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Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of September? It feels like this month has flown by. This also means that this year's Blogtember Challenge with Bailey from Brave Love Blog is almost over. I definitely missed a few prompts but I think i'll do them in October so stay tuned for that.

Today's prompt is one that is so sweet because it's all about showing the love for some of my favorite bloggers. I truly want everyone to succeed and believe in cheering each lovely lady along so please go read these lovelies blogs and show them some love.

Your Fab Five
Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.

Mamas Blessed
Ashley is one of those sweet ladies you want in your tribe. She's always cheering you on and helping you along.
She supports you 100% and never asks for anything in return.
I met Ashley through another blogger and it turns out we only live about 20 minutes away from each other.
We're planning to meet up soon but in the mean time, we chat every day. Wether it's just popping in to say hi or talking about blogging and Jamberry related things. She sells Jamberry ya'll and if you ever want to host a Facebook party she's the girl for the job!

Hall around Texas
Crystal is another one of those ladies you want in your tribe. Okay, let's be honest, every lady i'm talking about in this post is a lady you want in your tribe. Crystal is a Texas girl who loved her family and Jesus more than anything in the world. She inspires me to strengthen my relationship with Jesus and to be a shining example of Him through all things I do. Her little boy reminds me so much of my son when he was that age and I smile when I look at her pictures and read her stories about him because of that. Being a boy mom is full of adventures and fun-her blog reflects that.

Sarah Emily Blogs
Sarah is like my sister from another mister. Yes I went there! I swear it seems like we were separated. She's full of happiness and her life definitely reflects that. She's always there to help you along when you're having a bad day or need a friend to talk to.
She's the kind who will take time out of her busy life to send you a care package because she knows you've been struggling.

Vintage Simply Love
Janelle is such a sweet soul. Her blog is one of those that is full of comfort and little snaps of life that just inspire you.
When i'm feeling blue I hop on to her blog or instagram and feel so happy and inspired again.
If I had to describe her in one word it would be, Joyful. She can take the hardest of times and make it look so beautiful.
She always finds the happiness in everything. I can tell you she's one of those people who just makes you feel content,
like you've known her forever.

Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas
Mistle is just a doll! She's always so happy and inspiring.
She's got ideas and she's not afraid to share them. She's seriously the sweetest.
If you need anything you can run to this girl.
She's one of the ladies I can always count on to leave love on my posts and interact with me.
And in fact, she and I have talked about doing a collaboration link up.

If I had to sum up my blogging tribe these fabulous five ladies are it. Of course there are others that I interact with but these ladies are the first ones I run to their sites and instagram feeds to see what they're doing now. All of these ladies are going places y'all because they are genuinely themselves. They work hard and love harder. They're always cheering everyone else along and realize that there is room for all of us to succeed. These are the ladies that I would consider friends outside of the blogging world, too because they are everything I want in true friends. So please, go check out their sites and leave them some love, too.

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