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Hi Loves! How special do you feel? You get a double dose of me today because I decided to participate in today's Blogtember post with Bailey from Brave Love Blog.

Today it's all about where you'd love to travel.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

For me the answer is easy and it's kinda, maybe cheating a little bit because it's somewhere i've been. If you've been around me or my blog in the last year you've heard me rave about Kauai, Hawaii. It's heaven on earth and I would live there if I could. My husband & I went there last September/October on our honeymoon and fell in love. Well, more in love with each other but in love with the island itself. It's a tiny island and from the resort we could drive 45 minutes to an hour either way to the either end of the island. Yes, you literally drive until the road stops. It's not like you can drive off a cliff into the ocean or anything, because that's what my worried mind thought. The road just ends right before a mountain. It was the most marvelous sight i've ever seen.

As you drive along scenic highways you can see everything from the beach to the mountains to fields and crops. They even have their version of the Grand Canyon, which was an amazing sight to see.

Several days on our honeymoon my hubby and I did just that. We got in our car and drove until we found sights we wanted to see and little old towns we stopped and visited. Mingling with the locals was the best part of the entire trip. Everyone there seems so happy and friendly and would talk to you for hours on end. I can't say enough amazing things about Kauai. The atmosphere is so relaxed and laid back. No one gets in a hurry for anything. Their rush hour traffic is literally about 20 cars and roads only close if there is an accident. In the older town there are some of the best hole in the wall restaurants you have to try. It's such a small, safe town that the kids walk to and from school.

One of the days we were eating lunch at the smallest hole in the wall when a young girl, maybe 12, walked down the street to her parent's restaurant that we were eating at, after school was out. She changed into a sports uniform (soccer I think) and walked back up to school for practice. I think that's when I was hooked. I want so desperately to raise my kids in that kind of environment.

I would 100% go back to Kauai tomorrow if someone said lets go.
We're planning a trip back with our son in a few years.

If you want a laid back place to go, Kauai is it. And if you do go, spend as much time with the locals as you can. They know how to live.
I can promise you this. It's the kind of place that gets in your soul and leaves you longing for it long after you're gone. To me this is the epitome of wanderlust.

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