.L.F. Christian Siriano Tinted Lip Oil in Pink
When I got the e-mail about this collab I ran to Target to see what they had. I fell in love with this shade. Even though it says it's a tinted lip oil it's very pigmented. I've been on the hunt for the perfect shade of light pink and this is it. My only complaint is that it doesn't last long but that's to be expected out of any lip oil. I still think it's a win with the combination of moisturizing and color tinting.

Too Faced Melted in Peony
The most expensive lipstick in my round up but it's worth it. I love this color, it's the perfect spring pink. I also have the color Chihuahua that I love for fall.

E.L.F. Lip Plumping Gloss in Sparkling Rose
As far as colors go, this is my favorite springtime color. It's the perfect light pink for those days when I want a little color but nothing bold. As far as pluming, I really can't tell a difference. It's really great for layering on top of Addis Ababa or Funnel Delight for a little more toned down but still bold pink.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Queen
My favorite for plumping and adding a little sparkle on top of my lip color. I have several of the Sexy Mother Pucker glosses and love them all, really but Candy Queen is the one that I keep in my make up bag and in my purse at all times.

Lip oils seem to be a fairly new thing but i'm absolutely loving this one. It's not at all sticky and it's very moisturizing and lasts a while. It has a sweet, candy like scent, too which is nice because I don't like lip products that smell bad.

Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Balm
Hardest product ever to find and I apologize for that. The only place I can ever find them is at Dollar General #noshame (Amazon has them, too but they're way cheaper at Dollar General). When I do find them in the store I buy 3-4 at a time and I honestly have them everywhere; in my purse, in my drawer in the bathroom, my office desk, my nightstand and my coffee table in my living room.

Another alternative to these are the SoftLips Lip Balm

Fizz and Bubble Pineapple Coconut Lip Scrub
A couple times a year something triggers my allergies and makes my lips swell up. They get so unbelievably chapped that no amount of chapstick will work and I have to quit wearing lipsticks all together. The last time it happened my husband took me to Ulta so I could find a lip scrub. This was honestly the first one I saw and it wasn't ridiculously expensive, though at the time I probably would have paid anything if it would help because it was extremely painful. This product is my miracle in a pot. After scrubbing my lips twice a day for just one day I could tell a difference. Within two days the difference was noticeable to even my husband and by day three everything was back to normal with this little pot of goodness and Carmex Moisture Plus. The scent and the flavor are pretty good, too, not that I recommend eating it but ya know; smell and flavor are always factors in any lip product for me.

So those are my favorite spring lip colors and my holy grail moisturizing products. I'll never be without them. You can tell I love to wear pinks in the spring and summer. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I forgot to do swatches for yall so i'll share them today on my InstaStories and my Peaches & Willow Facebook Page. Be sure to check them out.

Do you have any Holy Grail lip products? What are your favorite shades for spring?

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  1. That pineapple lip scrub sounds amazing! I get really bad chapped lips in the winter too, and pineapple + coconut is the perfect combination!

  2. I love pale pink lip colors. I'm starting to get into them even more lately. The Sephora Collection makes my favorite pale pink lip glosses because they aren't sticky.

  3. These formulas are personal favorites, too...and these shades are PERFECT for spring!

  4. Melted Peony is my all time fav! It's what I wore on my wedding day!

  5. Great list. I've already tried and love the Fizz and Bubble lip scrubs. Now I want to try the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa. Thanks!


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