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Hi Peachies! We made it! It's Friday! I'm sooo excited for sleeping in and coffee with my love in the morning. That's my favorite part of the weekends. You know what else I love? The Blogtember link up with Bailey from Brave Love Blog. Today's prompt is...

How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

I'm such a huge believer in taking care of myself because if i'm not good for myself then how can I be good for anyone else?

I have so many ways I love to de-stress and relax and I want to share them with you and hopefully help you find some inspiration in my favorite ways to do just that.

+ {Get Outside}
There is no better way to de-stress and relax than to get outside.
Sometimes my Willow and I will take walks around the yard and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Other times we sit out of the front porch and soak in the sun.

+ {Baths}
Now, of course, this is a go to for every girl.
Light a candle, drop a bath bomb in the water, and relax.
I like to up my relaxing bath with facial masks, too.

Speaking of facial masks...

+ {Nightly Facial Routine}
Slipping upstairs to do my nightly facial skin care routine is another one of my favorite ways to de-stress.
In the last couple months I've really started to enjoy 20 minutes of taking care of me.
I love the feel of going to bed with a fresh face.

+ {Turning off the t.v.}
I won't lie. I've become a t.v. junkie during the day.
My hubby is at work, my son is at school and it's just me and the dog.
I blog and watch so much t.v. Sometimes I even Netflix and chill.
But one of my favorite ways to de-stress is to turn of the t.v., open all the blinds, light candles and blog and listen to podcasts.

+ {Make-Up}
I love playing in make up but it really de-stresses me to create different make up looks.
This is a fairly new love of mine but it has become a de-stressing method for me.

+ {Coloring}
This craze has caught on lately and guess who fell victim? That's right. This girl!
I love grabbing my pens, pencils, and books and sitting down to color away the stress of the day.

+ {Dancing with my Hubby}
There are times when he'll just grab my hand and dance with me in the kitchen, in our bedroom, the office, the back porch.
I always roll my eyes and laugh uncontrollably while he spins me around but I love it more than anything.

+ {Pinterest}
I have a board of funny things called Laughing Out Loud. When i'm stressed I look at all the pins i've pinned on this board and feel so much less stressed.

You can see the board here.

+ {On Line Shopping}
I love zoning out and shopping on line. I mean, what's better than sitting on your couch in yoga pants and your favorite tee shirt with a glass of wine and no bra? Nothing, right?
Sometimes I even fill up my cart with all the things I would like to buy from a shop just to see how much it would cost.
Answer always equals more money than I have but it's a great stress reliever.

+ {Blog}
This blog is my escape y'all. It's my happy place and a place I definitely check in to to de-stress.
When i'm working on my blog I zone out and am so focused on my work that it leave me feeling accomplished and relaxed.

+ {Get out of the house}
I'm such a homebody y'all and I'm usually very content that way but sometimes I find that just getting out and smiling at strangers and
interacting with other humans really helps me de-stress.
Some of the worst days i've had evened up being better all because I was out
of the house and striking up conversations with other people.

I'm working on adding meditation and yoga back into my daily life because I find that helps me de-stress and un-wind so incredibly much.
Share with me some of your favorite ways to relax and de-stress.

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