Welcome to my crazy life...

Lately life has been crazy and blessed and wonderful all at the same time. I'm in a time in my life that feels transitional and I'm on a ride of emotions because of that. First off, this is the biggie, the most emotional thing happening...my son is getting to be a pre-teen. One of those girl crazy pre-teens and I'm not sure what the hell to do. I just give him the best advice I can and pray to Jesus, a lot. He's shy about girls but I know for a fact that he's got himself a rather sweet and cute little girlfriend.
I can tell you I'm sure not ready for this, I tell my fiancée this on a daily basis. He wins the award for best Fiance and Father ever though because he just hugs me tight in those moments and tells me we're going to get through this together. If this doesn't drive me batty in the next few years we'll be okay. I just hope he doesn't break any hearts along the way. Unrealistic? Yeah. I know he will but it doesn't mean I like it any better. So long gone are the days when I was the #1 girl in his life and he said my best friend was his girlfriend. I dearly miss those days.
Second thing is wedding planning. It's a good thing we're not getting married until fall of next year because, aside from Pinterest, I have nothing planned. I'm overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I tend to just not do whatever needs to be done. I have ideas and I have dreams but putting those dreams into motion is another thing all together.
Third thing, our house. Yeah, I totally took over the house and am now calling it our house. Dylan and I practically live with Alex. We're there 5-6 nights a week so I feel like it's already my home, too and to be honest I guess it is. We moved furniture over from Mom and Dad's a couple weeks ago. A dresser for Dylan, a stand up jewelry box for me and a Hope chest. It felt really good to finally be moving furniture there. It made it feel official. Last weekend we spent the entire weekend cleaning out our spare room, which had become our junk room. Most people have a junk drawer, not us, we had a whole room. The trash man threw a hissy fit in our front yard Monday b/c the amount of trash we had was ridiculous. I laughed, I thought it was hilarious. Alex already called and warned them that round two is on it's way. Maybe next Monday I'll video tape the trash man's hissy fit.
So with all these changes life is great. Overwhelming but wonderful and you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, so that was a lie but life really is great!!

I hope life is treating everyone of you well, too!

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