Dream Closet+Make Space

"I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet."

Every fashionista lady knows that infamous Carrie Bradshaw quote and we all dream of an apartment sized dream closet much like hers.
I dream of lavish dream closets with cases filled with sparkling jewelry, lush fluffy rugs, plush chairs, white shelves for days, a huge floor length mirror, a vanity for getting glam and those bright lights that make everything look amazing. If I had a closet like this it would be my favorite spot to hang out in.

I have serious #closetgoals

Photos via pinterest

If money weren't an issue i'd have that closet and with the new app, MakeSpace, it would be a breeze to keep it looking stunning.
Make Space is an app that helps manage storage solutions for your belongings. They'll even pick up your clothes, store them for you and bring them back to you at your request. I bet Carrie Bradshaw wishes she had that service. Just think! That means more room for more stunning clothes, shoes, and accessories.

For more information on the MakeSpace service and app go to their website, Make Space, and make your closet dreams a reality.

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