Shop Small Inspiration Q&A's with Leanne and Co.

Hello Leanne. Welcome to Peaches and Willow. I am so glad you could join me today. I'm kind of obsessed with your brand. You are like to Joanna Gaines of the entrepreneurial world. You have your shop, courses and fun resources on your site. Our readers can also find you for hire in several areas, including web design and branding. You do it all and you do it all so seemingly flawlessly so I can't wait to find out more about you and how you balance it all.

Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?
I'm a newly married girl, born and raised in North Carolina where my dreams of becoming an architect led me to graphic and web design and photography. My free tie is spend antiquing or volunteering for my local animal shelter, photographing animals waiting for their forever homes. I also participate in graphic design and photography competitions. I'm the proud mom to 4 fur babies: Benji, Maggie, Mallory, and Fruit Cup the cat and proud admit I'm a foster failure. I love artwork by Andy Warhol and anything Lucille Ball, boy bands (especially Backstreet Boys), anything from the 80ss decade, anything pink and sparkly, and Vera Bradley however you won't find me without my Kate Spade purse. I like to say I have an old soul but am still young at heart.

You've built quiet the empire with your brand. Can you tell us more about what Leanne and Co. offers?
eCommerce Management, Purposeful Web/Graphic Design, Tech/Admin services

What came first; the shop or the on line technical side?
Online tech side. I created the shop as a form of passive income.

What inspired you do do it all and how to do balance everything?
I'm obsessed with fun pens so I wanted to sell them.

What makes you most excited about owning your businesses?
I love the flexibility. I love the connections I've made with friends and networking.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
19 carat diamond pen

I'm sure, as a creative, you have moments where you get stuck in a creative rut sometimes. How do you over come those moments?
I step back, close the laptop. Just explore Facebook because it actually has a lot of great content. I'll see something that'll spark my imagination and I'm off and running again.

What's your #1 tip for anyone wanting to start a small on-line business?
Research. Don't jump in blind.

Do you have any special promotions for your shop currently?
An exclusive promo code for your readers:

And a few light hearted questions, just for fun.

What are your top 3 songs at the moment?
That's a toughy. I'm loving Ed Sheeran, anything 80s, and Backstreet Boys (and I have no shame)

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time, when you aren't working?
Cook/bake, spend time w/ hubby and my pup.

If we were to go on a coffee date, what would you order?
Iced vanilla latte, extra classic

If you could meet one inspiring lady boss, who would it be and why?
Oprah (so typical), Ellen (again, so typical), Reese Witherspoon,

What does a day in your life like?
I wake up around 8:30, hop in the shower and get ready, make up the bed, do dishes (if there are any to do), then get started on client work. I'll work until around 4 when my husband gets home and will break until he goes to sleep. When he goes to bed I start back up and will work until midnight.

What's one big goal you've set this year?
Make around $50k

What's the last photo you took? (Share it if you'd like)

What is making you happy right now?
This can of Pepsi 0 lol

What projects have you been working on?
Currently working on a Shopify site with Etsy integration:

Where can we find you on social media?
facebook rdhdgrfx
facebook leanneandcompany
instagram purposeful designer
linkedin leanne moore

Thank you so much Leanne for this inspiration. I think you are an amazing example of an entrepreneur who is handling it all with such grace and honesty. I hope that my readers have enjoyed getting to know you as much as I have. I can't wait to see the neon yolk website. I am so happy for everything you are doing.

Friends, if you have any questions for Leanne or enjoyed her post be sure to leave her a comment so she'll know you stopped by. If you buy anything from her be sure to check back in and let us know. Feel free to tag us on our Instagram pages so we can see all the pretty things you get! Be sure to check out her linktree link, too because that's where you'll find her shop, web design, graphic design, Instagram course and so much more! rdhdgrfxlinktree

her instagram:purposeful designer
my instagram:peaches_willow


  1. I love this post, as a small shop owner I love your support of other small shops! I will have to go check it out!

  2. I always love to hear how women make small businesses happen and what their story is... thanks for sharing!!

    xo- Stefanie

  3. ***Posting on behalf of Kristi McAllister from***

    I'm all about shopping small businesses! While chain stores are convenient, I really like to keep the "little man" in business. There are tons of quaint, family-owned business in Southport where I live and I frequent them often. Now I think I've found a new place to shop online because I am a pen hoarder myself I love the things on Leanne's website!

  4. I love shopping small and supporting small businesses not only in my area, but anywhere! Great post!

  5. Love this. I've been trying harder to support smaller businesses and have been buying from more local and Etsy shops. I love the sprinkles store that she started.

  6. She definitely has some cute stuff. Love the designs on her phone cases.

  7. As a small business owner (&blogger) I love this! Also love that she's a Carolina girl! :)


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