One Year

There are moments in life that take your breath away and stay etched on your heart forever. One year ago today is one of them. I remember taking one big breath as I headed, barefoot down the beach, to you. When my eyes met yours a calmness came over me and everything was right in the world. You still make me feel that way today. You are my calm. You are my safe place. You are my happy. You still make everything right in the world. The last year of our lives have been a rollercoaster of emotions. We've lost loved ones. We've dealt with things that we never would have imagined. And at times we've struggled but the bad times brought us closer together. They made us unshakable and gave us a stronger connection. We learned that marriage isn't always easy, even if you were friends for 13 years prior but I'm proud of the people we've become, the relationship we have now.

Someone close to me once told me that to really know someone and know how your relationship works you have to go through all the seasons with them. Not just Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring but the seasons of life and death. The seasons of struggle. I can tell you without doubt that we've been through all the seasons together and they have made us stronger and at times, they've even pushed us to chase our dreams.

When my brother asked me what the best part of being married is I had no hesitation when I said it's knowing that I have you beside me no matter what. It's knowing that I always have someone to celebrate life's happy moments with and to cry to through life's hard moments. It's the freedom to be my silly, weird self and knowing that you love me anyway.

So as we celebrate our first anniversary I want you to know that I've seen everything you've done for us. All four of us and I appreciate it every single day. We've made our house a home and filled it with so much love. We share that love with everyone around us. We got a puppy, which has been a learning experience in itself, we've bought land and are building our dream home. We've created so many memories that will last us a lifetime and we've celebrated new marriages and babies in our family. I love that it's not your family or mine, it's our family.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, little did I know just how right they were but we've survived all the seasons together and I can say without any doubt that we can survive anything.

I could ramble on but I want to share some of the many reasons I love you.

I love you because...

♡ You know the perfect way to make my coffee. I don't know how you do it but it's like magic. It's always Heaven in a cup. Honestly my week day coffee isn't the same because you aren't here to make it.

♡ You dance with me in the kitchen, even though I laugh at you and tell you how crazy you are. Secretly I enjoy it. Love it actually.

♡ When I'm upset you sing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds to me and I smile. I smile from the inside out.

♡ When we order Chinese food you know how I like my sweet and sour chicken/pork (not too much sauce) and you make my plate perfect.

♡ You make even the most mundane chores, like grocery shopping, fun.

♡ When i'm singing the cheesiest 90s songs you join right in. You don't even mind that I sing horribly off key.

♡ You find it hilarious that I talk to you in my sleep and you always call me from work to tell me what I said to you that morning.

♡ You find my blonde moments charming. Like the time the printer told me to put the paper I was scanning face down on the glass. I wondered how it knew we had a glass table.

♡ You are honest with me about my cooking. We can both laugh at the pledge soup I made. We've discovered that cooking with citrus is not my thing.

♡ You understand my love animals and even allowed us to get Willow pup. Turns out she loves her daddy more. I don't blame her though.

♡ You always tell me how beautiful I am even when i'm wearing one of your tees and sweatpants.

♡ You cover my eyes when something scary comes on t.v.

♡ You understand that Peanut butter & raspberry chocolate bars are my jam and surprise me sometimes by bringing me home 3-4.

♡ When I get in my crazy cleaning moods you just sit down and let me do my thing.

♡ You have adopted Dylan as your own son. The way you are with him always gives me butterflies.

I fall in love with you more every single day. I love waking up to your good bye kisses in the morning and coming home to your love each day.
I love knowing that even if you forget your wedding band at home you're still going to tell everyone proudly that you are happily married.
I love knowing that you have pictures of our human child and fur child displayed on your desk at work. I love family game nights and our un-controllable fits of laughter. I love every thing we are together and this life we are building together.

You complete us. You made us a whole family and that's more than enough for me.

"You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, i'll be the wings that keeps your head in the clouds"

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