Hi Peachies! Happy Sunday. I hope you're all enjoying an extra long holiday weekend. Holiday weekends are my absolute favorites because three days of sleeping in and having fun are always the best. I also love that it's the time of year to link up with the sweet Bailey from Brave Love Blog for the Blogtember Challenge.

The Blogtember Challenge is a daily challenge that begins September 1st where you write a post about the prompt of the day then link up on Bailey's page. This is such a great way to meet new bloggers and get to know more about each other. I made friends from this link up last year and it was so much fun.

There are no real rules, just use #blogtemberchallenge when you share your posts on social media.

Today it's all about my Currently

Enjoying...knowing that I don't have to turn my alarm on in the morning.

Wishing For...fall weather. I'm beyond ready to pull out my sweaters, scarves and boots.

Loving...that my house is clean and my family is all together.

Looking Forward To...a low key, lazy day tomorrow. The house is clean, my honey is going to smoke something for dinner tomorrow.

Smelling...a sandalwood candle. shorts and a PCB tank.

Feeling...drained but blessed.

Bookmarking...Farmhouses, video work out to Meghan Trainor's Me Too, September daily scripture writing, how to boost your blog traffic.

Reading...I'm still trying to finish Amy Poehler's Yes Please but I'm ready to start Sophie Amoruso's #GirlBoss.

Watching...nothing and it's glorious.

Listening (to) hubby sitting next to me, carrying on a conversation.

Eating...nothing right now. We just got done eating dinner though. My daddy sent over some homemade bbq and brunswick stew.

Cooking...nothing yet. We just got done eating.

Drinking...Water. I'm trying to get better about drinking water again. one right now.

Pinning...fall nail colors, adorable owls, blog tips, cute puppies and tips on how to do make up like a pro.

Instagramming...The #simplystyledseptember posts

Snapchatting...i've been quiet on Snapchat this weekend.
Snap Chat:georgiapeachy82 blog posts.
Twitter make and sell jewelry again!

Finishing...This post.

Loving these Hey Shabby Me coffee mugs.

Using these essential oils...tension is always a lifesaver and lately i've needed my energy/grapefruit oils a lot. Last night I had to use lavender on the dog to calm her down.

This Is My Jam...pretty much all of Britney Spear's new Album, Glory.

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