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Hi Peachies! Happy Sunday. I hope you're snuggled in with your favorite mug of coffee reading this post. If you aren't then I have the perfect fix for you because today I'm sharing one of my most favorite Etsy shops, Hey Shabby Me. I fell in love with her adorable coffee mugs when I was looking for a new daddy one for my brother.

I ended up buying him this Best Dad In The Galaxy one. When it came in the mail and I opened it up I couldn't wait to get my hands on my own Hey Shabby Me mug so I ordered myself the Mind Your Own Biscuits mug and from there it was a snowball effect. I couldn't stop so I also ordered myself this I'll Be In My Teepee mug.

As I sat on Hey Shabby Me's Etsy shop liking all the pretty things I decided to reach out to her and see if she would be interested in being featured on my blog and guess what y'all? She said yes so now is a good time to go grab that mug off coffee and get ready to read my Q & A session with Karla from Hey Shabby Me.

Hi Karla. Welcome to my blog sweet blog. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well let's see, My name is Karla Butvidas. I am from Puerto Rico. Fell in love, got married and now have the cutest little fur baby and human baby.

How did you pick your Etsy name?
When I started my store, I named it Totally Love It, then with my husband started a little blog called heyshabbyme.
It was just a roundup of recipes, tutorials and such. After we thought of opening our mug shop we decided to keep it.

Does it have any special meaning?
Not really, sometimes I want to change it but hey now it's too late lol

What inspired you to open your Etsy shop?
Everything started when I started to plan our wedding, I wanted to customize everything..... #bridezilla

What makes you most excited about owning your shop?
Making people smile, knowing that a little message in a cup can make you giggle is the best reward.

What inspires you to create new products?
My inspiration is all the people around me, family and friends.
All of our products were created thinking of our clients.
I always think if I can make you giggle then my work is done.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
I have to say, everything. I feel I can own every little thing we have here.
If I don't love it I wont sell it.

What is your best selling item in your shop?
Funny, "I'm not Always a Bitch" mug is our best Etsy seller.

Can you share any sneak peaks of items coming soon?
We will be adding a bunch of seasonal products and I am dying for the
weather to cool off to show off some sweater swag!

Do you have any special promotions currently?
All clients can use our heyshabbyme code for a 15% off your order or free shipping over $75 or more.

I can tell you from talking with Karla and shopping through her Etsy shop that she is such an inspirational, kind hearted person and she creates the most beautiful, great quality products. I really can't say enough wonderful things about Karla. Any questions or problems you message her with she's right on them. Her products are not only swoon worthy (seriously, you'll want to display your mugs because they ARE that cute!) they are high quality and are a nice size, too.

I dare you to run to her shop and purchase one mug (they're 15% off!) and smile every time you fill it up with coffee.

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