Hi Peachies. Happy Wednesday loves. We're half way through the week and what better way to celebrate than sitting on my couch with the sun shining through the windows smelling the most lovely Relax scent in my diffuser and working on today's Blogtember post.

Today's blogtember challenge is to share five things that bring you joy.

Of course my family and friends bring me joy. Being a wife is my dream come true. So is being a mom but I want to share five other things that bring me joy on a deeper level.

+ one. shopping small. I love supporting small businesses because I love making other people's dreams come true. I'm all about cheering everyone on because there is enough room in this world for us to all succeed and I want that for each one of us.

+ two. being a wife. I dreamed for 30 years of being a wife. I prayed for the man that would love me and my son and make us a complete family. Little did I know he was in front of me the whole time. I've learned a lot about myself through this first year of marriage
and I have grown a lot, too. Little did I know what a ride this year would be but I wouldn't change any of it because it had brought us closer and made us stronger. I know now what it truly means to have someone beside you in good times and bad and that's a feeling I can't explain.

+ three. coffee. I’m a coffee-a-holic. I can’t function in the mornings without it and i’m a Mama Bear until I have it. I started drinking coffee while living at home and my dad, brother, and Grandpa would drink it. A lot of mornings started off by having a cup of coffee with one of the men who I adore.

Now I love coffee on the weekends the most. I’ve usually slept in and as soon as my husband hears me stirring he comes and asks me if i’m ready for a cup. He makes it the best and i’m not even sure how (marrying a former barista is a dream come true) and we enjoy our slow mornings, sipping coffee together. Even though my Grandpa has since passed, my brother got married and moved away, and I no longer live with my parents, I still get to enjoy my morning coffee with one of the men I adore most.

+ four. the sky. I'm always enamored with the sky. I can't help but look at the sky and feel completely overwhelmed knowing that I am one small person in this huge world. And that I can still make a difference. I like to think my loved ones who have passed are looking down on me from Heaven, smiling.

+five. peonies. They're my favorite flowers ever but this year I was able to grow one beautiful one of my own.
My love of them grew even more.

Share with me loves.
What brings you joy?

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