A Record Year In Review

Hi Peachies! As I sit here in the quiet watching Gilmore Girls, sipping coffee, reading my favorite blog ladies' post, wrapped in my favorite blankets I can't help but reflect on the last year. It was a record year for The Sotos, both personally and in the blog world, too so I thought i'd share my year in review with y'all, including my most popular and favorite blog posts and my word of the year.

So snuggle in and get ready.

A Record Year In Review
Word of the Year: Perfection

I won Chicfetti's Giveaway on Instagram, we celebrated my son's 13th birthday, my mom's birthday, and we had our only snowfall of the year.
I also decided to take my blog public so I rebranded and started finding my blogging tribe.

We adopted our sweet Willow pup, celebrated my birthday, Valentine's Day and my hubby's birthday.

was pretty un-eventful. I did get to have a girl's day with my mom and grandma. The weather was stunning so we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun and admiring all the pretty flowers and we did celebrate Easter with a lunch at Mom & Dad's.

After feeling so defeated by my "to do" list I came up with the idea of a "have done" list. It's such a breath of fresh air to focus on all that you have done instead of all that you haven't done. We went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It was so fun to get dressed up, walk around eating turkey legs and shopping at local vendors.

my first ever peony bloomed into a huge bright pink blossom. I have zero green thumb so walking outside and seeing that beautiful flower really made me so happy everyday. I went to a Cupcake Festival at the town next to ours. It was filled with Cupcakes and vendors selling handmade items {my favorite}. I came home with a dozen cupcakes and a variety of amazing bath products.

It was officially hot and the pool was open so there was a lot of time spent soaking up the sun. We also bought some land to start building our dream home on and I also started re-vamping my jewelry making.

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins came down from Illinois to spend a week with us. It was the most fun week of the summer. We spent the 4th of July with a movie in the backyard and making smores on the grill. We also celebrated my brother's birthday.

I had a girl's day with my cousin and one of my sweetest friends ever. It involved a trial run of wedding hair, wine, and lots of girl talk.
I also gave my blog a face lift. I also celebrated National Planner Day. Who knew it even existed but it is a day worth celebrating in my blog lovin' heart. My sweet boy started 8th grade and my hubby and I attended a wedding for a friend of his and my cousin's wedding, too. I also attended my sister in law's baby shower.

Our nephew was born and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. My hubby surprised me with a dinner to The Melting Pot.

was Halloween. We really had a low key night and enjoyed it. I also hosted a Sunshine Snail Mail gift exchange and re-connected with one of my best friends from high school. my hubby made an appearance on my blog in Men Behind the Blog and he loved it.

I won another Instagram contest full of make up goodies. We celebrated my Dad's birthday and we celebrated our Willow pup's first birthday.

I participated in a mug swap with some sweet blog friends. We also celebrated the season filled with love and happiness with family and friends.

Blog Posts in Review

13 Things I've Learned as a Mom//Meet Willow//Aloha from Hawaii//10 Things {Dear Self}//Grace Upon Grace+Confessions//Always Stay Humble & Kind//Blogging Wisdom//Letting Go of Perfection//How to Host a Snail Mail Gift Exchange//How to Put Together a Gift Basket//Life Lessons Learned//In the Quiet Moments//Stress Relief//Hey Shabby Me//Life Lately

December//Guys Behind the Blog

Hi Peachies! I hope y'all are as excited about today's post as I am because it's the Guys Behind the Blog feature. My hubby enjoys answering these questions so much y'all and our conversations about them are always hilarious. So sit back and prepare to learn about my guy behind the blog.

1.) How do you spend the holidays? Any favorite traditions that you had growing up that you like to share with your family now?

With my wife, my kid and my puppy. Snuggled up in blankets, drinking coffee, watching movies, drinking cider, impromptu sing alongs, cooking and the part I hate the most; shopping.

We always watch the Peanuts christmas shows and we have Christmas on Christmas Eve.

2.) Do you prefer to have a real tree or a fake tree?

Real because it smells better. It's our tradition to go to the Farmer's Table the day after Thanksgiving and pick out our real tree.

3.) How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Did someone ruin it for you or did you find out on your own? Do you play Santa for your kids?

I was probably like 5. I found out on my own.
Me: How did you find out?
A: I found some of my Christmas presents in the trunk of my dad's car but I wasn't too upset because it was some of the stuff I wanted.
For the puppy I do. Our son is 13 now so we don't get to play Santa anymore.

4.) What is your favorite Christmas movie?

That's tough. I love A Christmas Story and also A Charlie Brown Christmas.
My favorite movie to watch when i'm wrapping presents is Die Hard.

5.) Office holiday party - take it or leave it?

Leave it.

Bonus Question - New Year's Eve...quiet evening at home or go out?

I prefer a quiet evening with my family but with lots of yummy food and snacks.

So y'all, now you know my hubby's Christmas traditions. We really are low key homebodies, y'all. We enjoy the coziness of the holidays and quietness of home.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies. Cheers to the last Wednesday of 2016. This time of year usually leaves me feeling so bittersweet. I'll miss the glow of the holiday lights and the pretty Christmas decorations everywhere but I'm so excited to bring in 2017. It's going to be the year of this #girlboss. Lots of exciting plans coming in 2017 but I won't reveal them all yet.

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month, it's my last On Wednesdays We Confess of the year. So here's what I confess.

I Confess i'll never get tired of lazy mornings, snuggling on the couch, watching Netflix, with candles lit.

I ConfessI've had no motivation to leave the house this week. I've been enjoying equal amounts of time snuggling on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and cleaning.

I Confess I got a Cricut vinyl machine for Christmas and I am obsessed. I want to monogram everything now.

I Confess I just finished season 1 of Gilmore Girls. It's safe to say i'm hooked. I've never binge watched anything in my life before.

I Confess I want to live in Stars Hollow.

I Confess I want to get someone to start taking blog pics for me. I'd love to go to squares in local towns and find fun backdrops to use.

I Confess I bought the Project365 planner for 2017. I'm obsessed. Maybe i'll do a review on Snapchat.

I Confess I also am loving the Juniperberry & Pine candle lately.

I Confess as much as I enjoyed Christmas, i'm a little relieved that it's over. I'm ready to have my house back to normal now.

I Confess I have over 100 e-mails in my in-box. I blame the holidays.

I Confess

What do you want to confess today?

Christmas Traditions

Hi Peachies! Can y'all believe that Christmas is only 2 days away? I can't believe it's so close to Christmas now. I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy inside because I just adore this time of year so much. I love the glow of the lights everywhere, the smell of sweets baking in the oven, the pretty ornaments that decorate my tree (they all have a special meaning), the holiday parties and all the togetherness with loved ones. My favorite part of the holidays though, are the traditions.

Growing up we had the tradition of getting together with my dad's family for Christmas Eve dinner and gift giving. On the way home from my Memama's, we'd always drive around and look at Christmas lights. There was always one house that had every kind of decoration you can think of, that was always our favorite house to go to. It just wasn't Christmas until we went by that house. I remember one year in particular, my brother and I both received pet hamsters at my Memama's house and as we were driving around looking at Christmas lights one of them escaped. We had to pull the car over and find the little guy. We did and all was well but that was a pretty funny memory.

As I've grown up and started my own family, starting our own traditions has really been fun. So today I'm going to share...

Five of my Christmas Traditions

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we go to our local Farmer's Table/Market/Cafe and pick out a Christmas tree. I grew up always having real trees for Christmas so that was one tradition I wanted to carry over into my adult life. There's something about the feel and smell of a real tree that I absolutely love. I always have to get the biggest and fluffiest tree they have.

Putting the star on top of the tree. This always goes on last and usually it's done by my hubby but this year he passed the honor on to our son.

Every year, on December 23rd, my hubby, son and I drive around and look at Christmas lights around town. On this date in 2013 my husband rigged up a plan to get me back to our house to propose to me before we went out to look at lights.

Every year since we were kids my mom bought my brothers and I an ornament to hang on the tree. I have no less than 27 of them myself. We've carried on the tradition with my son and now I do for my husband, too. So every year we all get a new ornament. This year we even started getting our Willow pup an ornament.

Baking with my mama. It's something we've done for as long as I can remember. Every year we gather in her kitchen and bake all kinds of candy and cookies. This week that's where i'll be and on our goodie menu so far is cheery cordials, chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate dipped pretzels, sugar cookies, and wedding cookies.

I love hearing about traditions so share your favorites ones with me.

Instagram Inspiration

Hi Peachies! Happy Wednesday! I hope y'all are enjoying your day and getting some Christmas stuff done. I'm definitely struggling but feeling so inspired so I thought today would be a fun day to share my favorite and most inspiring Instagram pictures. Some of these pictures have inspiring captions, others are inspiring to me just by looking at them. So I hope you find inspiration in them, too.

At my favorite place! #abmhappylife #lesliessparkofhappiness #farmerstable #shoplocal

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Farmers table life. #farmerstable #shoplocal #lesliessparkofhappiness

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

{In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus.} Y'all, I need to have a real, honest, raw moment here. I'm sitting in my pajamas on my front porch drinking coffee. The dog is sitting at the widow watching me because she just got out of bed & needs to go out. My entire house is a mess, I need to write & publish a blog post today. I want to do yoga & my devotional & paint my nails. I want to re-fold the clothes that we shoved into a basket b/c we were tired last night. I want to re-pot some of my plants. My heart is heavy today & I want to be selfish and take care of me but I can't because my phone has already started ringing like crazy. I try to practice what I preach about self care but every now & then life catches up to me and I feel torn between doing what I need to do and what everyone else expects of me. The good news is that I have today to go sit on the back porch with my Mama and clear my mind. Life sure ain't easy but with my mama, daddy, hubby, & son we'll rise above. If you have an extra minute today will you stop & say a prayer for my family? It seems like the Devil is trying to win.

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

There are few things that second cups of coffee, time with God, fresh air and your favorite song can't fix. ++++++++++++++++++++ My morning started off with extra time with my hubby this morning and enjoying coffee together {totally a weekend thing b/c he's out the door before I'm even out of bed M-F} then an amazing devotional on the book of Ruth. Now I have a sick kiddo sleeping on the couch with the dog and I got into a funk because of Facebook trash. Not how I plan to spend my day so I decided to change it. So here I sit. After a little self therapy & Kenny Chesney/Pink I've decided today will be a Happy Friday! +++++++++++++++++++ What's song really sets you on fire and changes your mood? For me it's totally Kenny Chesney and Pink's Setting the World On Fire. #thebloglife101 #bloggervibes #photosinbetween #myvibrantlife #syblbloggers #myimperfectlife #bossbabe #settingtheworldonfire

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Saturday mornings are for snuggling. #saturdayvibes #snugglingweather #willowsoto #pupsofinstagram

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Be Merry & Bright. #celebratewiththesotos #christmaswiththesotos2016 #lesliessparkofhappiness #abmhappylife #thehappynow

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Monday Vibes. #abmlifeishappy #mondaysbelike #livelifehappy

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

What inspires you?

My Christmas Wish List

Hi Peachies! Can you believe Christmas is only a couple weeks away? Thanks to Etsy and a couple trips to Target, i've been getting some shopping done. Of course my wish list grows each time I enter a store. I can't help it, i'm just drawn to all the pretty things. So today i'm going to share with you what's on my wish list.

Leather Tassel Key Chain//Kate Spade Wellesly Camryn Bag//Gold Travel Mug//Victoria's Secret Shea Butter Hand Cream//Jewelry Organizer//Joanna Gaines Mug//Fringe Booties//Home Sweet Home Coffee Cozy//Happy Life Planner//Magnolia Story//Grace Not Perfection//Cricut Explore Air//Champagne Gummy Bears

As I was drafting this post I realized that this isn't even half of what's on my wish list, y'all. Ooops.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Coffee Date

Hi Peachies. Happy Monday. I hope you are all well rested and ready to take on the week. It's getting so close to Christmas and I need some girl time and a coffee date so let's get cozy with our favorite mug of coffee and have a virtual coffee date.
Are you cozy now?

If you & I were on a coffee date right now...
I'd tell you...

+ I go between being so excited about Christmas and super anxious because I don't have enough done. Christmas as an adult is hard because there is so much hard work that goes into it but I have to stop myself to remember what it's all about and put everything in to perspective.

+ I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls now. I never watched it before but I started binge watching it last Friday. Now I want to live in Stars Hollow and be friends with Lorelai and Rory.

+ I haven't made any December goals because I need to take the month to just enjoy the season. I want to soak in every minute and create memories. January is for fresh starts and goal setting, right?December is for having fun and enjoying togetherness.

+ Speaking of enjoying the season; I need to focus more on enjoying the season of my life, where i'm at right now. I'm so ready for what's next. I want to have another baby and build our dream home with my husband but none of that is happening at the speed I'd like. I think it's because God wants me to be happy with where i'm at right now. This season of life is preparing us for what's next.

+ I really want to start having someone else take photos for my blog. The selfie stick is fine and all but there are only so many angles you can get with that.

+ Saturdays and Sundays at home are my favorites. I've been cleaning house and writing an entire week's worth of blog posts in just two days.I feel like a real girl boss and love it!

+ One of my favorite things in the entire world is the soft glow of Christmas lights. I wish I could keep them up all year long.

+ Sometimes I go through spells where I just want to be an introvert, that's where i've been lately. I don't like leaving the house or socializing. One of my favorite Marilyn Monroe quotes is "I restore myself when i'm alone." It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me, it just means I need to take care of me and this is how I do it.

+ I want to be more intentional with my girlfriends in 2017. I want to have lunch dates/coffee dates/mani+pedi dates with my real life girlfriends at least once a month. I'm such a homebody & I like it but I'm really missing my girlfriends.

+ I've never been a morning person at all but lately I find myself so filled with excitement at all the things I have going on and all the things I want to do that I've become a morning person and I love it. There's something so peaceful about starting the day on the couch, snuggled in a blanket with a cup of coffee in my hand, reading my daily devotional that just makes me happy.

+ 2017 is going to be all about being intentional and healthy. Yoga, healthy eating and getting more active are all things I need to focus on.

+ Speaking of 2017, I know it's going to be a big year for us and I'm a bit nervous about it. We'll be building our dream home and our son will be entering high school. Even now, the anxiety of it all gets me. I even find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it then I decide that worrying at 3 a.m. accomplishes nothing so I pray, give it to God and go back to sleep.

+ It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Even now, i'm not sure what i'll do once i'm done raising babies but for now, I can tell you that this blogging thing just feels right. I love the community that i've found through blogging. I've enjoyed engaging with my blogging tribe through Facebook and Instagram so much lately. They're all such sweet, supportive ladies. It's like having a group of cheerleaders in the game of life. I love that i've made some really amazing friends and i'm constantly learning something new. Now that i've added an affiliate i'm learning how to monetize and that's pretty incredible. When I started my blog, it was just as a hobby, I had no idea that I could make money off of it or even make friends from it.

+ It looks so snowy today but there's no change of snow in the forecast (or so they say) but the great Snowpocalypse of 2014 started the same way. Newscasters were saying there would be no snow until later then suddenly the sky opened up and snow fell and everything began to freeze. My husband (fiancee at the time) was stuck in I-285 for 21 hours and my son and had an adventure of our own going from school to my parents house. The normally 10 minute drive took us 6 hours. So, while i'm hoping for snow, I am not hoping for any of that mess again.

If we were on a coffee date, what would you tell me?

Husband Suggested Men's Stocking Stuffers

Hi Peachies! It's almost Christmas! It's almost Christmas! Even as I type that I cant really believe it myself. Weren't we just hanging out at the pool in our swimsuits? Yeah, I thought so, too but my calendar says otherwise so I guess it's time to get ready for all the Christmas cheer. In all seriousness, i'm already there. We spent last weekend decorating the inside and the outside of our house and we had our first Christmas party on Sunday but if you are anything like me then you've still got some shopping to do and thanks to my hubby, I have suggestions for the men in your life.

//Husband Suggested Outdoorsman Stocking Stuffers//

Krave Jerky//Magellan Socks//Mahogany Woods Cologne//Burt's Bees Hand Cream//Survival Bandana//Coleman Fire Starter//Kershaw Folding Knife//Mahogany Woods Body Wash//Coleman Mini Tool Set//Sunglasses//Smith & Wesson Flashlight//Coleman Compass//Academy Lighter//Magellan Gloves//Match Kit

On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! I hope you are all snuggled in and cozy today. I'm all about being cozy this time of year. Give me a fuzzy blanket, a warm mug of coffee, Etsy shopping on my laptop, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix or Christmas music playing through the Christmas tree and i'm all set.
I love that snuggle life.

While you're all cozy, I have today's On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas for your enjoyment.

This week I'm confessing...

I Confess I can't take anymore of this rain. It needs to stop.
We needed it and i'm happy that we've been blessed with it but it's been pouring for at least four days now and it's putting me into a sad mood.
I need a little sunshine in my life.

I Confess my poor Willow girl hasn't been feeling well and it makes my doggie mama heart sad.
Hopefully it's just something she ate. Bless her.

I Confess the music box that plays music through our Christmas tree is quiet possibly my favorite thing ever.
It even does a lights show that dances along to the music.
FB won't allow me to post a video because I don't technically own the music.
Head over to snapchat-georgiapeachy82 to sneak a peak though.

I Confess my hubby helped me make the prettiest Christmas wreath.
I think i'm going to make a bigger bow though.
P.S.-Hubby points-He did make the actual wreath by hand, I just decorated it.

I Confess Etsy is this girl's BFF this holiday shopping season.
I have ZERO interest in getting out in the crowds this year so shopping from the comfort of my couch is the answer to my prayers.

I Confess I had never watched Gilmore Girls until last Friday. Now I can't stop. #obsessed.

I Confess Laundry is still going to be the death of me.
If you read last week's post then you remember my battle. It's still raging on.
I even posed the question on Instagram yesterday, if it would be okay to ask my family to wear the same outfit all week so I can catch up?

I Confess I just saw this Instagram update and am in heaven!

I Confess I love Darlene Love's Marshmallow World. It's one of my favorite holiday songs!

I Confess I finally have a few Christmas gifts bought. Thanks to Etsy!

I Confess I was featured on my sweet friend, Kayla's Polished and Bubbly blog. Friday Feature.

I Confess I'm obsessed with The Lady Gang podcast.

I Confess I'm a little jealous of Helene from Helene in Between.
When you see her Christmas Wonderland post you'll understand why.

I Confess my Mac is getting hot so it's time to shut it down but I want to hear your confessions in the comments.

Christmas Shop Small {LuLaRoe}

Hi Peachies. Happy Tuesday. Our Christmas Shop Small feature is about to come to a close and I'm a little bittersweet about it. I've enjoyed featuring all of these lovely ladies and their small businesses over the last month. I've had nine of the sweetest ladies selling everything from skin care to baked sweets to make up, jewelry, and the prettiest printables ever. I'll be doing a round up post when the feature closes so stay tuned for that.

Today's featured lady is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet. I consider her part of my tribe in the blogging community. In fact, she has two blogs of her own Simply Love (lifestyle) and
Fawn + Linen (style for mommas and babies). When you visit her blogs you'll fall in love her her style and her genuine personality. She's all about simplicity and love and that speaks to my heart.

So let's get comfy and welcome Janelle.

Hello Janelle. Welcome to my blog sweet blog. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a wife, a new mom, a creative soul, and blogger. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and taught school for nine years but have recently launched my own LulaRoe boutique and am loving it! I also love the beauty in life and am inspired by people, books, scandanavian decor, cafes, florals, photos, color, and living the most healthy life possible. I thrive in the thick of love and understanding the massive human impact each one of us most definitely has on one another. I light up and live in my truest passion when surrounded by people or when on i am on my yoga mat. I often feel like i was born in the wrong era (the 1940's are always calling my name! + add blogging!) and am attracted to anything - vintage. simply love.

What inspired you to become a part of the LuLaRoe community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
I followed a few girls on the west coast for about a year and LOVED what I saw... it's creative, the clothes are cute/so comfortable, and I wanted to get business experience for future adventures. But most of all, I wanted something that allowed me to be with my son. It's been perfect for our family.

What does the LuLaRoe company stand for and what does it mean to you?
LulaRoe; where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose, and growth. And I have seen so much of this already. It means everything to me that family is so important to them.

What makes you most excited about sellingLuLaRoe?
Honestly, seeing people's eyes light up when they try on clothes and feel beautiful! Or the messages I receive about how happy and confident they feel when they wear the clothes- it's the best!!

If you could only wear one piece of clothing from LuLaRoe for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
I adore the Amelia dress! It's comfortable, cute and perfect for everyday or for dressing up.
The pockets and zipper make it my absolute favorite.

What is your best selling item?
Our super soft leggings, Irma tunic, and Carly dress.

What is your favorite thing about the LuLaRoe, as a whole?
The community of people! The customers are fun and loyal and the other consultants are all about collaborating and need competing- I love this. They are there to help, inspire, and build you up.

How can all our readers see all the LuLaRoe products?
I have a VIP page on Facebook where I post giveaways, style ideas, and host online Pop-Up Shops.
VIP Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoejanellemonaco/

Are there any special LuLaRoe promotions currently?
I do giveaways all the time and offer free shipping on outfits regularly.

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
Yes! You can earn free clothes just by being a hostess. I offer you a pair of leggings for hosting (both online or in your home/my home) and then you earn 10% towards clothes for everything that is sold during your pop-up.

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
You can always email me at janellemonaco.lularoe@gmail.com for anything at all!

Life Lately

Hi Peachies! I hope you are all doing well today. Life has been so busy lately and i've had such amazing things going on so I thought i'd do a little Life Lately post. So grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with me today. Let's share some girl time and chat about life.

+Life Lately+

-We had an amazing Thanksgiving complete with two meals and enough leftovers to last all week. And Im pretty proud of myself because, after cooking all week before, I managed to pull myself together and cook some amazing meals last week, too!

-We continued the tradition of buying our Christmas tree from our local Farmer's Table/Market/Cafe on Black Friday then we spent all weekend decorating the house and tree.

-We celebrated my Dad's birthday last Wednesday with a very low key dinner at my parent's house. We gave my daddy a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds that I think he loves.

-We also celebrated our Willow pup's 1st birthday on Wednesday, too. She got a new sweater, a Happy Birthday bone and a new duck toy that she destroyed the next day.

- We had our first Christmas party yesterday. It was filled with great food, great company, lots of laughs and an ornament exchange.

- Peaches and Willow got a new affiliate. Mieroglyphs apparel.

-I learned how to make a button that links to my affiliates website.

-I participated in a Mug Swap with some of my blogger friends and got an amazing box filled with incredible Christmas goodies from my partner.


-Enjoying...the glow of all the Christmas lights everywhere.
-Wishing For...my Simple Addiction leggings and my druzy stud earrings from Etsy to get here.
-Loving...quiet mornings snuggled on my couch watching Christmas movies with the glow of the Christmas tree lights.
-Looking Forward To...possible snow this week.
-Smelling...Peppermint oil on my neck.
-Wearing...owl pajama pants and gray/white baseball tee.
-Feeling...joyful, cheerful, blessed.
-Bookmarking...Hawaiian Chicken Recipe, Pecan Phyllo Tarts, #BlogFuel Announcement, Pinterest Showcase Announcement.
-Reading...Boss Girl by Sophia Amoruso & You and Me Forever by Francis & Lisa Chan.
-Watching...Miracle on 34th Street.
-Listening (to)...tv.
-Eating...Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin.
-Cooking...nothing yet. It's not even 8 a.m.
-Drinking...Cinnamon Bun Coffee.
-Texting...No one right now.
-Snapchatting...Cozy Outfits and Christmas Lights.
-Tweeting...blog posts.
-Starting...Christmas shopping.
-Finishing...decorating for Christmas.
-Loving these purchases...my Perfectly Posh beauty products.
-Using these essential oils...Peppermint.
-This Is My Jam...Just Another Day by Lady Gaga.

+Coffee & Blog Posts+

-Showered With Design
-Monday Coffee Talk
-Sonday Morning
-What I've Learned As A Newly Wed
-Ladies Stocking Stuffers
-November Guys Behind the Blog
-Perfectly Posh
-Mama Designed

So, that's a lot of life lately y'all but what can I say? Life has been pretty amazing. I've really been enjoying the Christmas Shop Small feature on the blog. If you're new here then several of the posts above are part of that. Shopping small and featuring small businesses are a passion of mine, combined with my favorite holiday this just felt right. If you need make up, jewelry, lovely prints, skin care or sweets for someone on your list then these lovely ladies have you covered. Be sure to check their shops and businesses out and support them this holiday season.

I hope you're having a life as full as I am right now and enjoying the holiday season with lots of cheer.