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This week has been one of those trying weeks for me. As soon as my eyes open in the morning I begin thinking of all the things that are bringing me stress. I'm filled with worry and anxiety and because of this I feel frazzled and at a loss for concentration. I feel like i've hit a wall. Give me all the sweat pants and naps. But instead of breaking down and staying in this little funk of a place i've been in i'm learning how to unwind and de-stress in order for a clearer mind and better health; both physically and mentally.

I start the morning off by laying in bed and quietly praying to God. I pray for the safety of my loved ones and I pray for him to show me the way to deal with the things on my heart. I pray to become the person he wants me to be.

Once I get up I throw on some sweats and a tee, I brush my teeth, throw my hair in a bun and put my wedding set on then I stop by my son's room to begin waking him up (he's a heavy sleeper just like his mama). Next I go downstairs and start making my son's lunch and my coffee in the quietness of the morning.

While my son showers I always read my She Reads Truth daily devotional while i'm drinking my coffee. It always gives me a sense of calm in the morning.

After I take my son to school, I come home and shower with some of my favorite products including Vitabath's body wash. They were so kind to send me a package filled with body washes that smell amazing and are super hydrating because they are loaded with vitamin benefits and natural oils and best of all, they're non-irritant.

I like to pick a scent of the day so there are no less than 20 products in my shower. My favorite is the Vanilla Bourbon. Somedays I feel the need for a little stress relief so the Spearmint and Thyme is what I grab. No matter what scent you pick you can't go wrong.

I love to do my hair and make up, too even if i'm only going to be home cleaning house and blogging because it always gives me a little boost and makes me feel so much better. Plus, who doesn't like feeling pretty?

After I do all that, I like to make out a "to do" list for the day. Starting my day by writing out everything that I need to get done and what's on my mind really sets the tone of the day. I'm a huge believer in getting things out of my head that's why I like to do a brain dump, too. A brain dump is where you write down everything on your mind. It can be such a relief to just clear your mind of clutter. Some of the things on the brain dump might be significant, others might just be enough to write them down and forget them.

Then I do a little housework and dinner preparation. Anyone who has a home occupied by people knows this is a never ending job. If you know how to keep a house clean for more than 10 minutes you are my hero and I need your tips.

After that I like to sit outside in the sunshine with an inspirational book or my lap top and read blog posts from other fellow bloggers. I'm learning to disconnect from all electronics for a while and just soak up all the sunshine and life around me.

After I get my son from school, we play outside at my parent's house for a couple hours, come home, cook dinner, clean some more then it's family time followed by time to relax before bed. Which sometimes means a bubble bath with my favorite Vitabath products.

If you are in need of wonderful products that smell good and are good to your skin then run to Vitabath's website. Vitabath is also sold at Ulta, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens as well as other various boutiques and pharmacies.

Do you un-wind with Vitabath? What's your favorite product?

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