Snowpocolypse 2014

Dylan's actual birthday, 1-28-4, was one that we'll likely never forget. We knew snow was coming for about a week but the weather report said it wouldn't be in until around 2 in the afternoon. Still, I got up with Alex at 5 in the morning, while he was getting ready for work, and watched the news to see if school had been cancelled yet. It hadn't so, against my better judgment, I sent him to school. Around 11:00 the snow started coming down pretty fast so I hurried and took a shower so I could get dressed and go check Dylan out of school. (They still hadn't called school early at this point). In the 20 minutes it took me to shower the snow started really coming down and sticking, the roads were getting icy. I hurried to dry my hair and out on some clothes then headed out to go to the school. The roads were already awful, covered with ice and the snow was still falling. I was slipping and my brakes weren't working well but I kept trekking on. I kept thinking "if I can just go get Dylan and head to our house it'll be okay."

Just as I was pulling into school (along with 100 other parents)I get a call from the BOE, saying they were calling school out an hour early (at this point it was 12:30, they were still saying they wouldn't dismiss until 1:45. I got Dylan and we headed for the house, taking our normal route which is about a 10 minute commute back to our house. We got down Hwy 166 just fine but once we got down Hwy 5, it was a different story. I had made the decision at this point, to go to Mom and Dad's so we were only about a mile-mile and a 1/2 from there BUT cars were already slip sliding everywhere so we were re-directed to turn around and go the other way. So we did and that turned out to be the biggest mistake EVER! We got past the school on 166 then proceeded to SIT in traffic for 30 minutes. We finally got to our turn on Post Rd, made the turn, drove 1/8 of a mile down the road and ran off the road and got stuck.

At this point my fiancé is calling me, checking to see if I got our boy from school yet. I tell him yes and that I'm stuck. I hang up with him and call my mom and dad, they're 2 miles away. It took them about 30 minutes to get to me because of everyone else who is now stuck, too. They get to me, Dad hops in my car, I hop in his truck with Mom and we take off, in opposite directions. Dad makes it home with Dylan in 15-20 minutes while Mom and I are stuck on Hwy 5, in the same place I was stuck before. Two and a 1/2 hours go by and we've moved only a few feet. There's a crane on the side of the road moving cars and good Samaritans pushing other cars up and down the hill, out of the way. My Dad is walking along Hwy 5 helping people and we're going stir crazy. We finally get home around 5:30-FIVE hours after my ordeal started and we were never more than TWO miles from home.

This is the point you'd think we'd all be cozy and happy at home but NOPE, not even close because Alex is still in Atlanta trying to get out of the parking lot at work. The fact that he couldn't get out of the parking lot should have been a sign to just stay there but it wasn't. He helped people get out of the parking lot then got out himself. Hours go by and he's calling me saying he's still stuck on I-285. Twenty-One hours go by before he makes it home. He had to sleep in his truck on 285 all night. He called me every hour to give me up-dates and check in. It was a sleepless night for both of us. He finally made it to mom and dad's Wednesday afternoon around 1:30, I've never been so happy to see someone in my entire life. He was exhausted, hungry and smelly but he was home, in my arms and everything was right in my world again. He showered, I made him coffee and chicken salad then he slept a lot.

Thursday he couldn't go into work & Dylan couldn't go into school so Alex worked from home while we all recovered and played in the snow. We finally got to enjoy the snow for a while.

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