Favorite Things {4}


1. My brother came by to hang out with us for a little while. It was fun. Pizza, Ridiculousness, and lots of laughter.

2. My honey who fixed my car that wouldn't start.

3. Getting to spend time with my soon to be in laws. 4. Nght time snuggling on the couch with my honey.


1. Dinner with my family. It's always wonderful when we all get together. Endless conversations and laughter. lots of memories made.

2. A honey who helps with me with daily, mundane chores like taking the trash out and fixing our boy a school lunch for the next day.

3. The Walking Dead season finale. It was kinda anti-climatic but at least the gang is getting back together.


1. Windows open, beautiful weather kinda day. 77 degrees and clear. I'll take that!

2. Kiddo was sick last night so he stayed home from school today. This momma got to sleep in until 11 am!!

3. Chick-fil-A lunch!!

4. Kiddo feels much better.

5. Opening day of the Atlanta Braves season!!!

6. Today has been 4 years since my Grandpa went to Heaven. While it's not something to be happy about per se, it is a blessing that I had all the years and memories I do with him. I miss him every day of my life. Every. Single. Day. but I'm sure he's in Heaven watching down on us with nothing but happiness and a full heart and a big smile on his face. We love you Grandpa Don.

Favorite Things {3}

I haven't done my "What I'm thankful for" post at all this week. I'm bad. I know but I do have a ton to be thankful for. I'm infinitely blessed and thankful.

Today I give thanks for these things.

1. A rainy, lazy day full of nothing. I get so caught up in constantly going and doing that I rarely take time to enjoy what I want. Today I've been in front of the t.v. with the laptop in my lap, checking on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and my favorite blogs. I even found a new blog and have started reading it from the first post on.

2. A fiancé who spent his lunch break at work running to Trader Joes and Whole Foods for me. See, I was out of Cookie Butter and White Chocolate Peanut Butter and made a huge, dramatic deal about it. We're trying to eat healthier so no more sweets :( but these two things, in moderation, aren't that bad for you and they're totally good, too. Like crack, not that I've ever done crack. So 3 jars of cookie butter, 3 jars of peanut butter and two pb&j chocolate candy bars later~I'm a happy girl.

3. Make-Up. It's becoming an obsession of mine lately. I've always worn it but lately I see things on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Keep, Indulgy, ect and just HAVE to try it. I've bought more lately than I care to admit but it' great for covering these dark circles under my eyes (allergies) and the sratch above my eyebrow that I woke up with this morning (mystery).

4. A good book that makes you LOL. Seriously, Man Up by Ross Mathews is what I'm reading now. I read it when I'm waiting in the line @ school to pick my son up. A blissful hour, I get, to just read. I was reading it the other day with the windows down, waiting on school to be dismissed when I started laughing hysterically only to look over and see the dad next to me smiling, looking at me. I'm sure he had to be wondering what I was doing.

5. Can I also tell you that my favorite songs right now are Happy by y Pharrel Williams and Team by Lorde. Those are my jams!!! Happy Friday lovelies. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!

Favorite Things {2}

1. Chinese Take Out. {I love that I don't have to leave the house to get a yummy meal when I don't feel like cooking.}
2. Cuddling time with my honey watching Naked and Afraid. {Last night was the first time I'd seen that show. I'm hooked}
3. My snake killing fiancée. {When I walked in the door last night he had a concerned look on his face. He said "don't go downstairs, there's a snake. He changed out of his work clothes into his "snake killing clothes", grabbed a machete, and took off downstairs. It sounded like something out of a cartoon down there for a few minutes. Banging and clanging around. Then he came up stairs with a trash bad tied up and said "I got it!"} Thank You x's a million!

Favorite Things {1}

I believe that everyday there is something to be thankful for but sometimes we tend to get caught up in the negativity in life and loose sight of the wonderful parts. To keep that from happening I'm going to try to write the things that made me happy each day.

Today I'm happy for

1. this gorgeous weather we had today. 61 and partly cloudy but still beautiful.
2. cruising around topless in the Jeep with my honey and our boy.
3. cooking dinner with my love. Tonight's dinner was delicious. Baked Sweet Potatoes, regular baked potato for our boy, grilled steak, chicken, squash and onion shish kabobs and chicken rice.
4. afternoon naps and hours of Pinterest.
5. our sweet Bella girl.
6. windows open in the house.

What makes you happy?

Welcome to my crazy life...

Lately life has been crazy and blessed and wonderful all at the same time. I'm in a time in my life that feels transitional and I'm on a ride of emotions because of that. First off, this is the biggie, the most emotional thing happening...my son is getting to be a pre-teen. One of those girl crazy pre-teens and I'm not sure what the hell to do. I just give him the best advice I can and pray to Jesus, a lot. He's shy about girls but I know for a fact that he's got himself a rather sweet and cute little girlfriend.
I can tell you I'm sure not ready for this, I tell my fiancée this on a daily basis. He wins the award for best Fiance and Father ever though because he just hugs me tight in those moments and tells me we're going to get through this together. If this doesn't drive me batty in the next few years we'll be okay. I just hope he doesn't break any hearts along the way. Unrealistic? Yeah. I know he will but it doesn't mean I like it any better. So long gone are the days when I was the #1 girl in his life and he said my best friend was his girlfriend. I dearly miss those days.
Second thing is wedding planning. It's a good thing we're not getting married until fall of next year because, aside from Pinterest, I have nothing planned. I'm overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I tend to just not do whatever needs to be done. I have ideas and I have dreams but putting those dreams into motion is another thing all together.
Third thing, our house. Yeah, I totally took over the house and am now calling it our house. Dylan and I practically live with Alex. We're there 5-6 nights a week so I feel like it's already my home, too and to be honest I guess it is. We moved furniture over from Mom and Dad's a couple weeks ago. A dresser for Dylan, a stand up jewelry box for me and a Hope chest. It felt really good to finally be moving furniture there. It made it feel official. Last weekend we spent the entire weekend cleaning out our spare room, which had become our junk room. Most people have a junk drawer, not us, we had a whole room. The trash man threw a hissy fit in our front yard Monday b/c the amount of trash we had was ridiculous. I laughed, I thought it was hilarious. Alex already called and warned them that round two is on it's way. Maybe next Monday I'll video tape the trash man's hissy fit.
So with all these changes life is great. Overwhelming but wonderful and you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, so that was a lie but life really is great!!

I hope life is treating everyone of you well, too!