28 Days of Skin Care

Skin care is a vital part of our well being. I know my mama and my skin care lady will not be happy to hear this but I have not been keeping up my skin care routine like I should that's why i've joined together with my friend Kayla from Polished and Bubbly for this challenge.

I just love her way of thinking, it takes 28 days to form a habit so she started at the beginning of February on her challenge so she has the entire month to form her new good habit! I'm late to the party so i'll be doing mine into March.

here's what i'll be using for the challenge

Mud Masks
Peel Masks
Cleaning Emulsion
Micellar Water

The fun thing about this challenge is that I've had all these products packed away since our move last June so i'm not spending any money to have beautiful skin and start a new healthy habit.

Each Friday I will post a new post with picture of the products I used that week.
Be sure to follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks and up dates in my InstaStories. Join in the fun using #28daysofskincare and be sure to follow my girl behind this challenge Kayla.

We'd love to hear your go to holy grail beauty and skin care products so be sure to leave them for us in the comments.

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