Ten Dollar Target Challenge

"I enjoy long romantic walks down every aisle of Target" because Target is my happy place. It's rare for me to go in Target and only leave with what I went in for. Candles? I need them! Make Up? Give it all to me! Clothes? Take my money! But my absolute favorite part of Target is the dollar spot. It's my kryptonite. It's just a little bit of happiness that's all $5 and under and I can afford that any day of the week so when I saw my sweet friend Crystal from Hall Around Texas participate in a $10 Target Challenge on her blog I knew I had to jump in.

The goal is to spend only $10. Pretty simple, right? This particular Target run I had to get some essentials. Anniversary card for my hubby, a gift, and some other toiletries but I bent the rules and allowed myself $10 to spend on whatever I wanted. {Hi hubby! I did NOT do that for real.} But really, it was harder than I thought it would be. I picked up two ELF lipsticks and a candle then I put all that back and ended up with all this.

Burlap Chevron Pumpkin//$3
Sip It Like Its Hot Mug//$4
Hush Money Sinful Nail Polish//$2.50


This $10 challenge was a success and I have a new favorite mug, an adorable new pumpkin on my coffee table and a pretty new pedicure out of it. Win! Win!

Do you think you could do the $10 challenge? What would you buy?

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