The Happiest Day of My Life... the day you were born. On January 28, 2003 this sweet baby boy was born at 5:55 am He stole my heart from the minute I laid eyes on him. He had a head full of blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. He was so tiny, only weighing 5 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. He was perfect and he was the 5th generation of our family. I was over the moon and still am. I wouldn't trade those late nights and early mornings for anything in the world. 11 years later he's still stealing hearts and charming his way into whatever he wants. He's growing into the most generous, kind hearted, super smart, sweet young man ever. He makes great grades in school and makes friends where ever we go. He's the life of any party. He makes me proud to be his momma every day. This year he didn't want a party with a theme, just a dance party. So we booked a party room (the weekend before his birthday), hired a DJ, bought a Chick-fil-A party tray and chips and let the kids dance to their hearts were content. It started out a chaotic day but ended on the best note possible. His actual birthday was the day the Snowpocolypse 2014 began (that's the next blog post).

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